Wednesday: Who's the #1 Cop?

So I went to the game last night with a little memo for Blue Jackets goaltender and #1 Cop on the Force Sergei Bobrovsky. A memo that would make Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole happy. 

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In the middle of the third period, the Jackets pulled Bobrovsky in a 4-2 loss to the Islanders. Safe to say, he was off the case. But one thing I'll point out here is the details on my jersey that differ from the Isles jerseys: the laces. I have them set in a straight line pattern with the rest of the lace tucked into the collar inset. I know the Minnesota Wild are well known for that pattern with their jerseys, but I find it a bit neater than having them tied traditionally or hanging loose. Some faux laces like Arizona, Anaheim and Florida are set up based on these. What are your thoughts on how laces should be worn on these jerseys?

No major news today, but several votes:

Concept of the Week as usual.

Concept of the Year Semifinals! Josiah and Avi battle for one spot in the final vote, and Matt and Avi battle for the other spot. It's entirely possible that Avi will have won Concept of the Week even before the final is decided. But maybe not! It's all up to you!

Toronto Maple Leafs alternate jersey competition is in the voting stage. We want your Top 3. FUN FACT: One of the entries will be reviewed today.



Avi S: Toronto Maple Leafs Concept

Right off the bat I'm not a fan of the stripe passing through the TV numbers, and not for that reason. Rather, it's for the reason that the socks have 3 stripes. It's an interesting idea to base this look on the Red Wings Centennial Classic jerseys. The logo works. the NHL 100 patch is out of place, though in a better position IMO. The thick stripe at the bottom matches with the pants beautifully, though only separately, because in the full look it would get lost with the pants.

Rating: 84%

Jay S: St. Lou...err Los Angeles Rams Concept

Not sure how the traditional looks on the yoke warrant the angled hem stripes. It seems out of place. I also thing the standalone Ram head would be the better logo for this jersey, though the R with Ram horns alternate logo looks great on the shoulders. The arm striping is.... interesting. Jury is still out on this but I think this still needs a bit of work. Equipment?

Rating: 70%

Jay S: Los Ang...err San Diego Chargers Concept

I'll admit it would be nice to see powder blue as part of the color scheme, if only to separate the yellow and white, but otherwise this is great. Unfortunately the Chargers don't have good enough logos that can be used on the front of a hockey jersey unless you go back to the original Chargers logo from the 60s. Otherwise the striping pattern is brilliant, though the hem trim on the white jersey is unnecessary. Again, equipment?

Rating: 83%

Maksim P: Chelyabinsk Polar Bears Concept

This isn't much of a concept. This is a recolored Devils jersey with the Chelyabinsk logo thrown on it. A decent look, but put some effort into it man. ID your work. Put TV numbers. Show the back side with the name and number. Show the equipment. Put more effort into it than the effort I needed for this review. You reap what you sow, and you haven't sown much.

Rating: 40%

Lucas D: Los Angeles Kings Concept

Crown logo as the primary? Check. Purple and silver? Check. Simple looks? Check. Throw in the bonus of a white shoulder yoke, an underrated and underused look and we may have ourselves a winner. I'd like to see a backside though, as the name and number font, sizing and coloring can make or break a concept. Maybe a shoulder logo too.

Rating: 87%

Mike F: Team Finland Concept

Just based on the first two jerseys alone I love this. The flag pattern going down the arms is brilliant. the double outline on the numbers is unnecessary though. The second set though is a nice addition. However the shade of blue on the pants and gloves is off. I love the vintage yoke styling on the white jersey, and I'm ok with not having it perfectly match the blue. One thing I would do is to swap the pant stripes from the first set to the second, and add a third stripe to that multi-striped set in order to better match the jerseys.

Rating: 82%

Zack H: Los Angeles Kings Concept

Interesting idea. A silver and black monochrome look, mixed with spurts of white on the logo and numbers. I think the white ruins it. Forget the practicality of a grey away jersey for a second. I like the simplicity of the jersey, probably the best way to do things with a monochrome scheme. The white just ruins a good set. In terms of presentation, I'd advise not having the background colored the same as one of the jerseys. Sock striping is a bit too low.

Rating: 77%

The Winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



That does it for another Wednesday HJC post. Next week we'll be in the midst of one of the most tense votes of the year: CONCEPT OF THE YEAR! The winner actually gets a prize for this one, a nice plaque with the Concept of the Year logo on it, as well as their name. I'll let you know when I'll be back in Brooklyn if you want to meet up, or if I feel like going to Manhattan or Newark. I'll definitely be in Philadelphia on 2/9 though so stay tuned!
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