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Missouri gives us a double dose of news from the Mavericks, whom will not be known by that much longer as of yesterday. For the 2017-18 season onward, the ECHL Mavericks will be now known as the Kansas City Mavericks, something on the expected scale I'd put near the top as obvious.

Photo from Missouri Mavericks Official Twitter (@MissouriMavs)
Not much else to say about this one, I like the idea of Kansas City having a hockey team, and even though the Mavs have been playing out of a Kansas City satellite city (Independence, MO) for nearly a decade now but Independence Mavericks just don't have the same ring to it. If only they could get that rumoured bump to the AHL and play out of Sprint Arena, then we'd be talking!

This Sunday, the Mavs wore...these jerseys....Yes, I cannot figure this one out, I even tweeted at the team and got nothing. So as always, if you have information on these jerseys that I don't, please feel free to tell me in the comments and I'll edit it into the post!

Photo from Missouri Mavericks Official Twitter
This M logo looks fantastic in black, should be noted for any artist working on the ECHL. The only problem is that that blue stripe on the arm...is only on that one arm, no more no less. Which I mean asymmetrical striping can work (i.e.: Atlanta Thrashers, ECHL Bakersfield, Pre Edge Capitals etc.) but just a blank arm rarely if ever works (even the Atlanta jersey had a shoulder patch and cuffs and the Bakersfield jerseys had two larger cuffs). They aren't bad, just kind of plain.

Rating: 5/10

My new hometown of Charlottetown has had the Islanders now for about 3 seasons and in their first year they said they would have a design competition, which they did hold. Now, nearly 4 years from when the competition began, the Islanders have finally unveiled their new alternate jersey, which I assume is replacing the Island Sand coloured 3rd they're have for 2 seasons.

Photo from charlottetownislanders.com
I'll leave a link to the full video unveiling here. I have to admit I actually prefer the logo shown here to the current primary logo, but its kind of a 1A 1B type thing, ditto with the shoulder patch. The striping is pretty solid here, a little more classic than the Preds template they wear now. The numbers are one of those things where You'll either love them or hate them, and I love them!

Rating: 9/10

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On with today's concepts


Team USA Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ Striping is a vast improvement over what we got in the WHoC, especially on the blue jersey
+ One of the few teams that can pull off the non matching primary logos, and the USA proved they're one of them with the WHoC jerseys
+ Much of the basics of execution is here 

- Stripes and NOB are way too small and thin
- Captain's C shouldn't be crossing into the yoke on the white jersey
- Cuffs could use some stars
- Scrap that white stripe under the red stripe on the bleu jersey, or extend it up to the red stripe
- Sock strips are too think and too up high

Rating: 6/10

Team New Zealand Concepts (By: Mike F.)

+ Those alternates are pretty solid. I like the idea of mixing the Southern Cross constellation pattern with the traditional New Zealander colour scheme in sports (that being black and white)
+ Home and road are pretty simple, but I kind of like the 30s college thing going on here, especially with the plain jersey with big coloured cuffs and colourful logo

- Home and road logos are much too small
- Sock stripes are too thin and low
- On the alternates, the stripes should be thickened, and more centred on the arm/hem away from the edge of the jersey and arms
- I get that in international hockey the teams usually use just one helmet, but the white alternate would look best with a white helmet
- Primary logos on the home and road are a little too big

Rating: 7/10

Holy Cross Crusaders NCAA Concepts (By: TC Moore)

+ I like the layout for the colours on both jerseys, they're all in the right place
+ Good logo choices
+ A lot of the basic execution like shoulder patches, helmet numbers and TV numbers are done mostly properly

- Logos are two different sizes, they should both be the size of the one on white jersey
- Non-matching arm stripes don't really work, and while I would keep the colours in the same places, using that same pattern seen on the white jersey and putting it on the purple jersey would ace this concept
- Remember to stop the stitching at the hem stripe
- Use the same hem stripe on the white jersey on the purple jerseys
- Shoulder patches are too close to the collar on the purple jersey
- Sock stripes are too high
- Numbers on the back are too small

Rating: 4.5/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (By: David H.)

+ I've always liked the look of Vegas gold and baby blue together
+ This sort of Robo- P logo David has created is pretty solid, would work as a helmet logo but not a bad primary
+ Numbers have a nice Stadium Series vibe to them
+ Decent execution, and without some of the easy to correct errors we'd have a COTW worthy concept right here!

- Stop the stitching at the hem stripe
- numbers are much too large and are pressing up against the namebar
- Not a huge fan on the yoke, it needs a Vegas gold outline on it

Rating: 7.5/10

Team New Zealand Concepts (By: Mike F.)

+ If the previous home and road set have a vintage college look to it, these certainly have a more modern college look to them, and again I really like it
+ While I do prefer the coloured crest as a logo, the black and white logo looks good on the 80s racing stripe jerseys, matches the era well
+ Again, good execution, better job with the sock stripes on this set

- Same problem on the home and road as with the previous set with the logo being much too large, the 80s jerseys have that fixed
- I can see the tv numbers on the vintage set being an issue (more so on the black jersey), but I'm not sure how to fix it, it might be a case where unless you have a single digit number, it will bleed into a part of the jersey that's the same colour as the rest of the jersey
- More so a nitpick, but if the vintage jerseys are meant to be based on jerseys from the mid 80s, then they almost certainly wouldn't have had tie downs, more likely the team would opt for something like a big thick single colour collar, or a triband with thicker material , I can totally understand taking creative liberty, but this is just my chance to talk about that

Rating: 7.25/10

Team Finland Concept (By: Anthony C.)

+ Love the striping, particularly on the blue jersey
+ Some may not like it, but I'm a fan of darker coloured mesh
+ Certainly keeps a lot of the good that not only the Finnish WCoH jerseys had, but moreover all of Finnish jerseys have had over the past let's say 15 years
+ Again, there's a lot of potential here and a lot of the basics of execution are here

- The font use here is the same as that on the USA concept, and while  numbers kind of work, something closer to the SUOMI logo would look better
- Same issue with the captain's C as with the previous concept from Anthony
- Sock stripes are too thin and too high on the concept
- Finnish shield is smaller than the Captain's C  and it would look better on the shoulders or under the script logo
- It's super minor, but making the collar on the blue jersey the same colour as the jersey would look better
- NOB is too small while the numbers are slightly too large
- One thing I noticed when zooming in on the arms is the chunks of colour missing from the white jerseys, probably from recolouring on the blue jersey

Rating: 5.75/10

Monday: Kiwi Koncepts Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on March 13, 2017 Rating: 5


Geoff said...

Mavericks are changing to Kansas City because of how many sponsors and fans are from the Kansas side of the metro area.

The jerseys were news to me when I saw this. I notice they are not made by CCM but rather the manufacturer who has done their jerseys for auctions. Yesterday they did a racing day promotion but I did not see any mention of a jersey auction so I'm also stumped. Although they need to ditch that M logo. This is the first jersey I have not purchased from the Mavericks.

They also should have brought back the Blades instead of just changing the city name. The Mavericks branding with merchandise is terrible. It started out pretty good but the past couple years it has become a bunch of random word marks and other random logos on their t shirts and hats and is now jerseys too. Which are on a horrible template. Also not much is offered for men. This is also the first year I have not purchased a tshirt a hat or even a puck.

Anonymous said...

I think the black on the Mavs jersey is actually green, but I could be wrong.

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