Saturday: Pairs Competition Teasers 2017

The winner of the COTW for February 17-23 was Zack H's fantastic Washington Capitals set!

Full Results
I thought that this was such a great set that I put forth a COTW nomination for Zack. So, I'm glad that this concept won the vote. We'll see how it does in a couple of weeks after the COTW-February vote.


The COTW nominees for the final week of February (Feb 24 - Mar 2) have been posted on the side of the page in the black banner. You can click the link in the banner to see the full sized image. Votes will be counted up until noon Eastern on Friday.


It's time to begin the presentation portion of the 2017 Pairs Competition. We had 6 teams enter and all the presentations look like they could compete against each other. So, we are just going to have one division rather than an Advanced Division and a Standard Division.

Today, all teams will be showing you their Teaser images. These images are meant to drum up interest in their projects and intimidate the other teams.

Brendan P. & Steven M.

Brooks F. & Jets96

Burkus Circus & Phil B.

DT Concepts & JJ

Jay S. & Bradley D.

Noah B. & William B.

Now that you've seen these Teasers, what do you think? Which presentation is going to be the best? Which Teaser let you down? Based on the Teasers, who would you vote for to win?

Presentations will begin on Monday on the HJC Design Blog!


COTW Feb 27 - Mar 2 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
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