Tuesday: Minnesota Misery

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! There's no new news so...

This weekend kinda sucked... The Wild lost to Vancouver 4-2... It was 4-0 at one point... They then proceeded to play a decent game in Detroit, but couldn't score a goal to save their lives, and lost 3-2 in OT... They also have lost 8 of their last 10 games.

And on Saturday, just as the Wild went down 4 zip, the Golden Gophers started their NCAA National Tourney game. Then they blew a 2-0 lead to the 4th seeded Notre Dame, and lost 3-2... Some people may understand, but unless you're from Buffalo...(Maybe Toronto too) Probably not. Minnesota Sports suck. Vikings... 0-4 in the SB. Timberwolves are barely relevant each year... The Twins are the only team that have won professionally, but they also just had one of the worst years in baseball EVER. The Wild are beloved, but have had lots of disappointing moments. No doubt that they've had great runs and stretches, probably better than the North Stars, but still... NOTHING. The Gopher's hockey team is historic, and probably the best team in Minnesota ever, but haven't won it all since 2003. There's rumors that longtime head coach, Don Lucia, will be fired after another first round exit... 

Well that's just a little taste of sports, and specifically hockey in my life... But hey, maybe the Wild will turn it around tonight against the... oh wait... the Washington Capitals...  

Also don't forget to vote! 

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We also have a fun thing going on! We're selling a portrait of a jersey for $5 (Canadian money, eh?) or 3 for $10 (Canadian money, eh?) (No offense to Canadian's ya know?) if you purchase a portrait,  you will get a FREE ticket entered into a drawing for a prize! We're not entirely sure what it is yet, so check in tomorrow for more! 

On to the concepts! 


Anthony C.- Kingston Voyageurs (CJHL AAA)
Anthony starts the day off with the junior team, the Kingston Voyageurs!
  • I like how the sweaters are close to the Habs, but not completely. 
  • I also like the shoulder yoke on the white jersey.
  • No faux-yoke is fantastic! 
  • You use the Kingston Frontenacs logo instead of the Voyageurs logo. So this is more or less a Frontenacs concept, and not a Voyageurs concept. Use the correct logos for the team you're doing a concept for. I mean, you wouldn't use a Flames logo for a Predators concept? 
  • The colored nameplates look tacky
  • The shoulder yoke on the white jersey should be on the backside
  • The number font does NOT fit at all. There should be a more traditional font. 
  • You also need to cut off the numbers at the edge of the template. We don't need to see the numbers floating above the jersey body
  • The road jersey numbers should also have blue outlines
  • If you have a tail stripe, color in the very bottom hem stripe. The bottom of the red jersey should be red, not white. 
  • Add some color to your collars
My rating: A majority of your work is sloppy and rushed. You don't need to rattle out as many concepts as you can. Slow down and focus on all the details. Listen to all of the advice that the writers here are giving you. 4/10

Anthony C.- Trenton Golden Hawks (OJHL AAA)
The second concept of the day goes to Anthony, who creates a concept for another Canadian Junior team!
  • I like the Pens cup winning 90's set as the template, instead of their current set! 
  • I also like the striping on the alt!
  • The script on the alt is also great!
  • Number font fits the jersey very nicely.
  • I do like the half & half Leafs' leaf and Jets' jet alt logos. 
  • The jet should be facing up, not crashing into the ground.
    • The jet logo on the back of the alt is unnecessary...
  • Numbers shouldn't be outside of the template... 
  • Numbers are a little to high... 
  • Add some color to the collars
My rating: A decent look, and one of your better concepts! 6/10

Brooks F.- Oakland Seals (NHL)
Next up is Brooks concept for the old Oakland Seals! 
  • The black looks fantastic in the color scheme!
  • I also like the seal outside of the "O"
  • Number font looks good
  • I also really like the black numbers on the white jersey
  • A few execution errors...
    • You didn't fill in a sleeve stripe with yellow on the left  front of the green jerseys
    • You also forgot to add black to the pants stripe
  • The collar inserts look a little off. Green or yellow would work better.
My rating: A great concept for the Seals, but the execution errors are holding this back. You've done a lot of work, so this kinda mistake shouldn't happen... 7/10

Jonathan S.- Ottawa Senators (NHL)

The next set is from Jonathan for the Ottawa Senators! I'm reviewing these all together, because they're the same set, and you probably could have put all of these on the same image. 
  • I really like the throwback look, calling to the current Sens original jerseys.
  • The logos are also fantastic! 
  • Execution is great!

  • I don't like how the socks stripes are much thicker than the arm stripes
  • #OB are too small, and way to low..
  • The N&#OB of the red jersey should be white outlined in black, it would be easier to see...
My rating: A good throwback to the current Sens original set! A few errors however... 7/10

Noah B.- Calgary Flames (NHL)
Noah has the next set for the Calgary Flames! 
  • I really like the striping pattern! 
  • The block number font also looks great on this more traditional template! 
  • Using minimal black is a really great choice! 
  • I don't like the collar however...
My rating: Simple is always better! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE! 

Zack R.- England
The last concept of the day goes to Zack for an England concept! I'm not really sure which league this team plays in, whether real or fictional, but...
  • I really like the crest, and the number font! 
  • The striping pattern is also fantastic! 
  • Color scheme is great! 
  • It's a little blurry
  • I also wish that the yellow in the stripes were more consistent in size. Some are thicker than others... 
My rating: a good concept, but the yellow stripes not being consistent in size is holding this back just a little bit.. 8/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: Minnesota Misery Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on March 28, 2017 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Fire. Lucia. Now. //UMinn fan from Finland since 2005.

Jack said...

I'll second Noah for COTW.

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