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Hi everybody!  Welcome back to another HJC post.  This is actually your Friday writer, Steven Grant, writing this Sunday post today.  I'm filling in for the other Steven, Steven Marculaitis.

I figured since I'm filling in for him I should try write this post in Steven M's style, so I'm using his Positives/Negatives system for reviewing the concepts.  I also considered contacting the guys over at Rebirth Sports to possibly do a story about a new college jersey, but then I realized I wouldn't have time to do a proper write up.

Don't forget to vote for the COTW and the COTY 4th Quarter.  We also have the Maple Leafs Alternate competition, those entries are do Friday so get on that.

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Onto the concepts!

Kristo L - Minnesota Wild
Positives:  I like the boldness of the jersey stripes.  They have a vintage look to them but they also fit in with the style of recent NHL and World Cup jerseys.  I'm also a fan of the helmet stripe with the road jersey.
Negatives:  A lot of Kristo's recent concepts look quite similar, I'd like to see more variety.  Also the primary logos are too big, sleeve numbers should be added, and the second set of gloves are unnecessary.
Overall:  6.5/10

Lucas D - Ottawa Senators (#1)
Positives:  This review will sound very similar to my review of the matching dark jersey on Friday, but I like the return of the laurel-leaf pattern, and I also think it was smart to keep red and gold apart in the striping.  Using their side-profile logo was a great choice as well.
Negatives:  There are several execution errors, most tracing back to the use of a 3D template.  The stripes don't follow the topography of the template, the logo and stripes aren't centered on the front, and the helmet logo doesn't match the helmet's angle.  Also part of the sock was left black above the hockey stick.
Overall:  7.25/10

Lucas D - Ottawa Senators (#2)
Positives:  My positive points from the previous concept apply here as well.  In addition, I think sublimating the laurel-leaf pattern was a good idea, it makes the jersey look more timeless.
Negatives:  The same execution errors from above also affect this concept.  Comparing these two white jerseys I like the other shade of gold better, I don't think this lighter shade looks as good with the white.
Overall: 7/10

Lucas D - Hershey Bears
Positives:  The jagged stripes and numbers are very cool.  It's especially interesting seeing such a modern design for a franchise as old as the Hershey Bears (they've been around since the 1930's).  The retro third jersey also looks great (and it's making me want a chocolate bar).
Negatives:  This is minor, but the jagged stripe stops being jagged above the the name, I think it should stay jagged.
Overall:  9/10 COTW NOMINEE

Cedric C - Simon Fraser University
Positives:  Clearly a lot of thought was put into this concept, with the tartan in the logo and the reasoning for the placement of the player names.  The numbers on the pants are also a unique feature, and in general I like the striping pattern.
Negatives:  The logo is too big though.  Also the chest stripe and arm stripes don't quite match, I'd switch the chest stripe to match the arms.  I don't think the chest stripe works well with the back numbers either, maybe keep it on the front only.  Additionally the back of the collar doesn't match the front.
Positives:  The maple leaf hem design is perfect.  It's unique, it looks good, and it fits with the rest of the jersey.  The navy blue in the stripes is a good addition as well, and I actually prefer this logo even though it's a wordmark.
Negatives:  The logo's still a bit oversized though.  Also I don't know the rules for these university jerseys, but wouldn't the player's name be required somewhere on the jersey?
Overall:  7.5/10

Well that's all I have for you guys today.  Have a good week and I'll see you all again on Friday.
Sunday: Not Friday Reviewed by Steven Grant on January 15, 2017 Rating: 5

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Unknown said...

Gotta give COTW to Cedric, that set for SFU is beautiful. Also gotta support my local team! GO CLAN!

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