Thursday: Green and Gold

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With St. Patrick's Day last week, we all know there were a lot of minor league teams wearing themed jerseys, and even the NHL wore special jerseys for warmups. But one design that got overlooked by everyone else here, was Wilkes-Barre Scranton's.

Photos from citizensvoice.com
Now in a sense I can see why they didn't get much attention, I mean they aren't exactly the most innovative jerseys. The main reason I'm even sharing this: look at how great those colors look. That bright green color goes great with the large blocks of yellow, and it's a shame that more teams don't actually use this color scheme. I also like the black pants for some reason, I think it's a similar case to these North Stars jerseys, which I absolutely loved the black accent stripes on.


Simple voting this week, as we only have the weekly COTW vote. We also have the hat competition, which is something different for us, so if you're into that, go design and submit a hat!

COTW Mar 10th-16th vote (Ends March 24th @ Noon EST)
Hat Trick Competition (Entries Due March 24th @Noon EST)

Hat entries, including yesterday's, as there was a bit of an error, and they were not visible on mobile.

Adam G.

Ethan B.

John E.

Matthew C.

Ryan H. (Those are some bold predictions you have there.)

Thomas J.

Anthony C. - Orangeville Flyers
+Though the logo is still too similar for my liking, changing up the jerseys to differentiate them from Philadelphia is a good idea.
+Hard to go wrong with traditional striping.
-I would make the top stripe bolder, though.
-The hem trim should be black on both jerseys, instead of leaving it white on the white jersey.
-As I've mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of the TV numbers leaking off of the template.
-The fonts could use an improvement, especially considering that you use this number font on many of your concepts. Mix it up a bit.
Overall: 6.5/10

Anthony C. - St. Michael's Buzzers
+Not sure why, but I've always loved this jersey design, and it looks even better when the Marlies wore it on the Edge cut.
-An exact copy of it isn't a very creative concept, though. I could understand the reasoning behind this if it was a Leafs concept, but create something unique that a team can call their own, instead of being Leafs copies.
-Again, not a fan of the nameplate.
-I don't like how that script looks on a jersey, either. Their regular M logo would be a much better fit.
-The font could use an improvement again, as you've used this one on multiple concepts as well.
-Same issue with the TV numbers/patches leaking off the template.
Overall: 6/10

Anthony C. - Wheatley Omstead Sharks
+Another more unique idea than the current navy blue Lightning copies they use now.
+Glad you utilized their double blue color scheme.
+Simple striping is a good option.
-The alternate seems to have a bit too much influence from a different Sharks team if you ask me...
-No need to add black into the mix, either. It just black for black's sake.
-The vertical text looks too large, too close together, and goes too far down the chest as well.
-This concept has many of the same issues as the others, including the TV numbers/patches leaking. I'd like to focus on the font again, as it's the same one as you used in the first concept. It's called Industry, if you don't believe me. Be a bit more unique with your font choices. Go somewhere like Dafont and look for some free fonts that you think would work on your concepts, or get them somewhere else. Just don't use the same ones every few concepts.
Overall: 6/10

icyDinosoar - Netherlands
+Thanks for telling us which jersey is home and which is road...but you are aware that there isn't a rule that the home jersey must be on top, right? No need to call yourself a stupid idiot over it...
+These jerseys both have some interesting ideas on it, and they could work really well with some development.
-The two jerseys seem disconnected from one another, though. They look like they're meant to be two separate sets. Pick one style and go with it.
+My personal favorite is the away design. The flag chest stripe looks really nice.
-Wrap it all the way around the chest, though, and have a matching pattern on the arms.
-The font really doesn't work well for this jersey, in my opinion. The front numbers also do nothing but crowd up the jersey.
Overall: 7/10

John E. - St. Louis Blues
+Adding the yellow definitely looks better on the white jersey...
-Bit of a color imbalance, though. The white and blue are competing for dominance. Keep the blue the primary color.
-I also still think you need to add one more hem stripe to match the arms, or remove one of the arm stripes. No need for the inconsistency.
+I'm not sure if you designed that font or not, but it looks gorgeous on this jersey. Fits really well with the logo.
-I think you could probably go without the yoke on the white jersey. Would clean up the jersey a bit.
Overall: 8/10

This was also sent in by John, and I'm not really sure I'd consider this a concept, but it's definitely a neat piece of memorabilia. I'd love to have a shirt with this design on it, and it definitely shows that you know your Blues history.

Joseph S. - Boston Bruins
-NHL 17 isn't exactly the best for creating uniforms, but it can work well on occasion. It's also not a bad way to start your interest for concept creating, but if you're serious about creating more I recommend finding a method other than NHL.
+I like the amount of yellow you have on the home jersey. I always love seeing as much color as possible on a jersey.
+That yoke/arm design on the road jersey is actually pretty neat. I think it would work better for a different team, though; it doesn't really fit into the Bruins' identity.
-The home and away jerseys are pretty plain, overall. They could use more to them, and a hem design wouldn't hurt either.
-I'm not a fan of the coloring of that logo.
+The alternate jersey is the best of the bunch for sure, and a monochromatic look could be really nice. I'm actually doing something similar for a Bruins concept.
-The phantom yoke really doesn't work.
-The numbers would look much better filled in, and that goes for the home jersey too. While this wasn't made for an outdoor game, this tweet sums up what I think about them being just outlined.
Overall: 6.5/10

Lucas D. - Arizona Coyotes
+This design seems to be a nice way to combine their original uniforms and their current ones.
+It's a nice combination of modern and traditional. While the pattern isn't the kachina pattern, it fits well.
-I personally don't think that white and vintage white/sand/wheat work well together. I'd either make the road jersey entirely sand, or change the sand in the stripes to white.
+I like the Coyotes' number font, so I'm glad you kept it.
-Personally, I'd use both shoulder patches on both jerseys, instead of using one on each.
-Minor gripe, but the NHL100 patch overlapping the arm a bit doesn't look the best...
+Good color balance on the set.
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW nomination

Mike F. - Greece
+Flag striping always looks pretty nice. This is no exception.
+I like the shield/crest that I assume you designed.
+I seem to say this every week, but that vintage jersey is nice and..well..vintage. It actually reminds me loosely of Montréal's road jersey, which is one I love.
+That alternate is sure something. The double blue and that stripe pattern look great.
-Not a big fan of the front "logo" though. I think you could make that still work without having it so...large.
+Like I also seem to say often, these look like they belong in NHL17.
Overall: 8.5/10


And that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!
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JJ Anderes said...

Pretty sure Ethan B. stole my Winter Classic logo for his Hat Competition entry. Can you at least give some credit Ethan?

John E. said...

@Brendan The pic I sent in was the inspiration for the concept. Sadly it's not a custom font, I wanted to go custom but that one worked way better.

On a side note, I love Adam's Canucks hat. The red jersey is one of my favorites and it translates well into hat form.

Alan John Herbert said...

Anthony C's Wheatley Omstead Sharks for COTW

Ben Shaffer said...

Second Lucas D's ARI for COTW.

Unknown said...

Mike F's Greece alternate is a real masterpiece

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