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Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! Well kinda... After some problems with email, and getting the concepts sent out, we figured it out! Of course, it was too late for a post actually on Tuesday, so here we are on Wednesday afternoon with the post! Check back later today for the regular Wednesday post! 

We also have our regularly scheduled COTW voting, as well as our new Hat competition! Don't forget to check those out, and enter! 

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On to the concepts! 

Mike F.- Bosnia & Herzegovina (EA Sports; IIHF)  
Mike starts off today with Bosnia & Herzegovina for his IIHF redesign!  

  • WHOA. That's a lot of stars... They do work however. I really like the large stars on the Vintage alt. 
  • Striping pattern on all of the jerseys is great! Doesn't match a lot of your other work!
  • I like the gold socks for the blue jersey. It reminds me of the Bruins! 


  • The pants pattern on the regular jerseys and the vintage alt. don't match at all. The single yellow stripe on the Alt. would work the best for all of the sweaters. 
  • I don't like the yellow helmets for the home and road. Those should be white and blue, respectively. 
  • The white jersey has too much yellow. It needs more blue... 

My rating: I like the inspiration from the current B&H jerseys, and yet you made them your own! Just a few color balance issues are holding back this set. 8/10 

Chris W.- Avonlea Avengers (Fictional) 
Chris is next up with a set for the fictional Avonlea Avengers, based off the show about Anne of Green Gables!  Here's the link that shows you his inspiration! 

  • I like the vintage pattern, especially with the sleeve cuffs! 
  • The colors are fantastic! I also like the idea of a grey jersey for the road jersey! It's sorta like baseball...
  • The vintage Alt. looks great! 
  • I'm also assuming that you made the logos yourself, and these are fantastic! 
  • Number font on the regular jerseys looks good


  • As much as I like the grey road, I'd like to see that as an alt. and have a maroon jersey be the road design.
  • The number font looks good, but the drop shadow is a little distracting. It creates more of a floating effect, instead of just an extended number, i.e. the North Stars and the Rangers 

My rating: It's a classic looking set, but yet it has a modern element to it. 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!! 

Anthony C.- Brampton Beast (ECHL)
Anthony has the next concept for the Brampton Beast! 

  • I like that the look mimics their NHL affiliate, the Habs, a little more... 
  • Striping pattern looks good.
  • The Leaf logo on the shoulder looks good


  • It needs more red
  • The numbers are way too big.
  • Remember, you don't need to show the whole number for the TV numbers. You can erase what is outside of the template
  • You need to do something to the collar, you can't just leave it blank
  • No faux shoulder yoke

My rating: It's better than some of your other concepts, but it still needs work... 6/10

Anthony C.- Sherbrooke Phoenix (CHL; QMJHL)
Anthony continues with the Phoenix! 

  • I like the striping pattern


  • You should continue the shoulder yoke all the way around on the white jersey
  • Don't fill in the bottom of the hem if you have hem stripes
  • The Bird logo on the bottom of the back hem and the sleeves looks bad
  • Your breezers shouldn't take up the same room as a jersey does! Make those smaller! 
  • Never add vintage white and regular white. The road jersey logo should be a regular white

My rating: Decent but lots of errors... 5/10 

Anthony C.- Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
We get another concept from Anthony! This time we get a Maple Leafs concept!

  • Striping pattern looks decent
  • I like the leaf TV number patches... 
  • The road looks the most like a historic Leafs jersey 


  • NO FAUX SHOULDER YOKES. I know that a lot of people tell you that on other days too... You filled it in on the road jersey, so why not the home jersey? 
  • The leaf logo on the Home jersey has a different shade of blue, as well as the leaf above the wordmark on the breezers. 
  • The breezers should not have the wordmark. The Leafs are not the Browns... 
  • You need to do something to the collar. You can't just keep leaving those blank. 
  • The template stitching should also stop at the tail stripes. The template crosses over the tail stripes on the road jersey.

My rating: Some good ideas, but lots of execution errors... 5/10

Anthony G. 
The Anthony party continues, but this time with Anthony G!

  • The Pittsburgh Penguins SS template actually looks great for the Preds! 
  • I love the yellow hem stripe on the white jersey


  • There's not much to say here, because it's just a recoloring of the Pens SS jersey with the Preds logo on the front. 
  • I don't like the Canucks font. Nashville's would have been better, and the guitar strings would have been easier to see. 

My rating: It looks good, but there's not a whole lot of creativity here... 7/10

Tyler M.-S.- Colorado Avalanche road 3rd (NHL) 
Tyler has the next concept of the day, an Avalanche road third! 

  • I like the striping pattern
  • I LOVE the polo collar on the sweater. 
  • I like how the hem and sock striping don't have a lot of blue, just like the Rockies
  • The sleeve length yoke looks great! 
  • I like the crossover of the Avs and the Rockies! 


  • I would like to see this in Avs colors... 
  • Also, it looks like the nameplate is arched, but it need to be more defined... 

My rating: A great mash-up of Colorado hockey history! 8/10

Mike F.- UAE (EA Sports IIHF) 
Mike finishes off today with a UAE concept! 

  • I really like the Red jersey! The striping pattern on all of the jerseys are fantastic as well! 
  • I also like the all-red letters and numbers on the vintage jersey


  • The home jersey needs more red. It's a huge presence on the road jersey, but almost none-existence on the home... 
    • This goes the same for the vintage alt.
  • The white helmet on the green jersey doesn't work...

My rating: A decent concept, but some color balance issues, just like your other concept for this post... 


Sorry for today's post being SUPER late, but that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
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