Wednesday: Get to the Point

We have a quick post coming, as it seems like education and employment have beckoned today.

NEWS: No major news to report today that we have seen Monday and Tuesday


Pairs Competition has now moved into the Presentation Stage, so here's the link to today's presentation from the Writing Team, Brendan P. (BPoe) and Steven M. Yesterday we saw the presentation from Burkus Circus and I, and Jay & Bradley on Monday. Take a look on the HJC Design Blog, as there is where you'll see all the presentations in advance of the vote.

VOTES: Concept of the Week only. We made your life easy for the last month by only having one vote each week. Enjoy it while it lasts


COTW Feb 27 - Mar 2 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)


Anthony C: Montreal Canadiens Concept

I want to first off welcome you to HJC as this looks like the first week I have seen your stuff here. I love that number font and I think the best way to have a chest stripe like that is to set up your font coloring and outlines the way you did, similar to the 2016 Winter Classic. That said, I think the size of the font between the name and numbers, as well as the captain's patch, are proportioned incorrectly. On the alternate, a white alternate for a change, the white logo does not look good there against the white base of the jersey. Big point of execution here: the sleeve numbers. The way you have the numbers set up, from the point of view looking as the side of the jersey, the numbers would read 6767. Clearly we do not want that. Phantom yoke on the red jersey is a bad look.

Rating: 45%

Anthony C: Vancouver Canucks Concept

The execution is a bit better here, with a clever design aspect to include the stick from the logo onto the jersey pattern. Can't say if I love it or hate it. I surely hate it on the socks, as I have never been one to enjoy sock stripe patterns. Quick note that I didn't mention above: The stitching of the jersey is supposed to end once it hits the hem stripe and then not exist below it. Not a fan of how the sleeve numbers are squished in that panel, however I think that's more of a template issue. Sock striping is too high.

Rating: 55%

Mike F: Team Belgium Concept

As a whole, this is a classic looking set. However there's one issue that sticks out to me: The shades of yellow in the logo vs. the shade you used for the striping. It looks like there are two different shades in the logo, and you chose the less dominant one. Otherwise a perfect look

Rating: 89%

Mike F: Team Mexico Concept

We head South of the Border for this concept. Simple yet vibrant home and away jerseys, barber pole full sleeve yoke on the alternate and a mountainous vintage look since the Rocky Mountains pass through Mexico. Classy logo straight from their flag. I like the use of two different pants designs between the home and away, let alone the extras from the alternate and vintage looks. I would just have made sure the socks match better with the design patterns you selected. 

Rating: 95%

Ryan C: Laval Rocket (AHL) Concept

Ryan changes up the already simple pattern for "Le Rocket" and removes the chest stripe and adds more blue to the striping pattern. He puts the alternate logos where they belong on the shoulders instead of what the Rocket currently have. I'm just not a fan because of how poorly the logo matches with the flow of the jersey. Plus their custom font they currently use looks better.

Rating: 88%

Ryan C: Milwaukee Admirals (AHL) Concept

It's very hard to make a bad look with a double blue color scheme. Ryan hits the nail on the head here. Simple, balanced yet modern. Perfect for a team that has done a recent rebrand from that goofy cartoon skeleton logo. Maybe have two stripes on the pants instead?

Rating: 94%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



This is my last post before I fly down to Carolina. I'll be sitting near the penalty boxes if anyone wants to say hi. I don't bite.

Actually let me clarify: I do bite, just not people. Only food. See you next week!
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Lucas D. said...

Ryan C.'s Admirals for COTW! I love the shading you put on the template.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Ryan for COTW

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