Wednesday: Under Fire

Today I'm at an interesting crossroad for myself as a hockey fan. I never like to hear about people losing their jobs. I will be sad that Jack Capuano has been fired, however from a hockey perspective it was 100% the correct move, though hopefully not the only move. This Islanders team has underachieved. Many say it's Capuano's tactics, others say its Snow's poor free agency, many say it's a perfect storm of both. We shall see as the Islanders continue the season with Doug Weight at the helm on an interim basis.

Meanwhile at HJC here, nobody has been fired as it looks like the blog is performing well. Let's continue with the business as usual, with a bit of UNusual business here:


Toronto Maple Leafs alternates are wanted. They scrapped a nice one this season as part of their huge rebrand. So we need YOU to replace it!

Current Entries:

Jared L:

Ryan H:

Avi S:

John E:

 Dino W:

David K:

Taylor R:


Ok maybe that is usual business, but eventually it leads to....


Three concepts. One semi-final spot. COTY is coming. Set up the brackets and vote for the 4th quarter concept!


Avi S: Columbus Crew SC (MLS) Concept

About 2 and a half years ago, the Crew announced a major rebrand, dropping the original Three-Men logo for a newer and more German-inspired logo, also rebranding the team name from  "The Columbus Crew" to "Columbus Crew SC" (thankfully not FC). This is arguably the perfect day to have an MLS themed crossover, as I am a major fan of soccer, specifically MLS soccer. Crew SC has a nice black kit with a sublimated checkerboard pattern on the body of the shirt, and Avi does well to translate that here. Good call on not bringing their horrible current secondary kit here and going with a matching white with the sublimated checkerboard pattern alongside yellow and black trim. I'm not a fan of the Adidas stripes, but they exist on the original set so I'll leave it be. Good call on the font, using the font you see in their logo for the 96. Better look than the standard MLS font. One point I'd like to make last: When I did my MLS crossover series a long time ago, I made it a priority to have the main logo front and center and to dump any of the advertisements you see on the actual kits. It would be nice to see that here.

Rating: 78%

Jake M: Team Netherlands Concept

The Netherlands are known for orange. Normally their solid color uniforms in all sports are orange with black trim, maybe with a red white and blue flag pattern trim as well. However their ice hockey team (have to clarify because the Dutch REALLY love field hockey and are quite good at it) uses navy alongside white and orange, and Jake does that here. Sort of. On each jersey he leaves off one of those three colors. Each jersey also has a two stripe pattern featured on each arm, combined with one set featured in a different position on the main body of each jersey. Absolute class here. Not a fan of the Adidas stripes but blame the NHL and their World Cup of Hockey for that. If only the striping thickness was consistent between the two, this could be perfect.

Rating: 94%

Ryan C: Edmonton Oilers Concept

Ryan takes on the Gear logo style and color scheme and tames it a bit, similar style to what the Oilers have now. Ideally with a bolder logo like that, it doesn't necessarily bode well with a traditional set up. Colors balance nicely, though maybe a second outline would help both numbers. It's a good set. It's a realistic set. It's a usable set. It's not an ideal set. I would rather see this logo used with a more dynamic jersey design.

Rating: 80%

Tyler M-S: Cincinnati Stingers (WHA) Concept

A classic design that definitely would work well in the NHL had Cincinnati been given one of the WHA expansion teams in 1979. It reminds me a bit of that Sarnia Sting alternate designed by former HJC writer Dylan A. The difference here? One set of stripes on the arms, no yoke outline and black as the main set color and not yellow. I think, based on the logo, that the number font used here could be rounded off on the corners a bit. Also, maybe yellow numbers on the white jersey, with, dare I say it, a triple outline like the logo? Quality concept that could use just a bit more.

Rating: 95%

William B: Crowsnest Pass Timberwolves (AJHL) Concept

William shows that he was the one behind Crowsnest Pass during The Season. A beautiful logo you have designed and a much improved logo compared to their current one. But William, I think this concept shows that you're a bit rusty. Numbers and name are sized incorrectly. TV numbers are too far down the sleeve. Pant stripe goes too far up. Socks have the incorrect Reebok logo. However I do have to give credit where it is due. The tree pattern in the striping is nice, the fading pattern on the hem is brilliant, though I wish you could've used it on the road whites.

Rating: 72%

Zack H: Boston Bruins Concept

Zach uses inspiration from the Bruins Winter Classic uniforms they use as their current alternates. The numbers are within the striping, which now has a nice trim on the inside. The trim is also placed on the upper portion of the hem striping and on a newly made yoke. A nice mix of eras. For the matching road whites, Zack keeps black between the yoke and arms, as well as below the hem stripe. I absolutely love this. Just make sure the pant striping overlaps the the template lines.

Rating: 98%

Zack H: Edmonton Oilers Concept

This concept tries to make slight changes to the Oilers primary set. First, we eliminate the spacing between the stripes and angle them away from the body of the jersey. Interesting move, and something bold for the Oilers. Not a bad move though. However as I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am not a fan of orange as the secondary color on the road whites, as I'd rather have blue. The mainly blue logo is balanced a lot better with orange as a simple trim. Double outline on that jersey is no good either.

Rating: 82%

The Winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Looking back on the post I linked above in Zack's Oilers Concept review, I decided I should update you on road trip plans.


2/9 NYI @ PHI
3/14 NYI @ CAR
4/8 NYI @ NJD

Of course if you ever want to meet up with me at a home game or any three of these Islanders away days, tweet me @PhilBeckDesigns and I'll be happy to meet up with you and talk jersey design. Also I'm going to talk to Ryan about a few ideas regarding HJC, so stay tuned. Maybe I'll have an update for you next week. See you later!
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Unknown said...

All definitely valid points, and you're correct, I'm very rusty from not having the time to do regular concepts like I used to, but thank you for the honest and positive review!

Jake M's Netherlands concept for COTW

John E. said...

2nd Zach H's Bruins jerseys for COTW

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