Wednesday: ROAD TRIP

I write this Wednesday morning after returning from Boston. Great time, nerve-racking win after Greiss was peppered with 50 shots, allowing only 2 goals in a 4-2 win. Rask had a poor night, pulled in the middle of the second giving up 3 goals,, including 2 soft ones from Lee and Kulemin. Shoutout to the great Bruins fans we sat with in section 316, except this one crazy fan that thought it would be genius to throw a cup of beard with mustard on it at me and my friend. I won't let one fan spoil the bunch, though because the other Bruins fans around us enjoyed us yelling jokes about how the Islanders were going to blow it like usual.

Another arena off the checklist, with Carolina the next to target. That may have to be put on hold though, because around the time of the Islanders trip to Philadelphia, there's an awesome museum exhibit opening up in Philadelphia that I'd love to see with my friends. Maybe I'll try to get an HJC shirt or hat made up for future road trips. HJC meetup anyone?


The match ups were set for the playoffs, with Colorado clinching the number 1 overall seed, set up for a match with San Jose. Colorado won the group stage match with the Sharks so it will be interesting to see if new concepts can change things. Colorado has changed from a burgundy base color to a navy blue, while San Jose's new whites bring back ideas of the arched designs from the 2000s.

Division B competition resulted in Amur Khaborvsk and Milwaukee pitted against each other. Week 1 saw Milwaukee getting hammered by Amur, so with new jerseys, they hope to change their luck. Amur breaks out the chest stripe for this one, ditching the side panels and the wordmark logo. Milwaukee brings a brand new roundel logo and chest stripe, paired with vintage stitching on the numbers on the back.

Division C brings us a rematch of the closest match this Season not resulting in a tie. Ottawa gave New York the help they needed by defeating Minnesota, despite New York' loss to Washington to close out the year. Now the teams switch venues as we head up to Ottawa for this one. The Senators changes are minimal, changing the shade of gold to the gold used on the original Senators logo, while sublimating the laurel pattern into it, as opposed to the stand-out black laurel. New York goes all out on the changes, with side panels blending into the upper arms, blue underneath it with the four Brooklyn stripes on the arms and the NY alternate logo. Major change from their more conservative set from the group stage. A huge risk that could either push them over the edge or blow up in their faces with a radical design, but that's a choice you will have to make alongside two others by voting here.

COTW vote as usual, as we near ever closer to COTY (Congrats Brendan on the logo win).


COTW Dec 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
The Season Quarterfinal vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)


Brooks F: Moose Jaw Warriors (WHL) Concept

Moose Jaw gets a much needed update here with Brooks' continuing redesign of the Dub. We have a main set in which the striping is identical to the finest detail, including the yokes. The alternate is brilliant, but those socks are an absolute no-no. A mainly red uniform with a black body doesn't bode well with me. Black socks and black helmet please. The helmet especially, since what I've seen with the Islanders first black jerseys.

Rating: 80%

J.J. A: Philadelphia Flyers Stadium Series Concept

The first of two similar concepts, but acceptable since its for the same event. the Flyers in black is good. The dominance of orange over white as a secondary color is good. The hem trim is "meh". The numbers on the yoke are bad. The white striping on the arms would be a perfect spot, including an orange outline. That nameplate is small, but that's because of a feature I'm no fan of either: the overlapping yoke. I like the bell logo, but I'd rather have white trim on the bell so that it works on the shoulders.

Rating: 77%

J.J. A: Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series Concept

Again a similar concept, but the center stripe on the arms and socks is removed to draw inspiration from the Pittsburgh Pirates NHL team. Same complaints about numbers, name/yoke and patch location. This one is slightly better though because of the Pirates touches.

Rating: 78%

Lucas D: Vancouver Canucks Concept

Lucas goes back to the original Orca Bay colors while dropping the whale and keeping the modernized stick in the rink logo. The catch with this one is the gradient in the striping, a neat nod to their alternate from the era without going as crazy as they did for that alternate. I still think it would look better with white instead of grey on the navy jersey, and maybe just removing the grey on the white jersey with the new striping a simple burgundy to blue gradient. The alternate here is the same one I reviewed a few weeks ago, so if you want it, click here. Not a fan of repeats, even if its a new set alongside the repeat concept.

Rating: 79%

Tyler M-S: Edmonton Oilers Concept

Tyler does me a huge favor here and correctly positions the TV numbers on the sleeves where they belong, in my opinion. Other than that, no major changes on that orange jersey from their current alternates, besides changing up the yoke style to a squared-off yoke with white trim on the bottom. Classier look than the current alts. For the matching road, Tyler uses orange as the main secondary color, with blue as a tertiary trim. The double font outline kills it though. Plus with a mainly blue and white logo, I don't know if this would pass for me, even with the fix of the outline. Could use pant stripes. EXECUTION NOTE: Look at the upper left corner. You seem to have left an extra Oilers logo on blue when you were trying to place helmet logos. It's the details that matter, Tyler.

Rating: 82%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is


Sorry, but sometimes you have those days where you get good concepts but the minor details can prevent a nomination. However, you may feel otherwise. If you think I'm making a stupid mistake with this, let me know in the comments below, while nominating a concept for COTW. Tune in next week for my final post....

.... of 2016. BYE!
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winnipegjets96 said...

I'll throw a COTW Nom to Lucas D. for that Canucks concept, the white jersey in that set would make Ed Jovanovski proud

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