I switched the R and the E just so TSN doesn't come after us.

Hi everyone and welcome to another Wednesday at HJC. BIG day in the NHL and not quite design-wise.

Today is the NHL trade deadline and while Matt Duchene is not a New York Islander, I'm not upset. Bringing up Josh Ho-Sang should be a nice roster shakeup, though not as big of an impact as Duchene could have been. Garth Snow reportedly offered a king's ransom (Pulock, Nelson, Dal Colle and a 2017 1st Round Pick) for Duchene and yet Sakic still turned it down. If there are any Avalanche fans that have an opinion on this trade that I think should've happened, comment below. To all others, I hope your team made all the right moves. Except the Rangers.

Other trade news: TSN has re-acquired Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole. It was a pleasure watching them in the States, but unfortunately FS1 used them poorly. They're a better fit back at TSN and I'll continue to listen to the podcast.

The one design aspect of the trade deadline is seeing how players look in different uniforms. And the biggest trade for that aspect this has to be seeing Jarome Iginla to Los Angeles for two reasons. One, he's Jarome Iginla. A legend of the late 90s and 2000s. Two, Marion Gaborik wears Iginla's usual number 12. Will Gaborik give it up since nobody is currently wearing Gaborik's usual #10?Will Iginla change to 72? I know somebody that doesn't want him to...


Last chance to submit something for the Pairs competition. See the Reminders for deadlines.


Concept of the Week only this week, as last week we didn't have any competitions of note.


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Lucas D: San Jose Sharks Concept

Lucas has an interesting take on the Orange vs Silver debate in Sharks design: NEITHER. Just two simple stripes on each arm, though not one on the hem which disappoints me. I love how the striping pattern also continues on the collar and the pants. I'd be curious to see if a teal jersey would look better than a black jersey though. Not sure about that decision from Lucas. Maybe put a second outline in between the numbers and the existing outline to further match the striping pattern?

Rating: 85%

Mike F: Great Britain Concept

God Save the Queen and God Save British Hockey! The least we can do here is incorporate the classic 3 lions shield as a primary logo. Not an improvement over the current GB Hockey logo, but a reasonable substitute. The perfect matching of the home and road jerseys makes me long for the white socks to have the blue extend all the way to the bottom of the sock. The alternate is the Panthers' double blue look recolored and altered slightly so that the arm stripes become diagonal now instead of perfectly upright. Not a fan of the flag patches below the numbers. Vintage is gorgeous but the positioning of the numbers and the size of the logo both ruin it. Numbers are too high and the logo is too small.

Rating: 76%

Mike F: South Korea Concept

First things first, I love how you incorporated the symbols surrounding the center circle on the flag into this concept, placing them into the hem striping. Gorgeous. This concept is also your weekly reminder of how much of a sucker I am for the white yokes on dark jerseys. The alternate needs red numbers. The vintage is a Penguins copy recolored, like what the CHL did in the Canada-Russia Series. I mean its a good look but its not creative. NEXT.

Rating: 75%

Ryan C: Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (AHL) Concept

I love ALMOST everything about this concept. When the Pittsburgh Penguins unveiled this look with their Vegas gold color scheme, I thought it fit the team well. Seeing it in Pittsburgh Gold makes it look even better. That alternate, based on the Stadium Series game against Philadelphia, is PERFECT. It fixes everything wrong about that Stadium Series jersey while adding a classic diagonal script. Now I say almost everything because the socks do not flow well with the rest of the main set, as they don't match the pattern.

Rating: 97%

Ryan H: Pittsburgh Penguins Concept

This concept looks to me like a mix between the Penguins current jerseys, the Stadium Series jersey and the Robo-Pen. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of in. Never mind the Adidas stripes, but this concept is lacking some white. That number on the sleeves looks like its slanted for no reason, but it may be the template, which I am certainly no fan of. It would be nice to see the rest of the look.

Rating: 77%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



That does it for another Wednesday here. I'll see you next week. I'm off to try and hide the torches and pitchforks from my fellow Islander fans. Bye!
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winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Ryan C. for COTW

Anonymous said...

Avalanche fan here. I feel like the reason that Islander trade didn't happen is because it doesn't really fit with what they're looking to do. Pollock is a good young defensemen, but one of his key weaknesses is his skating ability. The Avs are looking to build a young fast team and he may not really fit that. He's also an offensive defensemen and we've seen how that's worked out for Barrie, while many see him as a top flight defensemen, his defensive game is awful, so I don't think the Avs want another version of that, no matter the offensive upside. in terms of Brock Nelson, he doesn't fit because of his age, he's only a year younger than Duchene. At 25 it would be unfair to call him old but he wouldnt really fit within the core of the team thats 21 and younger. Dal Colle is an amazing prospect and player, but he was picked 5th overall three years ago and hasn't broken in. You hear that and think there's a chance he could be a bust. I'm not saying he will be but the fact that he's not in the NHL already is a little concerning. All these players are good young guys, but each is could be a risk in their own way. We already got burned in the O'Reilly trade when betting on Grigorenko. Sakic does not want that to happen again. Do the sum of the parts being offered outweigh Duchene's value? Probably. But it's just not the right deal for what they're trying to do. This trade along with the Landeskog trade are meant to propel this team out of the basement and into immediate contention, or at least somewhere close. Brock Nelso and Ryan Pulock just aren't gonna be those guys.

M said...

Heh, well I don't normally like to respond to a critique, but in my defence, the Korea "vintage" was kind of meant to be an embarrassingly blatant homage to national team coach Jim Peak.

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