Tuesday: LET'S! PLAY! HOCKEY!!!!!!!

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post!

If you're a Minnesota Wild fan, or at least a Minnesota Hockey Fan, you know what the title is talking about! And since I'm going to the Wild's last home game of the regular season, I'm pretty excited! The Wild will be wearing old North Stars sweaters for warm-ups for today, and they will be giving away a few of those jerseys to fans, while the rest will be auctioned off later. 

The Wild will then be doing the jersey off our backs program at the end of the game tonight too, so another 20 lucky fans will get the jerseys. It should be a pretty fun night, and I'm really excited for the game! 

The Wild doing all this, has been covered earlier, so I won't go super into details, and there's no news for today, so....

Don't forget, we have the regular COTW vote, and we also have the FREE ticket drawing for the Jersey Portrait sales! YOU buy one portrait for $5 (CAD) or three for $10 (CAD), and then YOU get a FREE ticket entered in a drawing for a $50 giftcard to icejerseys.com! But you have to buy a portrait by April 14th!  

COTW Mar 24-30 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Portrait Sale (ends April 14)

On to the concepts! 


Zack R.- Northern Ireland (IIHF)
Zack starts us off with his continuation of his British Isles Series with Northern Ireland!

  • I like the sleeve length yoke!
  • The logo is also great! 
  • The number font does work here
  • Sock pattern is great! 
  • I actually like the black helmet for the white jersey. 


  • I don't like the sleeve striping pattern, being just a plain red stripe... 
  • The contrasting nameplate is tacky, and doesn't work. 
  • I also wish the numbers on the back had an outline.
  • I'd like to see what the gloves look like, as that probably would affect the color balance here... 

My rating: A nice modern look for a non-traditional hockey market! 7/10

Zack H.- San Jose Sharks (NHL)
A different Zack is next up with his Sharks third jersey concept! 

  • I really like the striping pattern, especially the colors! 
  • I also like the square shoulder yoke! 
  • The shoulder patches also look great! 


  • Everything that is black on this concept sticks out like a sore thumb... 
    • Black should either be added to the striping pattern, or the equipment should be teal and orange
  • The number font is also REALLY thin, and would be hard to see in the upper deck...

My rating: A very good striping pattern, but the color balance isn't the best... 7/10

Zack H.- Arizona Coyotes (NHL)
Zack, the second Zack, gets the next concept of the day, with a concept for the Coyotes! 

  • I love the Kachina pattern! 
  • The updated logo is really, really good! 
  • I also like the Maroon equipment! 
  • The collar looks great! 
  • I also really like the old number font!


  • I would like to see what kind of gloves the Yotes would wear... Maroon would probably be the best choice. 
  • You also used probably the weakest mark in the Yotes logo set, as the shoulder yoke. The AZ state patch is much better... 

My rating: A great concept for the Yotes! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!!

Anthony C.- Essex 73's (OHA Jr. C)
Our fourth concept of the day goes to Anthony and his concept for the Essex 73's! 

  • The Number font does work out pretty nicely here
  • Nice job keeping the TV numbers inside the template! 


  • Contrasting nameplates are tacky and ugly... They almost never work...
  • The Flags on the sleeves is tacky and looks bad on the Orange jersey. Also, (Canadiens, correct me if I'm wrong,) I think that manipulating the Canadian Flag is illegal... 
  • While using the Flyers Winter Classic Jerseys as the striping pattern is better than their current Calgary Flames clones, it's not very creative... You switched the logos and slapped on some flags on the sleeves. 

My rating: You have the potential to be a great jersey designer, don't waste your talent on just changing the logos on NHL team's templates... 4/10 

Dino W.- Team Russia (IIHF)
Dino gets the next concept of the day with his concept for Team Russia! Also, this is the first time I've seen you here, so welcome! 

  • I really like the shoulder yokes and collars! 
    • I love the vintage collars! 
  • I also love the WCofH number font! 
  • The logo looks great! 
  • The hem stripes look fantastic! 


  • The sleeve striping leaves something to be desired... It should match the tail striping on a traditional set like this. 
  • The font numbers are a little pointless, and would be hard to read that close to the players head.
  • You also forgot the outline on the back side of the white jersey shoulder yoke... 

My rating: A great start and you can only go up from here! 6/10

Noah B.- Quebec Major Junior Hockey League All-Stars (QMJHL; CHL) 
Noah finishes off the day with his two concepts for the CHL all-stars... His first concept is the QMJHL all stars! 

  • I like the vintage look, along with the chest stripe! 
  • The striping pattern looks great! 
  • I also really like the white yoke and sleeve cuffs


  • While I like the striping pattern, it doesn't fit the QMJHL logo... 
  • I also don't like that the jersey has two shoulder logos, it only needs one for the all-star patch. 

My rating: A solid look for the QMJHL All-Stars! 8/10

Noah B.- Ontario Hockey League All-Stars (OHL; CHL)
Noah's second concept goes to the OHL All-Stars! 

  • I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like the Striping pattern based off the logo! 
  • I also like the blue shoulder yoke... 


  • I also don't like that the jersey has two shoulder logos, it only needs one for the all-star patch. 
  • The striping pattern is really thin... The logo is also really small, so increasing that, would enlarge the striping pattern... 

My rating: A good look for the OHL, but the super thin pattern really throws it off... 8.5/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: LET'S! PLAY! HOCKEY!!!!!!! Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on April 04, 2017 Rating: 5


M said...

As a Canadian I can say with as much authority as anyone really, that the etiquette of the Canadian Flag is not officially legislated, but there is a high level of respect that is expected.
Messing with the flag is considered very impolite and anyone caught doing so will be apologized to for having to be reminded of that and then not offered anything on the next Tim's run.

Anonymous said...

zachh arizona for cotw

Unknown said...

Nice blog. Very well and defined way of rating. You also based on the features of team rate, which is not an easy task. Please share the detail of Czech Republic VS Norway Ice hockey according to your rating system

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