Wednesday: Shoulder Shrug

Today we have two concepts that have shoulder numbers. One of my least favorite design elements to come out of hockey recently. Pittsburgh's Stadium Series jerseys, Florida's new set, Edmonton's alternates. Now we have two concepts here with them, however one of them is an existing jersey made better by them. We'll take a look at it in a bit, but first, your weekly-mid week recap and preview of the Season.

We have 4 undefeated teams, but only 3 of them were perfect. Amur tied 18-18 with Brynas, and are now leading Division B with 5 points at 2-0-1. 5 teams have been eliminated in Washington, Barys Astana, Chicago and Everett. Pittsburgh and Carolina are on their deathbeds, 4 points out with 2 games to go. The real fun is going to be in Division C. Ottawa and New York. New York leads by a vote differential of 7 over Ottawa, and for that matter leads the entire league by a 1 vote difference over Colorado, with a +61. These two teams will battle it out for first place, with the winner clinching a playoff berth. Anaheim and Milwaukee should be interesting too, with both teams battling for a playoff spot, as Anaheim is 3 points back of first, Milwaukee 2 back. This is only getting better, but because you make it good. VOTE!

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. Unfortunately no USA concepts, but regardless, this will be a day that lives in infamy, so I dedicate this to the Veterans of World War II and their families, especially those directly affected by the Day that forced us into World War II. You'll never be forgotten. 

Here are today's entries for the HJC Concept of the Year Logo Competition:

Justin N:

Phil B:

Don't forget to vote for Concept of the Week as usual.


COTW Nov 25 - Dec 1 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTY 2016 logo entries (due Friday @ noon ET)
The Season Week 4 vote (Ends Friday @ noon ET)


Avi S: St. Louis Blues Concept

We start with what looks like a hybrid of the Nashville Predators and Brooklyn. By that of course, I mean the thin stripes on the arms. There are 5 this time, instead of the Islanders' 4, plus a nice little cuff pattern that matches the hem well. To be fair, St. Louis pulled it off first during the red era. Lettering and numbering are perfect, and no yellow in the lettering is the right call. It flows very well with the hem pattern, too. Never was a fan of navy in St. Louis, but it looks fabulous here as an alternate. Would be interesting to see how this would look with a shoulder patch of some sort, maybe the Gateway Arch roundel logo?

Rating: 96%

Lucas D: Vancouver Canucks Concept

Johnny Canuck is back, and should be the primary logo, but Orca Bay S&E won't do that as long as they own the team, so we deal with the Orca logo. And now you know why it won't happen. Here Lucas does two things with the main set. First, he uses a set of stripes at the joint of the shoulders and the arms in addition to the traditional arm stripes in order to surround the numbers. Jury is out on that look. Second, he uses the same exact green-white-blue-white-green striping pattern on both jerseys to create the illusion of two different patterns, something the Canucks currently employ. On the alternate, he takes the normal Millionaires jersey and adds shoulder numbers. One of the few cases I like it, because it would otherwise interfere with the stripes on the entire length of the arm.

Rating: 89%

Scott D: Florida Panthers Concept

Scott throws back the Panthers back a bit with design elements on the white jersey primarily, then transferring it to the red without the yoke. I wish that the Panthers used a different shade of gold so that it didn't get lost against the white. Alternate is a nice fauxback, one similar to that which the Panthers FO may have in mind when they release it either next year or the year after, as per the terms of the rebrand. No shoulder numbers a plus.

Rating: 85%

Zach R: Winnipeg Jets Concept

So here we take the home uniforms, add red to the numbers, add a white yoke, and OH MY GOODNESS WHAT WAS THAT? It's a Jet streaking up the arms, which forces you to use shoulder numbers. Credit for going out of the box, but I don't think it worked. I love the additional red. I'm a sucker for white yokes. The streaking Jet arm pattern doesn't fly here though (ba-dum tssss). Shoulders looked even more cramped now with those numbers.

Rating: 72%

The winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Another week in the books, but we are starting to run dry here, as we only have four concepts this week, as opposed to the massive posts of the last two weeks. Send us those Vegas Golden Knights concepts you've all been working on. I'll send in a few of my old competition entries for review, and maybe some new stuff. Feel free to join me. Until next week!
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Unknown said...

I really hope Justin started that COTY logo before I sent mine in ...

winnipegjets96 said...

Scott D. for COTW

Unknown said...

Personally his looks too football-ish for my tastes anyway, and while I see you're point, I think there's enough of a difference to have it stand (lack of serifs in outlines, larger "YEAR" with different shades of maroon, narrower "CONCEPT", dark maroon outlines between regular maroon and cream).

Unknown said...

No, I mean it's the exact same font (sans-serif) and a very similar font for "of the". I like it, but c'mon.

Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Avi

Richard Mazella said...

Whatever happened to the search bar?

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