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Hello folks, welcome to the HJC post for Friday, February 24th, 2017!  I'm going to keep the intro nice and short today (besides writing out the date the long way), as there's not really anything I want to talk about this week.  I could have discussed tomorrow's Stadium Series game (which I had kind of forgotten about), but I won't have much to say about it until after the game.  Another option was to review Toronto's new St. Pats jersey, but Chase and Brendan have already covered that.  So let's just move on with this post.


Your reminders for the next 163.5 hours include voting for the February 17-23 COTW (the poll should be up later tonight), and the deadline for the Pairs Competition (which is now only a week away).

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Uxbridge Bruins, by Anthony C:
Anthony brings us our first concept today, which is for the Uxbridge Bruins of the Provincial Junior Hockey League.  I like the striping patterns used for both jerseys, the dark jersey is based off of Boston's current third, while the white jersey is similar to Boston's 1939-48 white jersey.  The logo is pretty good as well, it uses the Hershey Bears' bear and the style of Boston's secondary mark.  I don't like the yellow player's name on the white jersey though, a solid black name would be easier to read.  There's also several execution errors, the shoulder logos should be split in half between the front and back view, plus they're backwards on the back view right now.  The sleeve number on the front view of the player's right sleeve should be a 5, the sleeve numbers also shouldn't go outside the jersey, and the sock stripes are too high.
Rating: 6/10

Detroit Red Wings, by Ryan C:
Our second concept is for a more well known team, it's a Detroit Red Wings concept from Ryan.  He uses the Red Wings' retro D logo as the primary logo, and a simple striping pattern like what they wore from 1934-61.  I do think this striping pattern looks good, but it's also not that interesting of a choice.  Using their D logo as the primary is a more intriguing decision, and I think it's a good choice for this concept (even though I wouldn't want it to replace their winged-wheel in real life), the D logo looks nice on the front of the jerseys.  As for the execution, the stripes are all too flat, they need to follow the curvature of the 3D template.
Rating: 7/10

Team Poland, by Mike F:
We also have two International concepts from Mike today, starting with this Team Poland concept.  I think all four jerseys look good, I especially like the alternate and vintage jerseys.  The sublimated waving flag of the alternate jersey is fun and unique, while the vintage jersey just looks beautifully classic.  The two primary jerseys are solid designs as well, but I think they could be improved if the thin stripes were made a bit thicker.  Execution is mostly good, except the sock stripes are too high.
Rating: 8/10

Team Italy, by Mike F:
For his second concept, Mike takes on Team Italy.  I've always liked how Italy uses blue as well as the green and red from their flags, and I think this concept uses all those colours nicely.  The primary jerseys in particular incorporate the flag colours in an interesting and unique way.  However, I think the white jersey should include some blue as well, maybe in the numbers.  Also, I'm not a fan of the Italian Coat of Arms as the logo.  The alternate jersey is a bit wacky and very 90's, but I think that's the idea so it serves its purpose well.  Finally I love the vintage jersey, everything about it works great together, I especially like the lighter shade of blue and the leather coloured gloves.
Rating: 8/10

Washington Capitals, by Lucas D:
Last but not least, we have a Washington Capitals concept Lucas.  The striping pattern used here is nice, it hints towards their original jerseys with the contrasting yokes, but it mostly goes in a new direction.  About those yokes though, I think they might look even better if they were a bit smaller, more of a standard height instead of these lower arched yokes.  As far as logos go, I like how the wordmark was recoloured to more closely resemble the Capitals original logo, but I wish the Weagle was still around as a shoulder patch.
Rating: 8/10


That's all folks!
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Mike F's Poland jersey for COTW

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