Saturday: What's That On Your Pants?

The winner of the COTW vote for February 10-16 was Jake M!

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This was a head-to-head battle between two Calgary Flames concepts. Jake's proved to be far more popular with the HJC readers than Taylor's was. This was our first repeat winner of COTW for 2017!


The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. There are four to choose from this week. If you're logged into a Google account then the poll will appear for you and you will be able to have your vote counted up until Friday at noon Eastern


Friday at noon Eastern Time is also the deadline for Pairs Competition entries. Next week I'd love to be able to post everyone's Teasers. That will be followed up with presentations beginning on Monday, March 6, likely on the HJC Design Blog.


Just over a week ago Steven G's Friday post ranked the NHL's current 3rd jerseys. This lead to me giving you guys the chance to rate the jerseys yourself. As promised here are the results of that vote.
(jersey representations by Steven G.)

3rd Place - Edmonton Oilers
The popularity of this jersey has caused the Oilers to possibly adopt it as their new home sweater, for at least the 2017-18 season.

2nd Place - Ottawa Senators
The final rankings will show that the older 3rd jerseys have lost a bit of their shine and are ranked lower than the newer ones. However, Ottawa bucks that trend as this six year old jersey was ranked by you guys as the 2nd best full-time alternate in the NHL right now.

1st Place - Calgary Flames
Steven G. ranked this #1 on his list and collectively you guys have done the same. I am not a fan of teams promoting their 3rd jerseys to full-time status just because they are popular, but there are exceptions to every rule. Calgary should be one of those exceptions. The Flames should just look at the team that shares the province of Alberta with them to learn that switching to this jersey (and a matching white one) full-time could mean significantly increased jersey sales.

The remainder of the rankings shakes out as follows:


We are two months into NHL teams wearing the NHL 100 patch somewhere on the sleeve of their jerseys. That's enough time for me to declare that it looks awful. I would say that only Toronto's placement of the patch works. I highly doubt the placement of the logo will change for next season, but I have come up with my own idea of where I would put the logo. This would not interfere with any team's stripes or patterns and every team would be able to wear it in the same location.

Let me know what you think. Is this a good idea?


I received a couple of pictures this week from a reader named Kyle Z. He says he checks out the blog everyday and he wanted to share a couple of jerseys from Michigan high school teams that were noteworthy.

Photo: Kyle Z.
The first jersey belongs to Hartland High School, whose team colours are Navy and Yellow. What really sticks out is the fantastic use of white pant shells by this team. I really thought that white pants would should dirt, grime, and puck marks over a season. However this picture was taken recently and it shows that the white pants can hold up through the first five months of a season, at least. That or the players or equipment managers do a great job of washing the shells after each use.

The second jersey belongs to Livonia Stevenson High School, which is the team that Kyle coaches. Hardcore HJC readers may actually recognize this sweater from our Chicago Express ReDesign we held last February. Kyle liked JJ's winning entry enough that he modeled his team's 2016-17 jerseys after it. Pretty cool.


My thoughts on the Leafs' St. Pats specialty jersey...


COTW Feb 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Pairs Competition presentations (due Friday @ noon Eastern)
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JJ Anderes said...

That high school jersey looks awesome! Really cool seeing my work become a reality! (somewhat)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, just make teams wear it (The NHL100 patch) on the opposite side of the captain patch. The only teams that interferes with are, as far as I know, Detroit, the Rangers, and Pittsburgh. Have those teams would just have them as shoulder patches

Unknown said...

Coyotes as well. Coyotes already squeeze a captains patch and the anniversary patch on the right breast.

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