Tuesday: Rooks, Ducks, Bishops, and Leafs

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! 

Well, there's not a whole lot of news. Well jersey news anyways!

The NHL trade deadline is quickly approaching, and we've already seen some crazy trades. 

Ben Bishop got sent to LA for Budaj, then Hanzal and White got sent to Minnesota for a ton of picks, and then Boyle moved to TOR, Jordie Benn moved to MTL, Burrows got sent to OTT, and Shattenkirk got sent to WSH! It's not even Deadline Day, and we've seen a ton of crazy moves! 

I've already heard the Giroux might be on the move, as well as Duchane... I guess we'll see what happens next!

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On to the Concepts! 


Matt C.- New Jersey Devils-Colorado Rockies Mash-up (NHL)
Matt starts off the day with a Devils-Rockies history mash-up!

  • The color scheme is great! I really like that you used a red base for the dark jersey, to reflect the Devils more. 
  • I also like the overly complicated collars, as that's something both teams have done before.
  • The number and font choice is great! 
  • Both striping patterns are fantastic! 


  • I don't really like the New Jersey patches, they're not very creative...
  • The numbers should not be squished together
  • The main logo could also use some more yellow

My rating: This is a fantastic idea for a series, and it's been really cool too see what you've turned out! This one is 8/10! 

Lucas D.- Anaheim Ducks (NHL)
The next concept of the day goes to Lucas and his Anaheim Ducks concept! 

  • Good logo choices! 
  • I love the Mighty Ducks throwback-esque look with the striping pattern
    • I also like how the striping pattern is identical to each other
  • I also like the the whole concept is orange heavy
  • Collars look good


  • I don't like the phantom yoke... Those never look good, and never work...

My rating: A great Ducks concept that would be a great look to roll out with Adidas 8/10

Taylor R.- Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
Next up we have a Toronto Maple Leafs Fauxback, a heritage jersey to the St. Pats. 

  • I like the logo on the front. A good use of current and throwback logos.
  • I also like the vintage striping pattern
  • Canvas breezers looks great! I'm assuming that the gloves would be the same?
  • I like the choice to use the white numbers outlined in green 


  • I'm not entirely sure about the canvas helmets... I know the Leafs wore it for their first St. Pats throwback, but it still doesn't look good. 
  • Also the Leaf patches on the shoulders are lit... (No, I'm not usually one to make that kinda joke, but I'd imagine that many people would if this concept was real. And you're always supposed to treat a concept like it's real)
  • I also don't like how the template eats into the chest stripe. I get that the current St. Pats throwback does that, but the Centennial Classic jersey didn't...

My rating: A great fauxback look for the Leafs! 8/10

Taylor R.- Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
Taylor's second concept of the day is another Maple Leafs third jersey concept! 

  • I love the fauxback striping pattern
    • The Northwestern Stripes look great!
  • I like the simplified numbers and number font. No extra outlines keeps it from being too busy
  • I love the Toronto wordmark on the helmet 


  • I don't like the double outline on the Logo. It clutters up the look
  • I also don't like the stripes on the breezers for the same reason

My rating: This would be a fantastic alt, and I hope the leafs unveil something like this in a few years! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!! 

Mike F.- Ukraine (EA Sports IIHF) 
Mike finishes off today with a concept for the EA Sports IIHF Ukraine! 

  • I like the sleeve length yokes!
    • The pattern is also fantastic! 
    • I also like how the pattern of the sock doesn't reach all the way to the bottom
  • I like the logos, although the symbol without the shield is better. 
  • I really like the double blue color scheme on the 1st alt.
  • I also like the yellow buckets here. They work really well! 


  • The alt has a decent idea, and even though I don't mind a well done gradient, this one is not. It's barely noticeable, and it looks like an afterthought. 

My rating: Your concepts and your talent keeps getting better and better! 8.5/10 


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
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