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Welcome to another Monday post on HJC! Today is the first day of the new semester for me, bittersweet day!

Not a lot of jersey news (that was released while writing this, I'm sure the other writers have the Adidas news covered) in the NHL, so let's look at some speciality jerseys from the minors. 4 of these teams both honour an major league team (whether or not they are connected to the team) and call on the most well recognized looks from said team's history. 2 of the teams opted to advertise for/honour a certain film franchise...which one...scroll down to find out!

The Reading Royals opted to wear Flyers inspired white jerseys to honour their parent club, and while I don't usually like copying a team, these look pretty good.

Photo from Reading Royals Official Twitter (@RRoyalsHockey)

If there's one thing I lie, it's this colours scheme, lots of gold, lots of purple and adding orange looks regal, maybe a little halloweeny but still. The gold numbers look better on this jersey than on the Flyers 50th jersey, and with some alterations to make it theirs (swap the purple and orange on the arms and have a purple hem), this would beat their current away with the R alternate logos and two purple arm stripes and nothing else. It should be noted the team wore Flyers copies in 2011/12, but the addition of gold and orange to this jersey over black and purple on their own makes these much better.

Rating: 7.5/10

The Allen Americans opted to resemble the New York Americans from the pre-Original 6 era.

Photo from Allen Americans Official Twitter (@AllenAmericans)
If any team wears a Capitals copy well, it's the Americans, they really pull the stars off on any jersey they wear, and this is no exception. To get the real vintage look going they opted for all blue stripes and numbers, and red stars, w which while modern colour balancing would say this would not work, as a throwback I really like it, it's accurate to the era. Ditto for the barberpole stripe socks, though I could live without those personally. Some people really like them, I feel for the most part they don't work.

Rating: 8.5/10

In the AHL, the Ontario Reign (who are killing it in attendance this year, that switch to the AHL is really working for them) predictably called on the Gretzky era Kings jerseys for a throwback.

Photo from Ontario Reign Official Twitter (@ontarioreign)
This isn't the first time the Reign has done this throwback, they did so in the ECHL in 2009 for a couple games against Las Vegas and Idaho, since then sticking to fan votes allowing for other eras of Kings jerseys to be used. This jersey was worn against the Alberta Oilers throwback the Bakersfield Condors wore I reviewed about a month and a half ago for the AHL Outdoor Classic. I will say one thing the ECHL version had was a nice shoulder patch that this jersey is sorely missing.

Rating: 7/10- just a little too safe

Speaking of those Condors they threw a curve ball in the AHL Outdoor Classic by wearing, and I'm not kidding, a new jersey every period....and on top of that white helmets on a vintage white jersey instead of the much better looking blue one (I know Phil hates this look when Rockford does it so he's probably facedesking right now).

Photo from Bakersfield Condors Official Twitter (@Condors)
The jerseys remains the same, but what we get is 3 versions of the same jersey, to fit each logo's fans. The 2nd period jerseys are my favourite, but none of them are bad. I've already reviewed these jerseys and my opinion remains the same on them. Though again, why didn't they wear a blue helmet?! That brings it down several points.

Aside from vintage jerseys we also got a couple of unique Star Wars night jerseys in the AHL. Most Star Wars Nights involve a sublimated pattern of what a character from the movies wore (Rebel Soldier, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Rebel Pilot, Boba Fett, R2-D2, C-3PO, Han Solo etc.) and after about a decade of those designs, it's time to try something new.

The Texas Stars honoured the Rebels with these really sharp jerseys for the first period of their game, introducing Victory Green Squadron to the world.

Photo from Texas Stars Hockey Official Twitter (@TexasStars)
If either Stars team wants a striping pattern for a black alternate, this is what they should go with. It's simple but it really works. The logo they came up with also looks incredible! It doesn't directly reference the team aside from the colour of the Squadron, but it's unique to the team and doesn't pull away from the fact that this is a T-Stars jersey first.

Rating: 9/10

In Wilkes-Barre/Scranton the Baby Pens went to the dark side with these 90s inspired Darth Vader jerseys.

