Monday: Easy Wearing Green and Mud

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Update from last week: Thanks to Missouri/Kansas City Mavericks expert Geoff, we now know what those one armed jerseys they wore last week were for. According to the eBay listing (which if you really want one of these they're not too expensive), these are for Racing Day....what kind of Racing? Don't know! What do the colours have to do with anything? Don't know! Geoff mentions this is supposed to be a 90s based design, but looking at what the KC Blades wore (the only team I can think of that was in that area in the time in the IHL of all places), that simply isn't the case.

What with last Friday being Excuse to Drink Day, the NHL brought out their usual green practice jerseys, the Devils went back to 1991-92 and the Leafs wore their snazzy looking St. Pats fauxbacks. However they weren't the only teams to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

The Mooseheads played on St. Patricks Day versus the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles, in which they decided to don double green and beige....though I won't like, these jerseys look a little similar to something else...

Photo from Halifax Mooseheads Official Facebook Page
If you can't tell what these look eerily similar to, click this link. Since the Mooseheads already have a green jersey, so there's no awkward black on green gear. Aside from the obvious this looks fine. I like the way the Mooseheads logo looks in all green and beige. One problem I have is the lack of beige outside of the logos and numbers. It probably looks fine with the numbers on the back, but using a 3 colour striping pattern across the jersey (like vintage Ottawa/67s). Now go find that 3rd clue!

Rating: 7/10

The Chicago Wolves wheeled out their yearly St. Patrick's Day jerseys, and while it's not as extravagant as seasons past (The Wolves are nice enough to have a chart of every one of these jerseys they worn from 1996/97-2014/15), it's still what we've come to expect after years of excellence.

Photo from AHL Official Twitter (@AHL)
Much of the jersey is covered in a Celtic pattern that's sublimated across all parts of the jersey, even into the striping except for the numbers. I really like this decision because it keeps the jersey from looking gaudy, but up close there's lots of detail. It also keeps the jersey from just looking like a Jets jersey with a Blues yoke. Speaking of the upper jersey I really like the look of the 3 coloured collar and the yoke really just acting as part of the striping pattern rather than a traditional yoke, something I think a particularly progressive team could do full time on an alternate. The one flaw that really bothers me is the colour of the wolf's eyes are lime/neon green, the colour the are on their black 2015 ASG looking alternates, not the usual duller lime green/yellow we usually get. If they had darkened them to be gold or the deep green it'd keep the continuity of the jersey a lot more, but it's such a minor thing a lot of people wouldn't notice/care.

Rating: 8.75/10

The Leigh Valley Phantoms wore something a lot more simple than the two previous teams, but still with that fake Irish charm we know and love.

Photo from AHL Official Facebook Page
Sometimes less is more, and sometimes less is a Leafs jersey; this is the both. One thing I wouldn't think I'd like on paper but do in practice is the darker green with black gear, even the logo looks great in its new colours. The simple shamrock patch is more than enough for me. Having the numbers the same colour as the jersey reminds me of the Flyers SS jerseys, which I love and I like what they did here. Using the Leafs pre-edge striping isn't the worst cop-out I've ever seen in striping for a speciality jersey, but it's obvious. One thing worth keeping is the big white horse collar we have here.

Rating: 8/10

Tired of the green? This next jersey doesn't have any green in it...in fact it's mostly brown...and looks like an Polaris ad with a bear in an ATV....ladies and gentlemen, the Knoxville Icebears Off Road Night

Photo from Knoxville Icebears Official Facebook Page
I've made my dislike of sublimated jerseys known, but A) the Icebears have made their own logo which looks awesome, and B) when have we ever seen this before. If you want to get in on this jersey and are relatively near to Knoxville they are auctioning these jerseys off after the game. I love the attention to detail in the numbers and the license plate on the back of the hem (I know it's an ad but still). Like the Cornwall Nationals in the FHL, this jersey is just plain fun, and there's enough here to say that it works as a one time jersey. They didn't just recolour their logo (or wore do nothing) there's effort here. Plus who doesn't like a little bit of off roadin' in the mud?

Rating: Fun/10 (8)

Finally, the San Jose Barracuda held a fan design contest earlier this season and last Sunday they wore the jerseys designed. If they look familiar it's because they're based on the Sharks jerseys from 1992....in black!

Photo from San Jose Barracuda Official Twitter (@sjbarracuda)
It seems like something you're only see in concept form, but this is the closest we'll get to seeing the Sharks inaugural jerseys in black and you know what...I'm slightly disappointed in a way but I like the idea. I think the part I don't like is there's no white outside of the logo and numbers and NOB (which is put in a teal namebar I can't really say I like or dislike). The teal part on the top of the sock again is one of those things I'd only really seen in concept world and in person, it's surprising people haven't tried it.

Rating: 8/10

Voting for this week is pretty straight forward. Just COTW, but that doesn't mean you can slack off with it! Click on the poll on the side of the page to get started with your voting!

Furthermore we have the Hat Trick Competition! A new idea from Ryan you are to design a hat for an NHL team/event. Take a crack at it! I think we all have a favourite hockey hat and perhaps there are some designs we wish were made.

Here are the entries that have come in thus far:


Emin Z.

