Tuesday: Stanley Cup Eve

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post!

It's that time of year again! It's time to begin to quest for Lord Stanley's Cup! It's definitely the best playoffs of any sport, and has the most drama. No one is safe! No one is guaranteed anything! AND ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!!!! Maybe the Leafs will beat the Caps in 7! Maybe the Flames will sweep the Ducks! Maybe the Blue Jackets will upset the Penguins! Who knows?!?


We also have the regular COTW voting, and we have the Norfolk Ads redesign! Don't forget to get those in by Friday! 

Also join our playoff pool! Get your picks in tonight! Or at least before the Puck drops Wednesday! 

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On to the Concepts!


Brian D.- Detroit Red Wings (NHL)
Brian starts us off with with the team that had one of the greatest playoff streaks in history, the Detroit Red Wings! 
  • I really like the yellow numbers with stitched pattern.
  • The Falcons Heritage is also great! 
  • I also like the canvas equipment
  • I also like the historic detail of the winged wheel being off centered
  • The helmet should be white, or canvas... 
  • The socks should also match the arm striping
  • The off-centered wheel is nice, but it's a little big, and placed too high
  • The solid nameplate makes sense, but it doesn't look the best 
My rating: A good fauxback honoring of Detroit and their History! 7/10

Burkus Circus- Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (NHL)
The next concept of the day goes to Burkus Circus, who series is redesigning the worst jerseys. I'm assuming this is the redesign of the "Wild Wing"jerseys!
  • I really like the teal base, and the striping pattern! 
  • The collar also looks fantastic! 
  • I'm a little confused about the whole jersey... If I was looking at it, I would not be able to tell that it was a redo of the Wild Wing Jersey. It looks nothing like it, and doesn't even have the same feel too it. There's a lot to salvage out of that jersey. The template is also a modern Reebok edge template... 
  • The numbers could use an outline
  • The white sleeve cuff on the end is also bad. Those tiny little cuffs do nothing to the jersey, and will be covered by the players gloves anyways... It just makes the jersey feel incomplete, and amature-ish, if you get what I mean. 
  • The logo is also really big

My rating: It's a good jersey, but a little generic. It would fit any team, not just the Mighty Ducks... 7/10

Jordan R.- Podgorica Mountaineers (Fictional Balkan Hockey League)
Next up is Jordan and his fictional Balkan Hockey League team, the Podgorica Mountaineers! 
  • I really like the striping pattern, including the vintage chest stripe!
  • Colors look great!
  • #&NOB font looks great! 
  • Shoulder patches look great too
  • I also like how the blue sweater numbers do not have an outline
  • The Wordmark in the home language is a nice touch!

  • The colored nameplate is tacky, and it always looks ridiculous... 
  • I like the Blue alt., but I would like it to be a little different than the home and road. 
My rating: A very interesting idea, and a cool league! 8/10

Jordan R.- Sarajevo Dragons (Fictional Balkan Hockey League)
Jordan continues his Balkan Hockey League Series with the Sarajevo Dragons! 
  • I love the Simple striping pattern! 
    • I also like the white yoke on the blue jersey!
  • The logo is also fantastic! 
  • The shoulder patch also looks good.
  • The number font also works really well here

  • I like the yellow jersey, but I'd also like the Alt. to look a little different from the Home and road... 
  • The wordmark logo also isn't the strongest...
  • I know that the number is 46, but it looks like 48 because of the outline, especially on the blue jersey... 

My rating: This series should be interesting, and I can't wait for more from you! 8/10

Lucas D.- Ottawa Senators vs. Colorado Avalanche (NHL Global Series)
Our next concept goes to Lucas, and his Global Series Jerseys!  

  • I love the striping pattern on both jerseys! 
    • That is probably the best way to improve the Avs current alt!
  • I love the updated look of the Sens inaugural look!
  • I also like the current Avs font for their jersey

  • The Sens jersey has WAY too much red... Adding some black in the striping pattern would balance the colors better... 
  • The logo and jersey colors on the Avs should match... I like the Navy in place of the black on the Puck, but it's barely noticeable... Maybe add some steel blue into the striping pattern...

My rating: I really like it, but the steel blue in the logo sticks out like a sore thumb... 8/10

Ryan H.- Kansas City Scouts (NHL)
Our second to last concept goes to Ryan and his Kansas City Scouts! 

  • I like the striping pattern! It really reflects the original patterns on the Scouts sweaters.
  • I also like the font. It fits well with the identity and the logo. 
  • Red base looks great! 
  • I also like the honoring to a historic player on the back! The first Captain in Franchise history is pretty cool! 


  • The yellow in the logo doesn't work. Yellow is barely noticeable in the striping pattern, so it shouldn't be used that much in the logo... A yellow outline might be ok, but the logo should be white... 
  • The striping pattern reminds me a little too much of the Rangers... 

My rating: It's a good sweater, but the logo really throws off everything... 8/10

Zack R.- New York Islanders (NHL)
Last, but not least, is Zack's New York Islanders concept! 
  • I really like the striping pattern, especially the Orange Cuffs!
  • The breezers stripes also looks good! 
  • The striping pattern also fits the logo very well... 

  • I don't like the barberpole shoulder yoke. It looks good, but doesn't match the rest of the striping pattern... The back manufacturer square of the yoke should also be orange... 
  • The NOB is a little small, and so is the "C"
  • Half the numbers are correctly placed on the sleeve, the nine leaking on to the one side, but the other half, just the 9, should be partly cut off by the template... Because right now, it looks like you have 9 91 on the sleeves... 

My rating: A decent look, but a few execution errors, and the mismatched yoke bring this down... 7/10

Well I didn't pick a COTW nominee, because there were just too many things holding all of these back, so comment your pick for COTW! 


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: Stanley Cup Eve Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on April 11, 2017 Rating: 5


Burkus Circus Concepts said...

I didn't see anyone pick which jerseys teams are doing this year in the playoffs, so I'll throw mine out:
Anaheim: Home > Third
Boston: Home > Third
Calgary: Third > Home
Columbus: Third > Home
Edmonton: Third > Home (want H>T)
Minnesota: Third > Home
NY Rangers: Home > Third
Ottawa: Third > Home
San Jose: Home > Third
Washington: Home > Third

Ryan's Scouts concept for COTW
And don't be surprised if the Jackets beat the Penguins

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Ryan's Scouts concept for COTW

Unknown said...

Yeah, I agree with Burkus, the Jackets have a good shy at winning.

I'll Nominate Burkus for COTW

Chase A. Carlson said...

@BurkusCircus I'm not counting out the Blue Jackets, or the Leafs, or even the Flames! I'm honestly rooting for all of them!

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

@Vaughn thanks for seeing the light and I believe my first COTW nom hear ever!!!
Is it sad if it took me almost 9 months?

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