Hello again, and welcome Hockey fans, to this Tuesday's HJC post! There's not a whole lot of news, so we'll just dive right in! 

Don't forget that we have COTY voting, as well as the regular COTW voting. And how could you forget about the Maple Leafs alt. contest! All of those close on Friday! 


COTY Semi-Final votes (end Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW Jan 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

TOR 3rd Jersey Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

On to the concepts!


Zack H.- Minnesota Wild (NHL)
Zack is the first concept of the day, and he starts it off right with the Minnesota Wild! 

  • I like keeping both the alt. and road patterns, all while keeping the upper sleeve colored on the road... 
  • I also like the main logo on the front of both jerseys
  • I do like the return of the old number font
  • I like the red sleeve number


  • I don't like the angled stripes on the road jersey
  • The stripes are WAY bigger than normal, and it really clutters the look
  • The single pants stripe also doesn't match
  • The shoulder patches don't work here
  • Names are too small
  • The set needs some more red... Red numbers on the white jersey would look great

My rating: It matches our sweaters together nicely, but there's just a few execution errors... 7/10

Mike F.- Team Russia (EA Sports IIHF Teams) 
The next concept of the day goes to Mike for Team Russia! 

  • I like the sleeve length shoulder yokes
  • I also like that the alt isn't just a recolored version of the regulars
  • N&#OB font looks fantastic! 
  • I like the logo choices 
  • I also like the flag pattern on the breezers


  • I do like the design of the alt, but I don't understand what it's based off... 
  • The flag patches on the home and road set doesn't work the best either
  • Gloves could use some blue

My rating: This would be a a fantastic set for the Russians! 8/10

Lucas D.- Montreal Canadiens (NHL) 
Lucas gives us a Canadiens fauxback with his concept today! 

  • I like the mix of Habs eras with the sash and original designs!
  • Number font looks good


  • There's way too much blue, and it looks way too much like the Leafs. I understand that it's a throw/fauxback, but it desperately needs some red... 

My rating: It's fantastic for a fauxback, but not much more than that... 7/10

Jay S.- Green Bay Packers (NFL-hockey Crossover)
Next up is an NFL-Hockey mash-up, by Jay! The team? The cheeseheads of 'Sconsin, The Green Bay Packers!

  • The striping works really well with the Packers look
  • I like the simplicity


  • The Canucks font doesn't work here, and the outlines bleed into the white
  • The logo on the white sweater bleeds into the jersey too
  • The shoulder yoke and logos don't fit the best for this set... 
  • N&#OB look a little small

My rating: A decent set, but could use some more work... 7/10

Jay S.- Green Bay Packers Alt. (NFL-hockey Crossover) 
Jay continues his crossover set with an alt. for the Packers! 

  • I like the chest-stripe design, and the pattern of the stripes!
  • Logo on the stripe looks great! 
  • The number font works better on this set than the other one


  • The shoulder yoke is unnecessary and makes the jersey top-heavy... 

My rating: It's a simple design, but the shoulder yoke really kills it... 6/10

Tyler M-S.- Vegas Golden Knights 
Tyler gives the Vegas Knights a concept of their first sweater! 

  • I love the brighter gold!
  • The striping is fantastic! 
  • The number font works really well with this set


  • The faux piping is realistic, but doesn't look good
  • The pattern also looks a little too much like the Leafs and the Jets

My rating: A fantastic set for the Knights!! I'd love to see this come October! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!! 

Zack H.- Dallas Stars (NHL) 
Zack's second concept of the day is for the Dallas Stars! 

  • Their set is already so fantastic that keeping it mostly intact is great! 
  • I like the squared shoulder yoke!
  • I also like the better shoulder patch


  • The pants stripe doesn't really work...
  • I also don't like the all black collar
  • A little side note, but J. Benn is a little pointless because the Stars have two J. Benns on their team... 

My rating: A good set, but not much changed... 8/10 


Well that's all for today! Come back next week for more from me, your regular Tuesday writer, Chase! 
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