Saturday: 2017 COTY Semi-Finals

The winner of the 4th Quarter Vote was Avi...but that we already knew. Avi owned all 3 spots in this vote. However, it was his Ottawa Senators concept that proved to be the best according to you guys.

Full Results
The last time an Ottawa Senators concept won COTW-October and the 4th Quarter Vote was 2012. Justin C. did the same thing that year and went on to win his first of back-to-back Concept of the Year awards. Good luck to Avi!


The winner of the COTW vote for January 6-12 was JJ


Full Results
JJ's Americans concept entered the COTW by virtue of his Bring Back the Americans Competition win. There are two 2016 Competition winners in the COTY Semi-Finals votes. We shall see if that number will hold or increase in 2017 and will JJ's concept be there?


The 2016 Concept of the Year Semi-Finals are underway! The 1st Quarter Vote winner faces the 3rd Quarter Vote winner. And the 2nd Quarter Vote winner faces the 4th Quarter Vote winner. If you're logged into a Google account you will see the grey poll on the side of the page. Votes for both Semi-Finals will be counted until Friday at noon Eastern time.

1st Quarter Winner - Josiah B.
Josiah's Hamilton Bulldogs narrowly won the COTW-February vote by one vote over Taylor R. In the 1st Quarter Vote Josiah's win was by 6 votes over his competition, Matt M. and Chris W.

3rd Quarter Vote - Avi S.
As well all know, Avi owned the 2nd half of the calendar on HJC. This concept won the final COTW vote in September handily (by 30 votes). In September's monthly vote Avi slipped by Taylor, Lucas, and Jake with a 6 vote differential. Then in the 3rd Quarter Vote he won by 9 votes over JJ and Lucas.

2nd Quarter Vote - Matt M.
Matt's concept won the Falcons to Tucson Competition. After a weekly COTW win Matt's entry took out Dylan A. (by 1 vote), Jordan, Brooks, and myself in the COTW-May vote. The Quarter Vote was also very tight as Matt defeated his won Pairs Competition entry (with Dylan A.) and Josiah's concept 15-12-12.

4th Quarter Vote - Avi S.
Avi's Senators concept was the winner of the Ottawa Senators ReDesign Competition. One weekly win after that and Avi was in the COTW-October vote. The results of this vote were announced during Week 2 of The Season (also won by Avi). Avi squeezed out Taylor, Justin N., Brooks, and Steven G. The Quarter Vote results are explained above.

That all leads us to now. The 2016 Concept of the Year Semi-Finals. Josiah's Hamilton concept against Avi's Las Vegas concept in Semi-Final #1. Then Matt's Competition winner goes against Avi's Competition winner in Semi-Final #2. The two winners will be announced right here next week and will battle it out for the championship plaque.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the COTY vote, 2016 in general, or your involvement in any of the 2016 votes that you may remember.


We had 20 really great entries into the Maple Leafs 3rd Jersey Competition. All 20 are up for voting right now by clicking the banner at the top of the page. That will take you to the COMPETITION page where if you're logged into your Google account you will see the poll and be able to place your vote. Votes will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern time.


The new COTW nominees for January 13-19 have been listed on the side of the page in the black poll. Log into your Google account if the poll does not appear. Your vote will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern. The winner will be announced here next week.


COTY Semi-Final votes (end Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW Jan 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
TOR 3rd Jersey Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

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