Saturday: Waaay Late

I slept last night instead of doing everything I was supposed to do for the blog. That will delay a full post until later tonight.

Chris W won the COTW-March vote
Ryan H. won the COTW vote

We have the 1st Quarter Vote up
A new COTW vote
The Admirals Top 3 vote will be up soon

Come back tomorrow to see this full update.


*** Edit *** 

Here comes the real post...

The winner of the COTW-March vote was Chris W!

Full Results

This is a great concept. Maybe the best school concept we've ever had on HJC. Chris' concept will go up against Jake's two concepts in the 1st Quarter Vote.

The 1st Quarter Vote is upon us. Jake has two concepts and Chris has one. The winning concept will move into the Semi-Finals of the COTY 2017 vote (which happens in February). If you are logged into a Google account the poll will appear on the side of the page and your vote will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern.


The winner of the COTW vote for March 31 - April 6 was Ryan H. Hey, that's me!


Full Results

This Bruins concept moves on and will re-appear in the COTW-April vote in about a month's time. Thanks to everyone that voted for my concept!

The new COTW nominees have also been listed in the black poll for the week of April 7-13. You have until Friday at noon Eastern to place your vote and have it counted. Good luck to all.


All of the entries for the Norfolk Admirals ReDesign are in and it's time to vote! This is a Top 3 vote with lots of solid entries, so good luck to all. Votes will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern. The winner of the competition will move into next week's COTW vote.


Everybody's Playoff Pool picks have been posted on the PLAYOFF POOL page. As the series finish the standings will be updated. Be ready when the first round ends because the second round usually begins the day after (or the next day). So be ready to get your picks in before that.

The Leafs' double OT winner kept this post from being completed earlier. But I'll take a playoff win over almost anything. Go Leafs Go!


1st Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW vote April 7-13 (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Norfolk Admirals Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
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