Wednesday: New Year, Not So New Me

Happy 2017 everyone!

Slight bit of news, specifically an update. The 100th Anniversary patch is being worn by some teams (TOR, TB for now) above the numbers.

(via Ted Starkey on Twitter)

As of now, they are the only two teams that have the patch above the numbers, but that may change, as the Islanders don't play until Friday away at Colorado.


It's down to two teams: Amur and Colorado. Amur edged out Ottawa by 3 votes in the closest victory of The Season. The final vote is now on the side of the page. DECIDE THE CHAMPION! Then next week we will reveal the artists behind these teams. I have a few guesses so far.


Remember last week when I mentioned the Americans Comp? Now you can submit those concepts and I will reveal to you that for my entry they are coming back to Brooklyn. And by back to Brooklyn, I mean actually playing there.

FUN FACT: When they were called the Brooklyn Americans in 1941-42, their last year before ceasing operations, they still played their games at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, but practiced in Brooklyn.

Phil B: Brooklyn Americans

Lucas D: New York Americans


COTW Dec 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Bring Back the Americans Entries (ends Friday @ noon ET)
The Season Final Vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)


Chase C: Tampa Bay Lightning Concept

The logo Chase uses here was one of my favorite logos the Bolts have ever used, and it was a shame they were used on such boring and awful Edge-based jerseys. Chase tries to solve that problem with this concept here, but I still think there can be work done to further improve the look. The first thing I'd like to bring up is the color balance on the home blue jersey. Chase tries to create an Edge-ified blue version of their original jerseys, which is a brilliant idea, however if the numbers were white and there was more black on the bottom, I'd be happier. Same with the away jersey; it needs more blue on the bottom. The balance on that jersey is much better because of the black numbers. Secondly, that grey gets lost against the white. Is there a way you could utilize that grey better on the jersey? Lastly, from an execution note, the pattern on the pants is massive. Tone it down a bit and make sure you remove the template lines where the pattern stands. You have a good idea here but it's not quite there yet.

Rating: 73%

Chris W: Winnipeg Jets Concept

Clever look to take the existing Jet from their current logo and reapply it in a brand new logo which looks like a modern take on the original Jets logos from their first stint in the NHL. A modern military-esque wordmark sets the tone for the concept, as both the logo and the number font contain this pattern with a stenciled look. But the current logo isn't scrapped, as its now on the shoulders as an alternate logo. Good call. It's a very good logo but the new logo you made is much stronger as a primary. However I wouldn't mind seeing them swapped on the red alternate, considering that it is an alternate. I miss the lighter blue the Jets currently employ, however by utilizing more silver and red, it's not a major loss for the Jets.

Rating: 89%

Jake M: Aalborg Pirates (Danish Metal Ligaen) Concept

After researching this team, it disappoints me to learn that no team cannot escape jersey advertisements in Denmark. They currently use Blackhawks-style jerseys, complete with black striping and black equipment, despite the navy in the logo. Jake fixes that here with a clever pattern, a unique font and an overall clean look, with one exception: What is that on the yoke? That trim looks weird standing on its own, with no connection to the collar and no mirrored pattern on the back of the jersey. I'd ditch it. Otherwise a much improved look for the Pirates.

Rating: 84%

Lucas D: Colorado Rockies Concept

Sometimes "simple" gets the job done. That's what we see for the most part here from Lucas. We have what seems like a simple pattern on the blue jersey, but its replicated exactly on the white jersey, complete with the upper arm colored in blue. It's usually hard to get three primary colors to work together but I think Lucas has done it by relegating red and yellow as simple trims alongside white. No outline works perfectly here. I just wish I could see equipment to see how the entire setup would look together, because I guarantee you it would be incredible.

Rating: 88%

Vaughn R: Chicago vs St. Louis Winter Classic Concept

The biggest issue I have with this concept is color. I see two shades of black in Chicago and two shades of red and blue in St. Louis. Look at the equipment in comparison to the Blackhawks jersey. As for St. Louis, first of all there is no need for the two different Eagles logos, since they are both similar in style with no major changes besides a different shade of red and detail within the design itself. Plus look at the glove and helmet used. Two different shades of blue and red. The jerseys themselves are simple jerseys that don't bring much new to the table, which is a plus for the Winter Classic. However Chicago could use a red number, because as it stands the white number is tough to make out. Presentation-wise, everything is crowded together. The UA logo can be minimized (on the jersey too). It seems disorganized and all over the place. Clean this up. I know you can do better than this.

Rating: 45%

The Winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



We have two concepts deserving of a COTW Nomination here, but the complete look that the Jets concept provides here is what pushes it over the edge. Disagree? Then make your voice heard in the comments below. I will respond to most of them. I will see you next Wednesday, hopefully with the COTY 2016 field set, as this vote is the last vote for the COTW in 2016. Monthly, Quarterly votes to come in the next two weeks, as well as the Amerks Comp. Stay tuned for the annual Pairs Comp which is coming shortly. 
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Unknown said...

I second Chris W.s' Jets for COTW!

Unknown said...

I'll nominate Jake's Aalborg for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Jake for COTW

Søren said...

Hi Jake

Looks awesome, do one for the Odense Bulldogs (they get their jerseys custom made every 2 or 3 years). You'll have a chance of being a real life jersey designer :)

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