Photo from WBS Penguins Official Facebook Page
Call it the Imperial V or the Darth V if you want, I still like it. The logo itself is stock standard for a Star Wars logo, I think I've seen it on other Star Wars merchandise and I like it. However more so, like the potential this striping has to make an alternate. Slap the Robo-Pen or the script from the Jagr-era jerseys are you've got yourself a great alternate. I also really like the goalie gear here!

Rating: 8/10

Finally we had the Danbury Whalers Titans of the Federal League unveiling an one month alternate we've seen a few teams attempt in the past decade.

Photo from Danbury Titans Official Twitter (@Danbury Titans)
The Titans wear grey Pittsburgh style jerseys normally, which in their own right look good, but as a January alternate, these are neat. Sure Dallas, Sarnia, Saginaw and tried this but the neon makes me like it. It has a Tron feel to it that makes it work. Not to mention it's the Federal League, a league where the Cornwall Nationals wear sublimated waving flags every night for jerseys and look halfway decent, as do these.

Rating: 7.5/10

The first COTW vote of 2017 is on! We'll still have the 4th Quarter, Semi Finals and COTY finals vote to go in the coming weeks.

COTY December is on this week! Pick the last contest to enter the Quarter vote and seal off the COTY 2016 entries!

Finally there's the Americans Contest, which has entered its voting phase! Click on the patriotic banner above me to vote for the top 3 concepts!

COTW-December vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
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As you may know by now, I was the Boston Bruins in The Season. It was a lot of fun and Ryan came up with a really unique contest that I hope becomes a yearly thing. Congrats to Avi and thanks to the rest of the Season participants for making this a fun contest!

On with today's 5 concepts!


Chicago Blackhawks Concepts (By: Kristo L.)

+ These jerseys remind me a lot of those jersey onesies, and the Blackhawks one looks good (I own the Jets one JIC you're wondering)
+ I really like the colour arrangement on the white jersey's hem, but both jerseys do a good job balancing colours and remaining true to the Blackhawks look without straying too much or too little
+ Decent execution

- I think this is the 2014 Olympics template with the Nike logo applied to it. While this may look good I highly doubt Adidas will go with this template, it's not a big deal but worth pointing out
- Logo is much too large
- I feel is the arm stripes matched the sock stripes these would look really nice, especially the white jersey
- Shoulder patches and numbers on the front of the helmet are missing 

Rating: 6.5/10

Vegas Golden Knights Logo Concepts (By: Matt D.)

+ Logo concepts are hard, and what Matt has created here is professional grade. No matter my opinion of the logo the execution is excellent and I want to see more
+ The design of the Knight its is really solid, most knight logos fall apart because the armour looks disproportionate to the rest of the body/head
+ I could see both logos on a jersey, though I definitely think the shield logo would make the better primary
+ The crossed hockey sticks pose of the knight on the shield is a great pose for a knight

- Not a huge fan of the green, using silver would look better, or maybe navy
- The script on the shield dons't really match the rest of either of the logos, especially with the gradient

Ratings: Roundel 8/10, Shield 8.5/10

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Tyler M-S.)

+ The jerseys themselves look fantastic, I would love to see this used for a 80s/90s throwback
+ Using the Johnny Canuck logo as a primary logo will be the most obvious change in the next few years and it'll look good no matter the colour scheme
+ Good execution for the most part

- Primary logos,  Helmet logos and pant logos are much too small
- While it doesn't look bad, I think the Johnny Canuck logo with the head and the V would look better in this colour scheme
- A shoulder patch like the interlocking VC or even the Skate on a plate

Rating: 6.25/10

Seattle Thunderbirds WHL Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ Nice work moving away from the Whalers copies while also keeping the colour scheme intact
+ I love the green jersey, it looks incredible and there's just enough blue to keep it balanced
+ Green helmet!
+ The Totems fauxback looks amazing! It's not the same green Red Wings copy 1965-74 jerseys and actually matches the logo better than the original
+ Great execution

- Swap blue and green on the white jerseys, and back the numbers on the back blue to better balance the colours
- I really like the 1965-74 Totems script and would love to see it on the jersey

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me!

Monday: Retropalooza Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on January 09, 2017 Rating: 5

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Unknown said...

To be fair, having the white helmets was annoying but instead, playing this game in the pouring rain distracted me from it. The ice was flooded so much that even Zdeno Chara would only be able to have his regular slap shot go only 5 feet forward

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