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A team in the AHL that you don't really hear much about is the San Antonio Rampage. I can't blame the lack of discussion on anything other than the fact that they've worn the buff-a-slug longer than anyone else, to which I will say it works for them. They've also had the same logo since entering the league, and one change from blue to grey in 2006-07. For their 15th anniversary, the team wore this jersey to celebrate, and it gives me hope they'll go for a more wild-west them in their numbers/everything but their logo.

Photo from sarampage.com
Does the jersey look familiar? It's not the same jersey as what the Kings are currently celebrating their 50th anniversary jersey, but it is very similar. While I don't really like the script as a primary logo, I do like the script itself. The only thing I would change would be to get rid of that stupid Wal-Mart looking EST. 2002 thing and putting San Antonio in line with the rest of the script instead f arching it. I would love to see the team keep this full time, and adopt it along with the bull logo. Another nice part of this jersey is the font chosen for the numbers, again, use this full time!

Rating: 6.5/10

Here's an interesting tidbit while on the subject of the Rampage, they are one of the few teams with two shoulder patches on the same shoulder.

Photo from San Antonio Rampage Official Twitter (@sarampage)
Not only does the team have the Avalanche logo almost uncomfortably close to the collar, they use non-matching shoulder patches. Some may be asking why the Spurs logo? Think of it in the same way the Admirals use the Brewers logo on their alternate. Frankly the spur works with not only the colour scheme but also the rest of the logos as well.

Here are the Norfolk Admiral Redesign Contest entries that have come in since last post:

Vaughn R.

TC Moore

Great stuff! Entries are due Friday @ Noon EST

Don't forget to vote for COTW and COTW March!
Finally, since it is that time of year, the HJC Playoff pool has begun. If you plan on entering it, please have your entries by puck drop on Wednesday Evening. Also remember to use the same name for  every round and be prepared to enter all 4 rounds, even if you don't do well in the first round there's lots to play for.

COTW-March vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW Mar 31 - Apr 6 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Norfolk ReDesign (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Playoff Pool begins Monday

On with today's concepts!

NHL 100 Classic Concept (By: Anthony C.)

+ Right away, immediate execution improvement with this template, and in the upcoming concepts from Anthony they only get better, good on you for improving and taking the criticism!
+ Most of the time blue Canadiens concepts fail because of colour balancing, but here it works well
+ The 2015 WC logo and CAC Leafs work well together
+ Sens concept combines the Pre-Edge Sens jerseys and what I think is the alternate without the chest stripe, which I think looks okay

- The one problem with the Montréal jersey is its similarity to Russia's WHoC white jerseys
- Would like see more white in the Ottawa striping, the way to do that would be to make the cuffs lower and add a white stripe
- Event logo is a little too high up

Rating: 7/10

Toronto Marlies AHL Concept (By: Lasse P.)

+ Placement of the Adidas flower looking thing and the script on the back works well
+ I really like the idea here, the crown looks really nice as a primary outside of the leaf
+ Striping looks really nice, some people may not like the addition of red on a Leafs farm team's jersey, but there's enough red to make it work
+ Fantastic execution

- Not a fan of the all white gloves
- Maybe would have liked to see the Leaf on the pants to give some variation to the logos

Rating: 9/10 COTW NOM from me!

Dalmatinci Dubrovnik Baltic Hockey League Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

+ Not very often we get concepts based on teams in Croatia (there's one in the KHL and the 4 teams of the CIHL), but also a Dalmatian for a mascot is awesome; great job with the logo
+ Striping is pretty solid, I like the use of the Leafs striping on the away, it works with the crest and arched script
+ Great execution and lay out, as expected from Jordan

- I know that the red in the collar is from the league logo, but I really like the look of it and having minimal red, even just on the alternate, would improve it
- Pants need striping/logo on it
- Make the dog's eyes just a little bigger

Rating: 9/10

Vancouver Canucks Concept (By: Brian W.)

+ We've seen the 90s skate on a plate in edge for, why not get the late 80s jerseys too, and in yellow?
+ This is definitely a mix between the Flying V and the jerseys after, with a couple extra stripes on the yoke to match, I really like the look go it, almost makes the skate on a plate look like a medal you get for blowing up the Death Star
+ Yellow helmet
+ Good execution

- While I can tolerate the yellow numbers, the lack of yellow on the pants doesn't really work. The way I would have done it  would be one big yellow stripe or half red half yellow
- Never been a fan of the stick in rink logo in the blackredyellow scheme

Rating: 8.5/10

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Burkus Circus)

+ Of the two concepts, the black jersey looks the best, it'd work as an alternate
+ It is an improvement in many ways over the Flying V
+ Johnny Skating jersey looks good in this colour scheme, maybe a little Ronald McDonald but not bad by any means

- White collar does not work on the black jersey
- The colour balancing is off on the white jersey, it's hard to introduce white as a 4th colour and making the away yellow with red and black would make more sense. Honestly it does work to an extend on the arms and hem, but the chest is where it loses me
- Shoulder path?
- Including the back of the white jersey and using black numbers and NOB might have made me think better of the white jersey

Rating: 6/10

Novi Sad Marksmen Baltic Hockey League Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

+ I'm not usually a fan of roundels as primary logos, but this really works well
+ Alternate is absolutely gorgeous
+ Penguins 2016 SS numbers work even better here
+ Again, great execution and presentation

- Same problem with the pants
- The colour balancing between the home and road is off, the bottom of the white jersey should be red with grey numbers and a red stencil outline
-A shoulder patch (like the goalie mask on its own) would liven up the upper jersey

Rating: 8.5/10

Minnesota Wild Concept (By: Taylor R.)

+ Taylor is a near master at making alternates! This would go perfectly with their current green and white jerseys and improves upon their outdated red jersey
+ One problem most Wild concepts run into is colour usage, especially when trying to get wheat and yellow to go together, but Taylor has done i really well here, especially on that gorgeous yoke
+ Great execution

- The NOB is very hard to read, the way around that I think is to put a red layer between the green and wheat
- Not a fan of the horizontal striping on the pants

Rating: 9/10
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