Tuesday: Old Time Hockey, Eh? (Wait... Is it?)

Welcome to this Tuesday's post!!! We have some amazing concepts today, as well as some amazing photos from the Outdoor games the past couple days! We also finally have some news to report!!!

BREAKING JERSEY NEWS: All 30(1?) NHL teams will have a 100th anniversary patch under the numbers on their right sleeve. It's pretty much the same location the Sharks put their 20th anniversary patch a few years ago. I mean it makes sense with all of the possible locations that would have to be changed just for the patch, but it doesn't always look the best... 

In other news, in addition to the 100 patch, the Ottawa Senators also added their 25th anniversary patch. It looks much better non-chrome!

That's it for news, but here are some sweet pictures from the Centennial and Winter Classic!
This game looked fantastic!!! The Hawks wore black helmets with white jerseys for another outdoor game, and it looked great! The Blues were also beautiful in that lighter shade of blue. Both of the Goalies equipment also looked really slick. 

This was also a great looking game, even with the silver accents. The silver in the Wings logo, and around their numbers was clever, as it added the silver, but made it look like the classic Detroit red and white. The silver arm band was hard to see though. The Leafs jersey looked good, but the chest stripe was a little odd. The N&#OB was fantastic though! 
All via NHL.com

We also have the Americans competition going on right now, so remember to get those in by Friday at Noon Est.!  

Here are some of the latest entries!! 

Emin Z.- Seattle Americans 
Also, don't forget to vote!!!

COTW Dec 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Bring Back the Americans Entries (ends Friday @ noon ET)
The Season Final Vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

On to the Concepts!!!


Adam G.- Vegas Golden Knights (NHL)
Adam shows off his attempt at the Vegas Golden Knights sweaters!!

  • I really like the simple striping pattern!
  • The number font works really well too! 
  • I think the knights could pull off a red jersey, even if their main sweaters don't include red
  • TV numbers on the shoulders looks pretty good!


  • The light grey you used in the striping pattern should have been the grey you used for the base of the dark jersey. The knights don't have two shades of grey... 
  • Logos are really pixelated, as well as the edge of the numbers...
  • The alt. would look a little better without the sleeve logo. 

My rating: A nice simple design that would work well for the knights, but a few execution errors bring this down... 6.5/10

Ben S.- Quebec Nordiques (NHL Expansion)
Ben continues his NHL expansion series with the Quebec Nordiques! 

  • Striping pattern is simple, yet effective! 
  • I like the color scheme and alt! 
    • The Fauxback, college-esque look, works really well.
  • Numbers look good
    • I also really like how each jersey's numbers reflect the striping pattern of that jersey. Very smart! 
  • I really like the helmet stripe on the Alt. 
  • Good logo choice


  • I get the idea of the Fleur-de-Leaf, but it doesn't look as good, and not every Canadian team needs to have a Maple leaf in their logo scheme. Not every American team has stars... The simple Fleur-de-Lis works well for Quebec...
  • The white shoulder yoke on the blue jersey is a bit much.

My rating: I don't really see anything besides the original uniforms for the Returning Nordiques, but if they had to change, these would be fantastic! 8/10

David H.- Los Angeles Kings 3rd (NHL)  
David gives us his idea for an LA kings 3rd Jersey! 

  • Grey is great choice for a Kings Alt.!
  • Good choice picking a much superior logo! 
  • I do like the shoulder yoke
  • Equipment looks great! 
  • Shoulder logos are also great! 


  • Black numbers on the black sleeves will be nearly impossible to see...
  • Captains Patch shouldn't be overlapping two sections of color... It should be in one or the other...
  • The stripes stopping halfway around the sleeves doesn't look good... 

My rating: A good looking jersey, but some elements look a little forced... 8/10

Lucas D.- Tampa Bay Lightning Alt. (NHL)
Lucas gives us his take on a Tampa Bay Lightning third! 

  • Not sure if this was intentional, but the fact that this jersey looks close to the Leafs Centennial Classic jersey, and the Bolts are already the Tampa Bay Maple Wings, this is hilarious! (In a good way of course) 
  • I do like the workmark that says "Lightning" instead of "Bolts" 
  • I like the minimal black
  • Number font fits perfectly! 
  • Tie-down collar also looks great!  


  • The wordmark isn't that strong of a logo... 
  • Equipment???

My rating: A great jersey that has some (Unintentional???) humor behind it! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!

Ryan C.- Atlanta Thrashers (Defunct NHL) 
Ryan's concept for the old Atlanta Thrashers is our last one of the day! 
  • I like the Maroon and Navy heavy set! 
  • Good logo choice! 
  • The number font matches with the rest of the set! 

  • It would be nice to see a little more light blue in the set
  • The whole concept is a little pixelated...

My rating: A good concept that really unifies the Thrashers, which is something that they ever had before... 8/10


Well that's all for today folks! Come back next week for more from me! 
Tuesday: Old Time Hockey, Eh? (Wait... Is it?) Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on January 03, 2017 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

Ben S. for COTW

Yeah the NOB on the back of the Leafs jerseys looked pretty solid

Unknown said...

Ryan C for COTW

Anonymous said...

No maple leaf on the Québec jersey please.

Unknown said...

I'll go with Ben S. for COTW, love the colours (although maybe ditch the white yoke), love the wall-styled striping, and while I agree not every Canadian team needs a maple leaf, the "Fleur de Leaf" logo looks natural and organic, like it SHOULD be a logo. Alternate has a nice fauxback look to it.

And I know I probably shouldn't be talking about contest entries yet, but my oh my that Seattle Americans concept is blowing my mind!

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