Tuesday: Sens there's a chance to change...

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post!

There's not much for news today, but there have been rumors swirling about the Senators updating their sweaters and logos next year, or in the near future...  

Here's a link to the story about the change... 

Also, we have the Pairs Competition going on right now, so here's the page for the next pair!
Everyday this week, a pair will have their work posted, so check out yesterday's post for the last pair's work! 

We also have the regularly scheduled COTW vote as well! Don't forget to vote! 

COTW Feb 27 - Mar 2 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

On to the concepts! 


Ryan C.- Fort Wayne Komets (ECHL) 
Ryan here redesigns the most Storied ECHL team, the Fort Wayne Komets! 

  • I like orange as the base color compared to black
  • I like the old Minnesota Wild Font, it matches the logos very nicely
  • I also like the minimal amount of silver in the striping pattern
  • The orange shoulder yoke also looks good


  • I don't really like the logo choice. The KOMETS wordmark logo would be better

My rating: A good update for the Komets! 8/10 

Ryan C.- Quad City Mallards (ECHL) 
The second concept of the day is once again by Ryan, who redesigns the Quad City Mallards! 

  • I like the matching jerseys!
  • I also like green as the base color for the sweaters
  • I like the striping pattern
    • The chest stripe is a great look
  • Great logo choice! 
  • I like the font choice, and how you colored the numbers on the back...


  • The stripe on the breezers makes everything a little too busy... 

My rating: A fantastic update for the Mallards!  9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!! 

TC Moore- Vancouver Canucks- (NHL)
Next up is a concept for the Vancouver Canuckleheads... err... Canucks, by TC! 

  • I like the striping pattern on the green and blue jerseys
  • I like the original logo! 
  • The Stick-in-Rink as a shoulder patch is also a good choice! 
  • The number font also looks good
  • The gloves look great! 


  • The blue shoulder yoke is a little unnecessary 
  • There are also quite a few execution errors...
    • The TV numbers on the blue jersey reads 67 not 76
    • The template striping should stop at the tail stripes, not continue through
    • The Numbers on the back are to small, and a little high
    • The sock stripes are way to high. They would be covered up by the breezers. Look at Ryan's concepts above to see where the stripes should be placed... 
    • You also flipped the color of the socks on the white jersey. They should match the striping pattern on the jersey
  • The green helmet works for the green jersey, but not the white jersey. That should be white. 

My rating: This is a decent concept, but the execution is a little sloppy...  7/10

Anothony C.- Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
Anothony has the next set of concepts for the Toronto Maple Leafs! 

  • Even though the sweaters don't match, I do like the vintage look for both of them. 
  • Good logo choice! 


  • There are also quite a few execution errors here unfortunately... 
    • The NOB is too small
    • You're missing TV numbers
    • Template striping should stop at the tail stripes...
    • Your logos are too big, and the one on the white jersey is also the wrong shade of blue... 
    • The template you used for the road jersey should be a sleeve-length yoke, and not the same as the blue jersey
    • You're also missing the manufacturer logo
    • The socks stripe are also way too high up. Look at Ryan's concepts above for the right position of the stripes. 
  • The faux-piping is unnecessary, and doesn't look good, that should just be filled in blue
  • You should also do something to the collars, and not just leave them as part white and part silver... 

My rating: It's a good idea for a Leafs jersey, but the poor execution brings it way down... 5/10

Anothony C.- Toronto St. Pats throwback (NHL)
Anothony's second concept of the day is a fauxback of the St. Pats for the Toronto Maple Leafs! 

  • I like that all of the colors are consistent!
  • The striping pattern looks great! 
  • The number and letter font also looks good, and fits the concept nicely...


  • There are a few execution errors, but not as many as the previous concept. 
    • The NOB and #OB are both off-centered 
    • Sock stripes are up too high... 
    • Your TV numbers should not be placed like that... 
      • One number should be placed on the stripe, and the other should not be shown, because right now, the numbers read 4444. 

My rating: A good concept that is executed better than your last one. Just pay attention to all the little details and you'll get better! 7/10

Mike F.- Serbia (EA Sports IIHF) 
Mike here finishes off the the concepts of the day, with his redesign of Serbia! 
  • I like the striping pattern on all of the sweaters! 
  • I like the double outline on the home and road numbers! 
  • I really like the red helmet! 
  • I also like the double blue for the vintage sweater 

  • Numbers seem a little crowded on all of the sleeve length yoke... 
  • Also, while these do look great, you've created other EA IIHF concepts that use the same pattern on the home and road jerseys... 

My rating: A good concept, but we've seen this from you before... 8/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: Sens there's a chance to change... Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on March 07, 2017 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Ryan's QC set for COTW

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

I'll third Ryan's Mallards set!

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