Thursday: All Star by Smash Mouth But the Song is Replaced With This Post

Hello everyone, welcome back!

The NHL finally unveiled the All-Star game jerseys, and they are, for once, amazing.

Image via NHL.com
These jerseys basically embody all we've been asking for over the past few years. More traditional design? Done. Four jerseys for the four divisions? Done. Jerseys take from the host team's identity? Done.

The only negatives about this jersey I have are that the black and white jerseys are very bland and lack some color, especially the black since the yoke barely contrasts. My other issue is that the purple (or forum blue, but let's stick to purple for the sake of simplicity) and black jerseys may not contrast well enough, but that's also where the use of that barely-contrasting yoke is smart, as the white yoke of the purple jersey, along with the extra white on the socks of the purple jersey, help contrast it from the darker black jersey.

I think my favorites of the bunch are the purple and gold, mainly for the fact that they are colorful, and that I love the look of white contrasting a dark color in the way it does on the purple jersey. My personal ranking would be:

1. Purple (Central)
2. Yellow (Atlantic)
3. White (Metro)
4. Black (Pacific)
Overall rating: 9/10


This week we have the COTW vote like always, the COTW December vote, and the Americans Top-3 vote. Simple week overall, so go leave some votes!

COTW-December vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
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Jake M. - Estonia
+The design is very reflective of Adidas' style from the WCoH.
+Nice adaptation of their logo, it fits a hockey jersey better like this.
+The font looks nice on a jersey and it looks modern.
-Not a fan of the Adidas 3 stripes on the sides, but I know this is for realism.
-The black jersey would look nice with some hem stripes, but again I think this is fairly realistic.
+Good color balance, especially if the set has black pants.
-On that note, it would be nice to see the equipment.
Overall: 8/10

Kristo L. - San Jose Sharks
+I like the color palette here. I'm not a fan of orange for the Sharks, so I'm glad you left it out.
-Keep your striping more consistent; keep the hem, arm, and sock stripes the same sizes and same color per jersey.
+This design matches what I might expect Adidas to release, though.
-I'm not so sure that those shoulder stripes work, especially that thick. San Jose might not be the best team for shoulder stripes.
-Teal gloves might not work too well either, but they aren't bad. It would be best, realistically, to keep the gloves the same color.
Overall: 7.5/10

Lucas D. - Team Canada (World Cup of Hockey)
-Not the most creative concept, but I don't really think that's what you were going for.
+With the improvements you made, I like most of them.
+I like the added consistency between the logo, arm pattern, and numbers. Great touch.
+Separating the black and red on the red jersey is a good choice, they somewhat blend together on the WCoH jersey.
-Maybe it's just because I don't like Canada using black for anything other than an accent, but I don't really like the addition of a black alternate.
+It's a good jersey design wise, though. That's just my opinion on it. 
Overall: 8/10

Noah B. - San Jose Sharks (from The Season)
+I like the idea you had, hearkening back to the Sharks' pre-edge design.
+I like the color palette chosen, because just like I said in Kristo's review, I'm not a fan of orange with the Sharks.
+This is definitely a unique "striping" pattern.
+Good color balance.
-The teal and black may have some blending issues on the white jersey, I'd put some white between them.
+This is a design I think the Sharks could really pull off.
Overall: 8.5/10

Taylor R. - Dallas Stars
+I'm pretty sure we've all been wanting a Dallas alternate ever since their redesign.
+I think black is the way to go for a Dallas alt, if for no other reason than deviating from the usual green home jersey.
+The striping pattern looks great, and good job outlining the green stripe so it doesn't collide with the black.
+Good logo and font choice.
-Green pants are an interesting choice though. I feel like it wouldn't work, but I don't think I would truly know without seeing it on the ice or on a full body template. I also have similar sentiments about the green helmet, but I think it'd be better than the pants.
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW nomination


And that's all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!
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Unknown said...

I want to second Taylor Roy's Dallas design

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 3rd Taylor R. for COTW

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