Thursday: Playoffs Begin, Day 2

Hello everyone, welcome back!

I'm in a fairly good mood today since the Pens took game 1 last night, I might be going tomorrow, and I got a really long sleep because today is the start of my (albeit short) spring break, but I don't have much time for an intro and I have an idea for next week, so let's just get started shall we!


This week we have the COTW March vote, the normal COTW vote, and the Admirals competition, which all end tomorrow at noon. Time is running out, so get those votes in!

COTW-March vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW Mar 31 - Apr 6 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Norfolk ReDesign (ends Friday @ noon ET)

Here are the Admirals entries that have come in, I also apologize for forgetting to post the entries last week.

Ethan B.
 Spencer R.

Burkus Circus: Calgary Flames
+If this is a redo of their current jerseys, good god this is so much better. Then again, that isn't exactly a hard feat considering how awful those are.
+As I've mentioned before I don't like black with Calgary, so I'm glad you've removed it.
+The striping pattern looks nice and simple. Almost looks like a fix of these jerseys at the same time.
+The yokes with those yoke stripes look excellent.
+It looks a tad odd, but I like the yellow logo.
-The vertical stitching should stop at the hem stripes.
-I'd like to see the back of the jerseys.
-I can at least see the number font you used, and I'm not a fan. A block font would look better.
Overall: 8/10

Burkus Circus - New York Americans
+I guess you can't really blame a jersey from 1925 for looking gaudy, but this is a great modernization.
+The red base on the jersey would definitely separate you from the other three New York-based teams in the modern NHL.
-I would like to see the red base color reflected better on the road jersey though by having more red than blue.
+That logo actually works pretty well on a modern jersey.
-I would again like to see the back of the jersey, because right now the numbers look a bit too modern on such a modern/vintage looking design, but that opinion could change once I see the back.
-It's not bad with this, but I think it would look slightly better without that yoke outline.
Overall: 8.5/10

Emin Z. - New Jersey Devils
+This is definitely something new for the Devils.
+I really don't mind the removal of black...
-but I don't prefer it. Right now they almost look too similar to Detroit with nothing but red and white, and they look too monochromatic for someone like the Devils, in my opinion.
-Not a fan of your coloring of the red jersey's logo, add some more white to the mix.
-One major problem with this jersey set is the contrast, and the root of that problem is the double red, and that the shades are too similar. The best jersey in this set is the white one, and I actually quite like the look of it by looking at your full body layout. The next vest is the red, which is helped because there is some white in it, and again it does look pretty nice. The alternate, though, is by far the worst of the set, because the stripes barely contrast. Looking at your full body mockup of that one, it looks entirely plain red aside from the logo, which still could use some white. Not a great look at all, but easily fixable.
-Another gripe I have with that alternate jersey is the striping inconsistency, which is another easy fix.
+I like the pants striping, to be honest. It's neat to say the least.
+One thing I really like is how you seem to use a primary/clash system instead of home/away. Something I'd love to see in the NHL.
Overall: 7.5/10

Jordan R. - Varna Admirals
+A Balkan Hockey League is something I haven't seen before.
+This is a good looking, yet out-of-the-box design, as usual from Jordan.
+The side panels actually look good here.
+I love the logo. It's reminiscent of the Whalers with that use of negative space. The bottom of the anchor also looks like a V, too.
+The font is a great fit on this jersey. Fonts like this don't usually work too well, but you seem to make them always work.
+I love the pop of color on the alternate jersey.
-The vertical stitching should stop at that striping, though.
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW nomination

Lucas D. - Calgary Flames
+Unique idea for the Flames.
+Slightly remind me of these jerseys, but not the bad parts about them.
-It does look a bit dated, though, which may be why it reminds me of these. It could also be the white yoke on the red jersey.
+I do like the amount of white on the red jerseys, though. Gives off the impression of white flames, if you were going for that.
+Speaking of that, good color balance in general.
+The flame design at the bottom is not incredibly noticeable, meaning it isn't too gaudy.
Overall: 8/10

Ryan C. - Ottawa Senators
+This is a new idea.
+This design is definitely going in the right direction.
+I like the shoulder patch and primary logo here.
-Not sure if the font fits. Something more traditional may look better.
-The one thing that kills this concept for me is the piping and lack of hem stripes. If you add some hem stripes the concept will be much better, even if you keep the piping. If you also remove the piping, this concept is a beauty.
-More color on the jersey would also look a lot better, instead of being mostly black.
Overall: 7/10

Ryan H. - Team USA
+A modern-classic looking Team USA design.
+That logo looks great. I think the font could be better, but it's definitely not bad.
+The striping is probably the best part about this concept, seemingly influenced by the American flag.
-If you changed the hem stripes to just white-red-white, as opposed to the current red-white-red-white-red, I think it would get much better. Despite the inconsistencies there, it would match the US flag exactly: 13 stripes in total (5 on each arm, 3 hem), and the pattern and colors would also be the same.
+Traditional yet modern font, which is a great fit.
-The C patch and TV numbers look too small.
+This is also a realistic Nike look.
Overall: 9/10


And that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.
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winnipegjets96 said...

Ryan C for COTW

Zack R said...

I'll second Ryan C for COTW

DLowry said...

Ethan B's Norfolk submission is a recoloring of my old CSUN concept

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