Sunday: Make Your Own Title

Hi everybody. Welcome back. As we've seen this past week, there was a lot of reveal of jerseys from different levels of hockey. My only opinion is on the Penguins yellow helmets and I think they look awesome for the stadium series. Personally, I would also like to have them as alternate helmets for the white's just like they wore in the mid 80's.

Photo: Pittsburgh Penguins Twitter
Anyways, Congrats to Avi for winning the COTY! I won't get into much of it but just be prepared to defend your title. Also, We have the typical COTW voting and the St. Louis Eagles voting so get on that.

COTW Jan 27 - Feb 2 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
St Louis Eagles Competition vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Please declare your Pairs Competition team and division


Dino W- Germany National Team
Positives: The flag chest stripe on the white jersey looks really good and the hem stripe of the dark jersey looks good as well. Also, the numbers of the white jersey numbering fits the jersey perfectly.
Negatives: When it comes to the white jersey, those sides are just too much for this jersey. Get rid of those and add a black stripe to the arms and you got a good white jersey. As for the dark, Just get rid of the arm striping all together and put something more tame there. Once again, it's just too much.
Overall: 6/10 
(Edit by Ryan - Dino, please remove my signature from all future concepts. Thanks)

Jay S- Augsburger Panthers 
Positives: There's a lot I like about this whole set. The first being the fact that they are traditional and simple designs, but it's the small details that really pull this together. The "1878" below the collar is a nice touch usually seen on soccer jersey but it really works on this jersey. Also, the plain white striping on the dark jersey with the red numbers works really well in contrast to the white jersey. Finally, it's nice to see a throwback style jersey for the alternate.
Negatives: I get that the Panthers use a blue helmet but it just throws off the whole set. Make the helmet a matching color of the primary jerseys.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE!

 Jay S- Pensacola Ice Flyers
Positives: The design overall is beautiful on the primary set with the different colored ends on the sleeves and hem bottom as well as that double stripe. It really brings a unique but effect look and draws your eye to the logo. As for the Alternate, it's nice to see a gray alternate jersey (or silver if you prefer) with the large stripe on the jersey.
Negatives: My only negative is with the alternate striping. I get that you wanted unique striping on the alternate jersey but it's just overkill on the fighter plane theme. Something like stars would be nice enough or just a plain stripe would work.
Overall: 8.5/10

Mike F- Canada National Team 
Positives: I'm not Canadian but I'm figuring that the jerseys are to represent the history of Canada using the old flag, coat of arms, and reference o the military (please correct me if I am wrong or tell me if I'm somewhat correct). Overall the whole theme is beautiful. It has different themes for each jersey with different meanings.
Negatives: My only gripe with this concept is the fact that you only have one primary jersey. I'd like to see a primary set as well as the alternates.
Overall: 8/10

Zack H- Pittsburgh Penguins
Positives: The void of white on the dark jersey actually turned out pretty good on this set as well as the plain stripes on the dark jersey. As for the white jersey, I really dig that yoke with the numbers. I'm not usually a fan of that but it works with this jersey.
Negatives: I'll be honest with you Zack. I think you missed the mark using the silver. Growing up in the 90's as a Pens fan, I remember when they had silver an it worked pretty well on the jersey, but with this logo and design I think that you went to far with the silver by giving it a huge stripe on the jersey instead of using it as an accent, which would have turned out great. Also, those yellow pants just aren't working.
Overall: 7.5/10

Well that's all I have for this week. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you guys this time next week.
Sunday: Make Your Own Title Reviewed by Steve Marc on February 05, 2017 Rating: 5


Ben Shaffer said...

Jay S.'s Pensacola for COTW.

M said...

I suppose I should mention that you weren't that far off the mark on the Canada set.
I suppose I should also mention, as it isn't that explicit, that this set [and the next five "b" sets from me] is meant as an Alt-only set in conjunction with the primary sets I submitted a couple weeks back.
I guess I should have put all eight in one image eh.

icyDinosaur said...

Sorry for the signature, Ryan - I'll remember it. Thought I should leave it there to credit you for the template, I'm new to all of this. And thank you for publishing and feedback!

L. S. said...

Cotw nom to jay's Augsburg concept

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