Tuesday: Rocket Mon(treal)

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! There's was a pretty big announcement for the Habs new AHL team this morning! The Team unveiled themselves as the Laval Rocket. A tribute to the late, great, Maurice "Rocket" Richard. The logos and sweaters of the team are pretty good too!

The sweaters are clearly based off of the Habs classic sweaters, in Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge fashion. The main logo is also designed like an old time logo. Minimal, simple, and timeless...
 The secondary logos however are a little odd... 
 They have a 9 with a fireball underneath it, to symbolize a rocket, and The Rocket.
There's also a shield with the words 
Pretty odd that they wrote it out that way. The shoulder patch is an arched wordmark that says Laval, followed by the TV number, than the Shield logo, and then the "Rocket 9" logo. It's a very busy look down the arms. 

Not to mention that the back numbers have a little fireball, as well as the back of the socks... I don't mind the one on the back of the #OBs, but the one on the sock is just overkill. 
 From far away, the sweaters will look decent, but up close, the flaws will be a little more prevalent. I'm giving it a 7.5/10
(Jersey Photos from the Habs SB Nation, logos from sportslogos.net)

Don't forget that we have the St. Louis Eagles competition going on right now too! Get your designs in! There weren't any new entries for today, so get those in! 
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On to the concepts!!!!! 


Bennett W.- Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
Well this looks like the first time Bennett is posting on here, so welcome to HJC! His first concept showcases his idea for the Blackhawks, using a more bird-themed logo!
  •  I like that the base colors of the jerseys are the same, Red and White with a Black alt.
  • I do also like the added sleeve cuffs on the sweaters, as those are a historical reference, and they add a little bit of color
  • I also really like the pattern on the black jersey, that sweater is definitely the best of the set!
  •  You have way to many inconsistencies with the colors. You have three different shades of black. One for the logo, one for the original striping and color, and one for the cuffs and yokes you added...
  • The red, yellow, and green that you used on the main logo is different from the shoulder logos, as well as the red from the main logo being different from the red of the sweaters...
  • You also didn't fill in the inside of the collar to match the shoulder yoke. The red and white jerseys should have black filled in areas, and the black jersey should be white... 
  • You also forgot the NHL collar insert for the little area inside the collar...
  • The numbers that you used are extremely blurry, and are also off-centered. Because Toews wears 19, and the number 1 is thinner than the rest of the numbers, the side with the "1" should also have a small part of the "9" and the "9" should be cut off a little by the template... Here's an example from nhluniforms .com   
My rating: It's a good start, but there's just a few things that you need to finish for consistency. You're on your way! 6.8/10

Ryan C.- Carolina Hurricanes (NHL)
Ryan's first concept of the day is for the Carolina Hurricanes!
  •  I like the use of more grey
  • Even though I hate piping, it works here, and looks good on both jerseys! 
    • I always like it when jerseys can have identical striping patterns, not just opposite patterns. Nice job there.
  • I also really like that red helmet! It adds a splash of color to the design!  
  • I think the white jersey could use a little more red. The red sweater is very red heavy, so more red on the road would match a little better
  • The sweaters could also use shoulder patches...  
My rating: A very nice modern set for a modern team. They look much better when they're not playing O6 dress-up. 8/10

Lucas D.- San Diego Gulls (AHL)
The next concept of the day goes to Lucas for the San Diego Gulls!
  •  Their color scheme is way to good to be wasted on Flames piping hot mess of a template, so this is already good!
  • I love the reflection to the Ol' Mighty Ducks as the parent club
  • The collars look great!  
  • The faux-piping-yoke doesn't look the best on the black jersey
  • The numbers could use some blue
  • I also don't like the affiliate patches. I feel like they need some blue as well.
  • The gloves could also use some more color.  
My rating: A fantastic update for the Gulls! 9/10

Zack H.- New Jersey Devils (NHL)
Zack's concept for today gives us an updated look for the New Jersey Devils!
  • The shoulder yoke design looks fantastic!
  •  You used a little bit of a thinner Devils font, but it works really well, because the whole design seems thinner than the current one! 
  • I really like the red collar on the road jersey! 
  • The red collar on the home jersey just doesn't work. Black probably would have been the best choice
  • Also as a template issue, you shouldn't have a template line running through the sock pattern. It doesn't affect the look now, but it has in some of your other designs 
My rating: This is a very realistic look for the Devils, and if they have to change next year, I'd be more than ok with this! 10/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!

Jay S.- Team Canada (Spengler Cup) 
Jay's first concept of the day is for the Canadian Team that plays at the Spengler Cup!
  • I love the logo choice! It really fits the Canadians, better than the Skating Man!
  • I also like the striping that mimics the logo.
  • The striping that eats into the back numbers also looks great, and is pretty clever! 
  • Canada's flag is only red and white. Eliminating the black was a choice! 
  • I like that you toned down the advertisements, those can get to be pretty bad in the Spengler Cup...
  •  I don't like the TV numbers being broken up by the striping pattern, however, because 1. There is no actual pattern eating into it, and 2. It makes the numbers a lot harder to read, and not to mention, it makes it harder to manufacture
My rating: A great looking Canadian set that would be timeless! 9/10

Jay S.- HC Lugano (Spengler Cup
Jay's second concept is another one for the Spengler Cup! This time it's for HC Lugano.
  • I really like the modern Buffaslug-esque design! 
  • The amount of yellow used on the black jersey is perfect! 
  • The N&#OB font is fantastic! 
  • You do have a little yellow-on-white syndrome, but it really makes the yellow pop, and works really well!
  • The white jersey uses a little too much yellow, black numbers with a yellow outline would fix that... 
  • I'd also like to see the jerseys have the same logo... Preferably the CHL logo...
My rating: A Fantastic set for Lugano! I really like that you made the Spengler Cup a little more original in uniform designs! 9/10


Well that's all for today! Come back next week for more from me, your regular Tuesday writer, Chase! 
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