Tuesday: Late Again

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post!

Sorry this is late again! Don't forget to vote! 

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On to the concepts! 


Anthony C.-Bonnyville Pontiacs (AJHL) 
Anthony starts us off with a team from the Alberta Junior Hockey League, 
  • I like the logo...
  • It's WAY too plain... It needs a lot more to it's striping pattern
  • Wordmarks also don't really work for shoulder patches...
  • The logo and the numbers on the black jersey would be impossible to see. The beige logos and numbers also might be hard too see on the white jersey. If you flipped everything to the opposite jersey, it would be more visible... 
My rating: It seems like a good identity to build around, but the jerseys look more like practice jerseys, and it's not much of an improvement over their EDGE Penguins set... 4/10 

Anthony C.-  Watertown Wolves (FHL)

Anthony also has the next concept, this time, it's for the Watertown Wolves, from the Federal Hockey League!
  • I love the striping pattern!
  • I also like the number font, it fits well with the jersey and the logo.
  • Excellent work on the TV numbers! 
  • Decent execution!
  • The template striping should stop at the hem stripes...
  • The N&#OB are a little big, and the logo is a little small.
  • The black numbers and letters might be a little hard to read...
  • This jersey is way to close to the Nashville Predators old Alt. Sweaters...
My rating: This is definitely one of your best concepts yet, but it's very similar to the Preds' old Alt... 6/10

Denny J.- 2018 NHL Winter Classic 
Denny gets the third of the day with the Winter Classic match up for next year! 
  • I like the very simple, throwback approach to each sweater
  • I  like the ideas behind each jersey
  • I do like the plain red lettering on the Rangers jersey
  • Everything is kinda blurry and/or pixelated... 
  • The Rangers sweater would look better if the crest was above the wordmark on the other side... kinda like the USA 1960's sweaters...
  • Execution is a little sloppy...
My rating: A decent set of sweaters, but everything is a little sloppy... 6/10

Dino W.- Washington Capitals (NHL)

Next up is Dino and his Washington Capitals Set! 
  • I really like that you went out there in the design...
  • Execution looks great! 
  • I like the sleeve length yoke design on the white jersey
  • N&#OB are a little small
  • While I appriciate the creativity, the striping pattern doesn't really work...
  • The sleeve length yoke on the white jersey looks good, but the yoke shouldn't be cut up by a different yoke on the red jersey. 
  • The side panels also don't look the best
  • What would happen to the NHL100 patch when it comes off in 2018? 
My rating: Great execution, but the design doesn't look the best... 7/10

Ethan B.- Norfolk Admirals (ECHL)
Next up is Ethan's redesign for the Norfolk Ads!

  • I like the curved upper sleeve design! 
  • I like the kings font! 
  • Unfortunately, there's a lot...
    • I can't tell what's supposed to be piping or just the template... 
    • Everything is very pixelated, and looks very sloppy... 
      • Except the N&#OB
    • NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER fill in template areas as a design... The breezers should not have the orange filled-in areas... The socks should not be filled in like that, because...
      • Those sock "stripes" at the top will be covered up by the breezers, and the bottom will be covered up by the skates.
      • The breezers "stripes" on the top will be covered by the jersey hanging down... 
      • And the biggest problem, is that it looks bad...
My rating: A decent idea, but lots of execution errors, really hold this back... 6/10

T. C. M.- Kennesaw State Owls (NCAA) 
The last two concepts go to Our newest writer, TC, and his NCAA concepts! This one is for Kennesaw State Owls!

  • I do like the Penguins-esque striping pattern!
  • The yellow looks great! Even the Helmet! 
  • Great logo choice! 
  • Great execution! 
  • I don't like the grey in place of white in the pattern and numbers... 
  • The #OB are a little big... 
My rating: A great concept, and welcome to the Blog!!! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!! 

T.C.M.- Yale Bulldogs (NCAA) 
The last concept of the day goes to TC and his Yale Bulldogs design!

  • I like the double blue/grey color scheme!
  • I also like the logos. I really like the shoulder patch! 
  • I also like the striping pattern! It adds a vintage feel
  • I would like to see more of the double blue color scheme in the numbers
  • I'd also like too see the "Y" logo in white on the blue sweater
  • #OB are also really big
  • You're missing TV numbers on the blue sweater
  • I also don't like the glove pattern
My rating: Another fantastic concept! 8/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: Late Again Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on April 25, 2017 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd TC's Kennesaw State concept for COYW

Anonymous said...

Ethan's Admirals concept is stolen from Daniel Lowry's CSUN concept.

DLowry said...

What Anonymous said

Unknown said...

I want to 3rd TC's KSU concept. In his defense, they use a silver for the yellow uniforms. i saw it in their identity guide when I was researching for my KSU concept.

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