Nice stuff. Entries are due this Friday at Noon along with your COTW vote!

COTW Mar 10th-16th vote (Ends March 24th @ Noon EST)

Hat Trick Competition (Entries Due March 24th @Noon EST)

On with today's 7 concepts


Team Hong Kong Concepts (By: Mike F.)

+ Ever wonder why no team has used the 2011-13 ASG templates from Ottawa and Carolina? Yeah well I found them, they're in Hong Kong. Interestingly enough, Mike has tied that same thin stripe pattern into the arms of his home and road, and I prefer them, good improvement
+ Alternate looks nice, the pattern on the back of the jersey might be much for some, but I think it's subtle enough while filling in for a traditional hem stripe
+ Ditto on the use of black, using it only where it really helps the jersey
+ Good vintage jersey 
+ Overall good execution, and I think this is one of Mike's best to date! 

- The sock stripe on the vintage jersey is slightly too low, and on the home and road they aren't in the worst place, but raising them about 20% higher would make the pattern more visible in a skate
- On the main set, swap the helmets 

Rating: 8.75/10 

Florida Everblades ECHL Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ When I look at this as a whole, the colours are in the right places for a good set; there's some good balancing here
+ I like the look of the rounded numbers

- The adidas stripes are...well something....to put it lightly, I'm confused about what Anthony is trying to do with these. You have the Adidas logo on the back of the yoke (which makes sense), but that's all you need. Why have them on the arms, the back of the socks (maybe not made by Adidas) and then on the back of the jersey...Are they even supposed to be Adidas stripes? If they aren't then it's just a design that really doesn't work
- TV Numbers should be one on each side of the arm, not done as the are here. The 55 on the back left army crosses into the front of the jersey
- Move the hem stripe down, thicken it and scrap the pipping
- There's a major execution error that could easily be fixed by simply taking the time to check you concept over before sending it to Ryan: The hem piping on the front of the jersey of the jersey is white (which looks better), but on the back is blue
- No shoulder patches

Rating: 3.75/10

Vegas Golden Knights Concept (By: Ethan B.)

+ Wow, gold gear really works, I could maybe do without the gold helmet, but the pants and gloves look fantastic
+ I think Ethan is relatively new to concept making, and this is not an easy template to work with. A lot of the basics like shoulder patches and pant logos are here

- No TV numbers nor on the front of the helmet
- The shading on the gloves and helmet should be a darker shade of gold, not grey
- Shoulder patch is nearly in the right place, but it should be shifted more to the right
- All the logos on this concept are heavily pixelated
- The striping doesn't look bad, but it's the default one that comes with the jersey template. I'd try experimenting with the striping you want and then practicing to get used to the template
- Collar template shouldn't have the stitched divide in it if it's supposed to be one colour

Rating: 4/10

Allen Americans ECHL Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ Good colour balancing
+ I like the striping pattern chosen here, sort of Rangers like that works with the logo
+ Ditto for the numbers

- Same issue with the tv numbers as the Everblades concept
- Make the piping on the hem of the blue jersey red, you did it right on the white jersey
- Cut off the stitching on the chest outside of the side panels
- NOB is too close to the yoke
- Primary logo is set slightly too low and a bit too large
- No shoulder patch, which Allen has a pretty nice set to work with
- White collar on a white jersey

Rating: 5/10

2018 Winter Classic Concepts (By: Avi S.)


+ A very even and proportional parch here; I like when patches look relatively even
+ Lots of detail, but not to the point where it clutters it
+ The simplified WC script without the ice detail looks a lot fresher
+ Stadium detail gives the player a good indication where the game will be played, but doesn't have to slap a big CLM on it
+ Fantastic execution

- The shade of red on the logo is much too dark for my taste, it's not quite Colorado maroon, but certainly darker than what Columbus has on their primary
- Would like to see some white outside the WC script, maybe the puck/sticks and the Columbus 2018?

Columbus Blue Jackets

+ I've seen this idea attempted by Avi before but he's made some obvious modifications, mainly how close the jersey is to the Barons, and how navy the custom logo is
+ Love the Ohio state outline around the numbers
+ Striping is a cleaner version of what the Barons wore, and it looks good, I like the slight curve to them hem stripe
+ Custom logo looks great, the cannon looks like a blueprint inside Ohio
+ Fantastic execution again

- Call me crazy, but I'd slightly prefer blue pants
- Also would have preferred a tie down collar

Minnesota Wild

+ I was trying to figure out which North Stars jerseys these jerseys are supposed to look like and it's a darker version of the 1978-81 jerseys, numbers and all
+ Mashup logo works well, I'm not usually a fan of the W meant to look like the N, but the bar on the left side helps it work
+ The big bold numbers are a nice callback to the original and the NOB has a vintage look to it
+ Fantastic execution one more time

- The only flaw with this jersey (and it is minor) would be that the Captain's C is too close to the star above the W, but it isn't a concept killer

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom. from me!

Monday: Easy Wearing Green and Mud Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on March 20, 2017 Rating: 5


Noah B said...

I'll second Avi for COTW. Amazing all around.

Ryan said...

I'll 3rd Avi for COTW. The logo is the best part followed by the Wild sweater.

Unknown said...

Ill 4th Avi

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