Saturday: Nominate, Win, Repeat

The winner of the COTW-February vote was Jake M!

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This is Jake's 2nd monthly win in a row! His Flames concept will join his Penguins concept in the monthly vote. Let's see if Jake can make it a clean sweep for the 1st Quarter.


The winner of the COTW for March 3-9 was Ryan C!

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This was Ryan's 2nd COTW win in a row! His Quad City Mallards concept was excellent and deserved the most votes in this COTW poll. I find that the Mallards' brand and colours are the best in the ECHL and that sets-up some great concepts. Well done Ryan.


The winners of the 2017 Pairs Competition are DT Concepts & JJ!


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DT & JJ, if you guys could put together a single page layout that encompasses what your presentation is all about I will enter it into next week's COTW vote. Email in to the regular email address. Well done guys. In fact, well done everyone! I look forward to this competition again next year.


The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. You can see the concepts in the poll or by clicking the link provided. Votes will be counted up until noon Eastern time on Friday. Good luck to all.


A new competition has begun on HJC! For the first time we are doing a hat competition. We'll see how this goes, but I encourage everyone to give this a try. Just because it's not a jersey doesn't mean it can't be fun. There are lots of great easy-to-use templates out there. Go check out the rules on the COMPETITION page and you have until Friday at noon Eastern to get your entry in.


I happened to come across Mario Lemieux's Twitter account this week and I noticed his profile picture. It's from his fantasy camp, but what draws me to it is how right and wrong it looks. I will always associate Mario with this jersey, however the particular jersey he is wearing is a Reebok Edge jersey. Mario never played in the Edge era. It's so much right and so much wrong all at the same time.

While looking for bigger pictures of Mario at his fantasy camp I came across this one.
Some people may not know that Mario never played an official NHL game in the Penguins yellow jersey. All pictures of Mario in this jersey are from his first pre-season. What sticks out here is the Penguins are wearing a black helmet with the yellow jersey. I had never seen this before. I always love coming across things like this. If you find a neat item like this please share with HJC and we'll post to share with all of our readers.


HJC Raffle

The limited feedback I got regarding the HJC Raffle was positive. I learned that doing a raffle for a specific jersey would not be a good idea. Instead we would offer a gift certificate for online retailers. I also learned that we would start by just dipping our toes in the water, so to speak. Meaning we would offer a gift certificate that would be enough to buy a team hat or a player shirt. We would work our way up to a larger gift certificate. The value of the prize would determine the length of the raffle. A larger gift certificate amount would require a longer raffle providing more chances to buy more tickets.

I also learned that collecting money for a raffle through PayPal is against their Terms of Agreement. So I would have to restructure it and call it a giveaway and then you would be "donating" funds to HJC.

I will iron everything out this week and I hope to open up our first "giveaway" one week from today!


I'm looking forward to seeing the Leafs wear their St. Pats sweaters tonight! That also means that the Hawks will be wearing red on the road. Go Leafs Go!

COTW March 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Hat Competition (entries due Friday @ noon Eastern)
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geoff said...

#notmyLemieux lol. I prefer to think of Mario in the Jofa helmet with Koho gloves and stick. preferably with a RoboPen jersey but the jersey the Reebok fauback is based on is acceptable too

Sorry but I watched Talladega nights last night and the scene of them discussing how they imagine Jesus popped in my head

Unknown said...

For the record, this whole uproar about Josh Ho-Sang wearing 66 is crap. He said it's honoring him. Good for Josh. Why was there no outrage over players from other teams wearing Bobby Orr's #4 or Gordie Howe's #9? Why is Lemieux any different?

Unpopular opinion: Gretzky's 99 should not have been retired league-wide. 23 wasn't in the NBA for Jordan. 12 won't be in the NFL for Brady or 16 for Montana. 42 has more of a meaning behind it in MLB because of the social impact of Jackie Robinson. None of the other numbers worn by legends have that effect.

Unknown said...

It makes sense for 99 to be retired league-wide because there is only like 4 other players before him to ever wear the number. It was such an obscure number to be worn, thus Gretzky wearing it made him synonymous with the number. You can't say the same with Jordan or Brady.

M said...

Eh, I've always been of the thought that retiring 99 league wide was kind of dumb. But then, many of the things the NHL has done in the Bettman era fall in that category.

I do however would have preferred a gentleman's understanding that 66 and 99 are such uncommon numbers that they are completely synonymous with one player. And any other player that tries to wear it, will be drawing direct comparisons, mostly of the "Oh so you think you're The Magnificent/Great One eh kid?" variety. I'd figure most players with any reverence for the history of the game would stay away from that.

In contrast though, I don't put much weight behind the "Well they didn't retire Bobby's or Gordie's number, so why the outrage?" argument because those guys came from a different era. Hard to be that unique when every team has 20 guys and no one has a number over 30. Bobby shared his number with Jean, Aurele, Red and Newsy just to name a few. Gordie shared his with a Rocket and a Jet. Full stop.

Prior to using "football numbers" thinking of the numbers of super stars would undoubtedly turn into a comparison game. Thinking of 66 and 99, you only think of one guy each. [unless you're a big hockey buff and want to toss Rick Dudley's name out there.] and frankly, with respect to the impact those guys had, that's how it should have stayed.

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