Tuesday: Let's get Crazy!

Hello, and welcome again hockey fans, to this Tuesday's post! Other than the All Star jerseys being unveiled, there's not much news. I love the purple jerseys, because, 1. I'm a fan of the Wild who play in the Central, and 2. I'm a Vikings fan as well! SKOL!

In other just hockey related news, the Minnesota Wild are on fire! This year has so far been the best half in Franchise history, and it seems like Eric Staal is the off-season signing of the year! The dude's definitely found new life with us. And speaking of Dudes... Duuubs (Devan Dubnyk) is appearing in his second (back-to-back) All star game! And the best game of the regular season is coming up on Saturday! Hockey Day Minnesota! I'm super excited about that! 

Another thing to get super excited about is the Concept of the Year award coming up in a few weeks! Don't for get to vote for the best concepts! 

4th Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW Jan 6-12 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Maple Leafs 3rd entries (due Friday @ noon ET)
On to the concepts!


 Tyler M-S- Chicago Cougars (WHA/What-if-NHL) 
Tyler here, shows us his idea for the Chicago Cougars, had they made it to the end of the WHA and have been absorbed by the NHL.
  • I like the simple striping pattern
  • Font works well with the Logo
  • The yellow collar looks good! 

  • I do like the green jersey, but the green and white logo doesn't look the best
  • The white numbers look odd too
  • Overall the set needs more yellow

My rating: A nice, simple look for a classic team, but a few things could be changed. 7/10

Zack H.- Buffalo Sabres (NHL)
Zack's first concept of the day gives us his redesigned Buffalo Sabres! 
  • I really like the modern update to a classic set
  • I also like the return of Royal Blue! 
  • The Buffaslug number font also works well with this set
  • I like the simple pants stripe
  • I do like that there's more blue on the road set

  • The name (NOB) for both jerseys' is way to small...
  • The Shoulder yoke and sleeve cuffs are too much together. One or the other would work much better. The Shoulder yoke would be more historically accurate
  • The blue collar piece on the road jersey doesn't look good
My rating: A nice update for a classic set, and team, but it needs some work... 8/10

Zack H.- Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL)
The second concept from Zack today is for the Columbus Blue Jackets!
  • I like the look based around the Cannon logo
  • Keeping the double blue color scheme was a good choice!
  • The shoulder yokes look great! 
  • Number font is fantastic! 
  • Cream might not have been the best choice, at least the helmet... It's hard to make cream helmets. A navy helmet would have worked here
  • The NOB font doesn't match the #OB font, and looks out of place
  • Also, Light blue letters with Navy outlines are hard to read
  • The Pants stripe also seems out of place
My rating: A good set that would unify the CBJ identity, but it still needs a few tweaks. 8/10

Ross T.- Vegas Golden Knights (NHL)
Ross shows off his logo making ability with this Vegas Golden Knights update!
  • The piece running down the forehead, and creating the "V" is fantastic, and makes the helmet look more Medieval than the current "Spartanesque" logo...
  • I love the Vegas Star in the nose-guard
  • I like that there's more slate grey
  • The number font is Fantastic! 
  • Even though I'm not sold on the shield for the current logo, adding one here keeps the spirit of the current logo   
  •  I don't like how you made the "V" a little more obvious by adding serifs... It would be perfect without them...
My rating: A Fantastic update, and much better than what was unveiled! 9/10!

Lucas D.- Buffalo Sabres (NHL)
Lucas shows off more of his handiwork with this set for the Buffalo Sabres!
  • Fantastic Logo choice! 
  • The alt logo on the sleeve is pretty nice too... 
  • I like the simple striping
  • Collars and inserts both look great!
  • There's too much white on both jerseys... The home should have yellow numbers, and the road jersey needs more blue
  •  I like the idea of the sleeve length piping like the Kings, but it doesn't work as well on the road jersey
  • No Equipment. This can make or break your concepts with color balance... Just look at the Avs current third... The sweater is fantastic, but the all navy gear makes it way too dark. The white jersey could use some more blue, and breezers and gloves could change that...
My rating: A nice update for the Buffalo Sabres, but no equipment is really holding you back. 7/10

Avi S.- Columbus Blue Jackets Logo and Third Jersey (NHL)  
Avi a Winter Classic game where the Blue Jackets wore sweaters that were like the Cleveland Barons!
  • The Logo is Fantastic! I like how you used all of Elements of the Barons in the logo, and didn't force an English "C" into the logo, but instead used the cannon logo
  • Fantastic N&#OB font!
  • I absolutely love the Ohio shaped TV number patches! 
  • I also like how everything is pretty much the spitting image of the Barons with only the Logo and colors changed! Including the color distribution on gloves!
  • Only a small thing in regards to the last bullet point. The colors match up closely, but not completely... The Barons had Maroon and Black, which you replaced Blue and red with, respectively. The Barons wore black pants, and you gave the CBJ's blue pants. It's not perfect in that way, but it would be interesting to see them in red pants, or wearing a red jersey... 
  • I think the socks and gloves look too close to what the Rangers have. You could have changed it up a little. (Although giving them red pants would really complete the look 😝 
My rating: An absolutely Fantastic logo and fauxback for the CBJ! Great work as always! 9/10 and my COTW nominee!

Avi S.- Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL) 
Avi finishes his special CBJ project by redesigning the main set, and adding his alt. logo!
  • The number font is much better than copperplate!
  • I also really like the Ohio Captaincy patches
  • Striping pattern is great! 
  • Keeping the stars at the end of the sleeves was a great choice! 
  • The jerseys really need a tail stripe... 
    • The silver on the bottom doesn't work, and really bleeds into the white jersey...
  • The silver in the gloves doesn't look the best either... 
My rating: A decent set for the CBJs, but it still leaves something to be desired... 7/10


Well that's all for today! Come back next week for more from me, your regular Tuesday writer, Chase! 

Tuesday: Let's get Crazy! Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on January 17, 2017 Rating: 5


Burkus Circus Concepts said...

COTW nomination to Avi's CBJ Alternate!

That logo needs to be used now.


Unknown said...

COTW Third for Avi's CBJ alternate

Avi said...

@Chase: a couple of points of clarification for my concept...

-The alternate that was posted is slightly different from the WC concept I made (the pants are actually red in that one, not sure why this was posted ahead of that one but oh well haha), so that should answer your concerns with the color matching wrt the Barons
-The socks and gloves are actually the same style as the Barons, so that's why they're sort of similar in style as the Rangers haha
-The silver on the bottom of the hem of the white is to keep the striping between the hem and arms consistent, as both are outlined in silver
-And the silver on the gloves is actually the same style as the gloves the team uses, so I was just trying to be consistent

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