Thursday: Shoutout to All The Pair

Hello everyone, welcome back!

Not much news to cover today professional hockey wise, but we do have a new pairs presentation, so let's get right to it.

Today we have day four of the pairs competition presentations, continuing along with DT Concepts' and JJ's entry! You can check out theirs right here, and I'll put the links to everyone's presentations (so far) below, just in case you missed one!

Monday: Jay & Bradley
Tuesday: Burkus Circus & Phil B.
Wednesday: Brendan & Steven
Thursday: DT Concepts & JJ

Tune in tomorrow for the final two, and then the voting will begin!

We also have the COTW vote this week, a head-to-head matchup between Mike and Ryan. With only two concepts to vote for, it should be easier to decide, so go leave a quick tally!

COTW Feb 27 - Mar 2 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)


Anthony C. - Atlanta Thrashers
+A double blue scheme could potentially have worked with the Thrashers considering the direction they were going. Not sure I would prefer it myself, but that's just me.
-The logo also stands out like a sore thumb since there's none of the red/orange/yellow colors anywhere else on the jersey.
+It's hard to go wrong with simple, traditional striping.
-They would look better if they were bolder and spaced out a tad bit more.
-Drop the hem trim on the blue jersey too. Hem striping and hem trim doesn't work well together.
-That font really doesn't work well for hockey, and the name is too small. The TV numbers are also small and squished between the shoulder yoke and striping.
+I like the (seemingly) Laval Rocket inspired inclusion of their alternate logo's shape under the striping and such. That's something that I really think could work.
-I think you went overboard though. Keep it on the back hem only, and reduce the size a bit, and you're golden.
-The vertical stitching should stop at the hem stripes.
Overall: 6/10

Anthony C. - Detroit Red Wings
+I actually quite liked Detroit's Stadium Series jerseys, or at least the idea of them, so it's nice to see them elaborated on.
-My personal preference would be to either continue the sash on the back, or just let it wrap around and end at the hem trim.
-The white jersey is a bit too plain. I'd like to see how the sash design works with full red arms, honestly, and it could really help here.
-Not a fan of that font either, and the name/TV numbers still look a bit small.
+I like that fauxback alternate. I think the script works pretty well.
+If you made the chest stripe just a tiny bit thicker I think it would look much better.
-In this case, a block font would work better, and a thicker outline over the numbers would help. The same issue also persists with the sizing of the name and numbers.
-Drop the phantom yoke. Those almost never, if ever, look good.
Overall: 7.5/10

Lucas D. - Winnipeg Jets
+While the Jets' jerseys aren't bad, they have more potential, especially the white ones. 
+The removal of the double blue definitely helps clean up their look, and adding the gray and red adds unity to their brand.
-I'd stick with just one gray on the jerseys, though. The double gray gives it a bit of a busy look, and to a small degree they blend together and make the stripe look out of place, as it ends up much thicker than any other stripe on the jersey.
+I like how the design stays exactly the same on each jersey. Those ones are always neat.
+The upper arm coloring works surprisingly well for the Jets.
-The hems look a bit bare. The white stripe on the blue jersey actually helps a lot, but the blue one on the white jersey blends in with the pants too much. Gray or red might work better.
+Great look straightening their number font. Skewed numbers rarely, if ever, look good on a hockey jersey.
Overall: 8.5/10 

Mike F. - Israel
+My first thought is that these colors look great. The shade of blue used is beautiful.
-I'm not sure why you have a different shade of blue on the alternate, though. There's no need when the rest of them use the same blue, and in a real life scenario, there's no point to have an extra pair of pants for a slightly different shade of blue.
+The striping on the primary set looks good, though I'm not sure what the reasoning for it is.
+The seemingly subtle flag striping on the alternate looks good, even if you weren't going for a flag stripe look.
+The vintage jersey definitely looks nice and vintage. One of the sweater collars like on recent Winter Classic jerseys would complete that look.
-A blue helmet would look much better for that jersey, though.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW nomination

Ryan C. - San Jose Sharks
+This concept definitely has a San Jose Sharks look to it.
+Good choice keeping teal as the primary color. Good color balance, too.
-I'm still not an advocate of orange for the Sharks. The only way I think it could work is to drop the black.
+The striping pattern makes good use of the colors in this concept, though. I'm glad the orange is at least kept as a trim color for the most part.
+That number font looks great.
-The orange numbers don't really work on this concept, though, since there's little orange elsewhere on the jersey. On their own I like it, though.
-Similarly to the Sharks' previous set of uniforms, the shoulder yoke makes them look way too busy. It would be a much cleaner look without it.
Overall: 8/10

Ryan C. - Tampa Bay Lightning
+Just like the San Jose concept, this design looks like it fits right into Tampa's jersey library.
+Great to see both black and blue brought back, and the gray is a nice accent.
-The black and blue are a tad close in shade, though. A brighter blue may work well.
+Again, that number font looks really nice.
-Not a fan of the "Tampa Bay" on top of the logo.
-Just like last concept, the yokes on these designs really make the jerseys look busy, and would be much cleaner without. I'd keep the gray collars though, I really like them for some reason.
Overall: 8/10


And that's all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!
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Noah B said...

I'll second Mike for COTW. His whole series has been amazing and well executed. The concepts for countries not familiar to hockey are great ideas!

John E. said...

Ryan C's Tampa Bay concept for COTW

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