Tuesday: #NotMyDucks

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post!

Since there's not much news today, I want to talk about the Mighty Ducks. No, not the movie, but the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. That tacky name that goes along with a terrible logo. UH-OH! Did I just say that?!?!? Yes, yes I did... I think that the Webbed-D logo is better... 

The Webbed-D logo is a great logo. It's simple. It's a great idea, and it looks good even in smaller applications. It's extremely underrated, and even hated, mostly because it's not the Mighty Ducks logo... 
Both have their flaws, and both have really good things about them, but the Webbed D is better. 
It has cleaner and more consistent lines than the Mighty ducks, and it has a better overall use of their colors.
Silver is present, but that is about the only flaw I can find... 

The Mighty Ducks logo however uses yellow and black, pretty dominantly, and those colors don't appear anywhere on the main jerseys. And the outline around the sticks and part of the beak-mask, outside of the rounded triangle, is thicker than anywhere else... Why can't it be the same thickness? If that had appeared on the Webbed-D logo, Everyone would have pointed it out, and ridiculed it... 
If I wasn't a hockey fan, and I was seeing this logo for the first time, then I would have no idea that the uniforms had eggplant all over them. I also would be surprised to find out that yellow wasn't present on the regular home and roads... 

Now don't get me wrong... It's a fun identity, the eggplant jerseys were fantastic, (The whites had some color balance issues), and it even makes me nostalgic. This identity existed when I started watching and getting into hockey. BUT... It's not a good logo... 

Let me know what you think about the Mighty Ducks logo... Also let me here any other unpopular opinions! 

Also, don't forget to vote for the Pairs Comp. and the COTW contest! 

On to the Concepts! 


Ryan H.- St. Louis Eagles (Former NHL) 
Ryan here designs a modern sweater for the old St. Louis Eagles! 

  • The Striping pattern is Fantastic! 
  • I like the numbers with no outline. It works somehow
  • The blue base for the sweater is fantastic! 
  • The Adidas Stripes suck, and don't look good. I realize it could be realistic, but it hasn't happened yet...
  • The main logo is a little high, and I'd also like to see the St. Louis script above
My rating: A great update for a vintage team! 8.5/10 

Mike F.- Bulgaria (EA Sports IIHF) 

Mike  continues his IIHF series with Bulgaria!

  • Striping pattern on all of the sweaters look great! 
  • I love the collars on all of these too!
  • The Flag pattern on the Vintage jersey is pretty clever
  • I don't like the sock patterns on the home and road
  • You have three different Crests off to the side, but you only use two. I don't know if you meant to use all three, but forgot, or if you just added a third on accident... 
My rating: A great look, and one of your more original looks! 8/10

Mike F.- North Korea (EA Sports IIHF) 
Next up is Mike's North Korea redesign for the IIHF! 

  • The home, and two alts. look great!
    • The Flag mimicking effect is great! 
  • The road jersey (or Dark) pattern isn't as good as the home. a B-thin red-W-thin red-B stripe would have worked better, and fixed the color balance
  • The Alt. could use some more red on the hem stripe

My rating: A good look for the N. Koreans, but it could still use some work 7/10

Ryan C.- Springfield Thunderbirds (AHL) 
Ryan has the next concept for the Springfield Thunderbirds, the Panthers AHL affiliate.

  • I like the matching striping pattern on both jerseys! 
  • The Shoulder numbers, based off of the panthers is fantastic! 
  • Number font matches the logo very nicely
  • I like the sleeve patches on the striping pattern
  • I'd like to see a little more yellow on the numbers...
  • There should also be some more light blue from the logos on the sweater
  • The white jersey's color should have more red
  • The breezers striping also don't match the rest of the sweater
My rating: A great update for the Thunderbirds! Much better than the SENS jersey template! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!!!!!

Ethan B.- Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) 

Ethan has the next concept for the Maple Leafs! 

  • I like the simple striping pattern, it's very vintage
  • I also like the logo choice and font!
  • Collar looks good
  • Unfortunately there is a lot execution errors... 
    • The stripes are not spaced evenly throughout the whole concept.
    • The hem stripes don't have to follow the rounded hem, they can be straight
    • The hem stripes are also way too far down
    • Numbers and names are off-centered
  • Faux-shoulder yoke piping never looks good. Filling that in would raise the rating on this a little bit... 
My rating: It's a decent concept, but it needs work. Just be patient, and focus on the details, and you'll get better! 6/10

Anthony C.- Slovakia (IIHF) 
The last two concepts belong to Anthony C. This one is for Slovakia! 

  • The striping pattern looks a lot like the Olympic jerseys, which is good! 
  • I do like the blue outline on the white jersey's logo
  • The outlines on the blue sweaters numbers looks good
  • I like the N&# font! 
  • Socks look good
  • N&#OB looks a little big
  • The TV numbers only need to have one number showing on the jersey, not the floating numbers on the outside. You also need numbers on the backside of the left arm on both jerseys. 
  • The sublimated logo on the blue jersey doesn't do anything, and looks tacky. I can't tell if the white jersey has the sublimated logo, but if it does, it doesn't need it...
My rating: A decent jersey, but a few execution errors bring it down... 6.5/10 

Anthony C.- Great Britain (IIHF) 

The last concept of the day goes to an Anthony as well! This time is for Great Britain!
  • The number font looks good, as well as the logo...
    • These are not stripes... These belong on a racing jumpsuit, not a hockey jersey. No offense, but this is one of the ugliest trends to come from the "modern" Nike, Reebok, Adidas and/or other places... 
    • Both the sleeve stripes and the socks stripes should be horizontal across the arm and sock, not vertical. You wouldn't be able to even see the sock stripes from certain angles. (assuming that the stripes is on the inside, the way it looks to me)
  • The Captain patch shouldn't be half and half on the shoulder yoke, it should be outside of it, or completely inside of it... 
  • The shoulder numbers on the white jersey should be white or red for contrast... 
My rating: I don't mean to disrespect you as a designer, but this idea for the striping pattern never works... 5/10


Sorry for today's post being late, but that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
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2nd Ryan C. for COTW

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