Thursday: An Inconsistent Post

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No new news needing reported on today, so let's get right to the rest of the post!

But first, we have a few orders of business to get to. Voting. We have the usual COTW vote and we also have the Maple Leafs vote, but most importantly we have the COTY Semi-Final vote. This is the second to last vote in crowning the Concept of the Year for 2016, so it's a big one, and by this time next week we'll be close to knowing the top concept of 2016, so get your votes in!

COTY Semi-Final votes (end Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW Jan 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
TOR 3rd Jersey Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)


Jay S. - Jacksonville Jaguars
+With no clear striping pattern on the jersey to translate to hockey, it was a good idea to look to the pants stripe.
-I think it would have been neat to do a full arm fill or top-arm fill to reflect their football uniforms even more.
+While not completely necessary, the angled hem stripe gives the jersey a modern look to match the football uniforms.
-I think their current font would look fine on these jerseys, and I think the head logo would look fine on both jerseys rather than using the shield logo.
-The black and teal don't contrast very well on the white jersey, though this is somewhat on the team themselves since you just used their pattern.
-Equipment would be nice to see, and whether or not you'd use a gradient helmet would be interesting...
Overall: 7.5/10

Jay S. - Miami Dolphins
+This isn't really related to the concept, but it makes me realize how orange can work for the Sharks: drop the black. Of course some of you like orange and the black, but this is the only way it works for me.
+Good color balance on this one.
-Out of the striping patterns from all the Dolphins' uniforms, this one is present nowhere. I think it would work better to either go with or work off of a striping pattern they use/used.
+Ignoring that, it still looks good.
-The logo looks a tad small.
-Again, I think the Dolphins' actual font would work better here and make it unique to them.
Overall: 8/10

Jay S. - Minnesota Vikings
+The color balance on this one is great. The color scheme itself is beautiful, but out of your control.
+Now the striping pattern matches their current jerseys, and it looks great. Especially the curve on the back, it translates to hockey surprisingly well.
-Keep the hem and arm stripes the same thicknesses, though.
+Those horn shaped yoke stripes are a really nice touch, something I would have never thought of, and it works.
-Yet again, I think Minnesota's actual font would work much better and make it more unique to the team.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW nomination

Lucas D. - Detroit Red Wings
+A nice fauxback design for the Wings.
+Taking the Cougars' design (mostly) and using it for the Wings is something I'd like to see them do again.
-I think the sock stripes should match the jersey stripes better, or at least the current ones should go up a bit higher on the sock.
-I think the chest stripe area looks a bit busy with their already complex logo overlapping the stripes. I'm not sure how to fix it while keeping this logo, but their Stadium Series logo could work I think.
Overall: 8/10

Lucas D. - New York Rangers
+Assuming that this is meant to be a fix of their uniforms, it's best not to mess with them much.
+I like the changes made to the road jersey, the extra blue on the jersey helps to balance out the colors.
-I think the home jersey would be better if you kept the hem striping the same as it is now, plus it would keep the jerseys (mostly) consistent.
+After writing that comment I also realized that the design is also exactly the same on both jerseys, so I guess it is consistent in that matter, and a nice touch. I don't think you could go wrong with either of the designs, though.
-Maybe putting the shoulder stripes from the white jersey on the blue jersey would be an interesting idea, too.
Overall: 8/10

Matthew C. - Minnesota Wild
-First of all, this image is very blurry and pixelated. It detracts from the look of the concept more than you think, so do what you can to clean it up. The shoulder patches on the green jersey are especially bad with this.
+Now, onto the design itself, this is what Minnesota needs: a traditional, clean set that emphasizes wheat. Good job there.
+Like I mentioned above, the striping looks good, and there's a good amount of both red and green on the jerseys.
-I think the home jersey should be green instead of red, though (unless the green one is the home).
-If the red one is home, the color balance with the white jersey is off, as there is more green than red on the white jersey.
-I'm not really sure why the logo outline on the green jersey is white, but everything else is wheat. Just keep that outline consistent and make it wheat.
-Seeing the equipment would be nice.
Overall: 7/10

Mike F. - Team USA
-First off, just a quick comment on the presentation. While it's good that you have ID on the concept, I think you have it placed all wrong. It's very small and I can barely read it since it's sideways too. You have a wide-open empty space in the bottom right, put it down there.
+Anyways, on to the jerseys, I think the striping pattern looks good on the home and roads.
-That amount of stars may be a bit overload though, unless they were sublimated.
-The namebar on the white jersey doesn't really work, especially with how close it comes to the yoke.
-I'm not a fan of the primary logo, I think it would work better if it was a bit less rectangular, though, because it smaller sizes it literally just looks like a rectangle.
+I like the callback to the 1980 jersey designs on the second 2 jerseys.
-That single star logo reminds me a bit of the Dallas Cowboys, though.
-Using the red pants on the second white jersey would really give it that 1980 look.
+The bottom blue jersey on here is probably my favorite of them all. Classy, traditional design, but the best part is the 13 stripes on the jersey: 5 on each arm plus the three hem stripes. Beautiful.
Overall: 8/10


And that's all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.
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DLowry said...

I'll second Jay's Vikinigs set

Chase A. Carlson said...

I'll third Jay's Vikings concept! SKOL!!!

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