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Hello folks, how are you today?  I'm good, but unfortunately today's post is going to be a short one, or at least this intro is going to be short.  There just hasn't been much news lately, and I also ran out of time to do some other topic.  But we still have six quality concepts to look at today, plus a couple of contest entries, so let's move onto those.


These are the final Norfolk Admirals Redesign entries...

Bradley D:



Once the new polls are posted tonight, there will be three votes for you to vote in.  Those include the 1st Quarter vote, the standard COTW vote, and the Norfolk Admirals Redesign vote.

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New York Islanders, by Burkus Circus:
We start off today with a New York Islanders concept from Burkus Circus, which is a redo of their 2011-14 alternate jersey (I'm surprised that jersey lasted three seasons).  First of all, I do like this striping pattern better, it's less muddled without the silver and it's also less similar to the Ducks current jerseys.  The logo is an interesting choice, using the contents of their primary logo without the roundel or "Islanders" wordmark, and I think it works well enough.  However, the curve at the top of the NY should be removed since the roundel is gone.  I also think white numbers would look more pleasant than orange numbers, and the arm stitching should be removed.
Rating: 7/10

Team Germany, by Daniel L:
Moving on, we have a Team Germany concept from Daniel which uses mismatching jerseys.  I actually don't mind the mismatching designs, since both jerseys look good and they share some common elements.  One of those shared elements is the use of German's flag in the striping, which I think is incorporated nicely (and not generically) on both jerseys.  The black jersey is my favourite of the two though, I really like the addition of the white stripes.  I'm not a fan of the squished sleeve numbers on the white jersey though, I think the stripes should be lowered to make more room.  Also, the number outlines (on the back and sleeve numbers) are too thin, they're hardly noticeable.
Rating: 8/10

Anaheim Ducks, by Ryan C:
Next up we have an Anaheim Ducks concept from Ryan, his first of two concepts today.  I love how the order of the stripes on the white jersey matches the logo, with orange surrounded by black and gold surrounded by white.  I think it would be better if the stripes on the black jersey were flipped so that they too match the logo.  I do like the amount of white used on the dark jersey though.  Also, I really like the orange numbers, but I think a more unique font (like the Ducks current font) would be an improvement.
Rating: 8/10

Peoria Rivermen, by Ryan C:
For his second concept Ryan created a new set of jerseys for the SPHL's Peoria Rivermen, who once used unique wavy jerseys but now use non-wavy jerseys with unnecessary piping.  This concept doesn't have any wavy stripes or unnecessary piping, instead it uses a simple and somewhat minimalist striping pattern.  I like this design, and I think the white jersey is especially nice.  The blue jersey is good too, but I'd swap the red and yellow stripes to keep the white and yellow apart.  Execution wise this is mostly perfect, but it could be a bit cleaner around some of the template lines (around the collars in particular).
Rating: 8/10

University of Alabama vs. Louisiana State University, Steven M:
Steven (HJC's Sunday writer) also sent in a concept for today, and it's a "Rivalry Night" match-up between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers.  Starting on the left, we have a nice looking Alabama jersey which uses a Red Wings style striping pattern (with some differences).  It's a good enough jersey, but I'd prefer a jersey that's less reminiscent of the Red Wings.  The LSU jersey also looks good, I like the yellow base colour, I like the logo, and I like the striping pattern (plus it's not similar to any NHL team).  However, I don't like that the same number font was used for both teams, and both the player's names are a bit small.
Rating: 8/10

NHL100 Classic, by Tyler M-S:
Our final concept of the day is an NHL 100 Classic concept from Tyler.  I really like idea and execution of the sash stripe design, both jerseys on their own look good, and the sash makes sense for this type of game.  But I don't think the design should be used for both teams, it makes the game too template-y, I prefer when teams use different designs that both fit the same theme (like the Centennial Classic).  Also, if the sash stripe is supposed to continue until the hem stripe, then a small part of it should be visible on the back view.  Lastly, I think it was a great choice to use red equipment and a red player's name for the Canadiens, they keep the colours nicely balanced.
Rating: 8/10


That's all folks!
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Ryan's Anaheim for COTW

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Rivermen for COTW!

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