Monday: Off to Norgeville

Welcome to the HJC Monday post, and happy new year!

On Wednesday, Phil gave his thoughts on 2016 hockey design wise...and in a lot of ways it did. The Belleville Senators were revealed to be nothing more than copies of a Senators team that has been out of date for nearly a decade, the St. Louis Blues, Ottawa Senators (here's the logo on the actual jerseys, much better than the chrome)and New York Rangers all brought out extremely lacklustre anniversary logos, and a lot of mediocre designs. Some may say that after last year's great logo unveiling and 2013/14 giving us the new Stars look, we have been spoiled over the past three seasons...but I don't but that by that. In fact, I think 2016 had a lot of great designs...let's talk about them.

Florida, Vegas and Toronto all unveiled great logos. The Florida jerseys we can agree to disagree on but their logo set is absolutely gorgeous, one of the best designs of the decade. Toronto's logo change really did show how out of date their previous logo was, having used it in some form since 1970, 46 years of the same logo with only one update in 1982 and a minor colour change in 1987. Vegas's primary logo is a real winner in my opinion. The hidden V on the front of the mask where the face would be I think saves the logo from being too generic, and while some may rightfully say the colour scheme is too dark, I quite like it, especially the add-on of red we'll see on the numbers and likely on the jersey. The good logos don't end in the NHL though. In the ECHL the Worcester Railers HC's logo, despite not being used until this fall, brought an original look to Worcester that has had one since the Ice Cats. The Ice Caps, Moose and Griffins all had great one off logos, whether they were for a charity, military tribute or a fauxback they all added something.

The All Star jerseys proved me wrong by using a beveled font, and saving themselves from being the worst ASG jerseys since the bland white jerseys of 2003 or the equally bland 1979 jerseys. The outdoor game logos were pretty good and I think this is the first time in a while since the introduction of the Stadium Series we've had all the Outdoor game jerseys at least be good, the Leafs Centennial Classic jersey proved to be one of my favourites after seeing it on the ice (I'll give it an 8.5/10 now). The World Cup had a lot of duds but the NAU23 team and Team Europe's white jerseys were pretty solid, and the obvious USA white jersey/Sweden jerseys were also good. Sure Canada was hit or miss and the Czechs blew it by breaking the law.

So overall, 2016 had some design duds, and a few let downs...Belleville... but it wasn't doom and gloom and I obviously don't think that's what Phil meant in his post, but I kinda wanted to focus on the positives because most years are like this...look at 2004...we got the Minnesota red jersey, Atlanta's baby blue alternate, the Texas Wildcatters, the Las Vegas Wranglers and great set of both All Star games and logos jerseys, but we also got the Columbus black alternate, Anaheim black alternate, the Mooterus, a hideous draft logo, the Toronto Roadrunners, the Brandon Wheat Kings went vegas gold for one season and several other minor leagues that no longer exist... Yeah so I mean, do that experiment for yourself, pick a year and see the good/bad and check out how it stacks up to 2016 or 2015 or 1967 or 1917.

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On to today's four concepts!


Vegas Golden Knights Concepts (By: Burkus Circus)

+ Vegas's logo lends itself well to the chest stripe look
+ Colour balancing is pretty decent, since Burkus wants to make gold the main colour but white jersey doesn't lose much black
+ Nice work with the shoulder patches, the basics of executions are for the most part here

- If you're not gonna put the back of the jersey on, which I always prefer seeing but you don't need to include, it's always prefer you add tv numbers
- The logo is far too low on the jersey
- Would like some red in the striping

Rating: 5.5/10

Nashville Predators Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Home and road are a good inverse of each other, but there's a hint of what they currently wear in the striping
+ Alternate I think I've seen in some form from Lucas before but it looks great and is a good call back to the less successful early years of the franchise
+ Good execution

- Lack of shoulder patches really hurts a team like Nashville with two fantastic alternate logos, I would have put the old Tower logo on the shoulders of the yellow jersey and the guitar picks on the home and road, leaving the NP for the gear and possible helmets
-The navy collar on the blue jersey isn't the worst choice, but I would have done a multi stripe collar so there's some colour, but not a completely solid white collar
- Cuffs on the arms would look pretty solid and add some colour

Rating: 7.75/10

Seattle Metropolitans Concepts (By: Ben S.)

+ While I'm not usually a fan of roundels as primary logos, this one works pretty well, especially with the iconic Seattle skyline
+ Throwing back to the champion 1917 Mets is not a bad idea, and the logo looks good in the standard Seattle colour scheme
+ I like the script o the alternate helmet
+ Good execution

-  The white jersey needs more navy on the hem and on the socks, but the arms are okay, to keep them from being the 1993 Whalers
- Not a fan of the numbers on the back
- Pant stripe on the alternate are too thick
- Ditch the all neon green NOB on the alternate, it makes a great outline colour but not much else

Ratin: 7/10

Stavanger Oilers GET- Ligaen Concept (By: Jake M.)

+ Years ago I called Jake88 the Euro master because he made concepts for European teams in almost all leagues and brought some Euro to a generally North America oriented blog. Since then we've had an increase in European concepts but Jake was one of the first I remember, and this is no exception 
+ The team currently wears something semi similar to these, but covered in ads and gold helmets, so right away I really like the logo dominated jersey 
+ The font chosen for the back looks really nice, and matches the logo pretty well
+ Good execution

- The O thing on its own would make a great shoulder patch, and make the jersey more excited
- Wouldn't have mind the gold helmets staying 

Rating: 8.5/10 

Fun fact, their champions league jerseys have big red spots on the arm, I guess because they're from Norway (it's actually a sponsorship..and entire arm is one sponsor) but I think they're really cool looking and if you think they're cool, here's a link, add it to your collection. 

Monday: Off to Norgeville Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on January 02, 2017 Rating: 5


Lucas D. said...

The Senators started to wear their much-improved anniversary patch on the chest, as well as the league-mandated 100th anniversary patch on the arm. Check pictures or highlights of yesterday's game...

Burkus, great digital start!

winnipegjets96 said...

@Lucas, I was watching that game last night after the Centennial Classic and yeah they do look much better, not enough to completely save the logo but it looks better. I'll add a link to a photo in the post

Unknown said...

Toronto's jersey definitely looked better on ice, while Detroit's looked worse imo. Toronto's really only looked better because everything that was bad with them was hidden from the views of the jerseys. Detroit's just ended up looking worse as they were shown to be exactly what they were, bland.

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