Tuesday: Sweater Weather

Welcome to this Tuesday's post! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Since there's no news, and the only thing known to be coming up is Pictures from the outdoor games, I encourage you to share what jerseys you got in the comments! I unfortunately didn't any, but I did get a new pair of skates! 

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On to the concepts!!!


Lucas D.- 2018 Winter Classic (NHL)
Lucas brings us his idea for the 2018 Winter Classic. The NHL has already started repeating matchups, so why not another one? And with the Hawks of course! It wouldn't be an outdoor game without them right? 

  • Like I said above, very realistic. This could actually happen...
  • Chicago has never worn red outdoors, so this is a good choice!
  • I like that Pittsburgh is a little more black heavy than their current aways...
  • Can't go wrong with a tie down for a Winter Classic! 
  • I like the old striping pattern, logo, and simple numbers for Chicago.


  • While I do like that the Pittsburgh jersey is more black heavy, it does need a little more yellow...
  • No Crossed Tomahawk patches? They've had those every year since they switched to this style...
  • I'd also like to see equipment. They could add some much needed yellow to the Pens... Or at least socks... I can assume the sock pattern for both, but I'm not 100% sure. Especially for Pittsburgh. Do they have the normal road socks? Do the socks match the striping pattern? 

My rating: It's a fantastic uniform matchup, and even if it's the Hawks again next year, this would make it a bit more tolerable! But also, as much as I enjoy your concepts, they're incomplete without equipment... 8/10

Phil B.- Vegas Golden Knights (NHL) 
Next up we have Phil with his prediction for the Knights! 

  • I really like the Slate Grey home jersey! 
  • I also like the striping pattern. It would be a very good look for the Knights! 
  • I also like the Canuck-esque  "V"s on the sleeves. Fantastic idea there! 
  • The more I look at this concept, the more I like the number font! 
  • Good job keeping the equipment simple. It's already a busy look. 


  • I already said it was a busy look, but the shoulder yokes really clutter the sweaters. losing those would be much better. 
  • You used the secondary logo, which has red, but there was no red anywhere else...
  • The gold NOB & #OB of the home jersey is hard to read... 
  • Adidas logo should be the manufacturer logo on back as they take over next year, which would be the first season of the Knights...  

My rating: I'd love to see Vegas start out in these! 7/10

Lucas D.- Stadium Series 2017 (NHL) 
Lucas's second concept of the day is also his second Stadium Series concept! This one is a fix of this year's matchup! 

  • The yellow-black matchup looks great!
  • White numbers for Philly works much better than black numbers!
  • I do like the orange nameplate on here
  • The Colored upper sleeves on the Pens jersey looks great, and fits their branding perfectly! 
  • Logos look great!
  • I also really like the striping pattern on both jerseys... The two on Pittsburgh's, and the 4 on Philly's really compliment each other (Although, if you're counting Cups, they should be reversed. HA! GOT EM!) 
  • I also really like that thin shoulder yoke for the Flyers... 


  • The Pens jersey is really bare. It needs something. I think a tail stripe would really help it.
  • The manufacturer logo on the back should be Reebok, as Adidas doesn't take over until next year. 

My rating: A much better look for the outdoor game this year! But no equipment really hurts this concept... 8/10

Brooks F.- Red Deer Rebels (WHL; CHL)
Brooks first of the Afternoon brings us a redesign of the Red Deer Rebels for his CHL redesign series! 

  • I always think of the Rebels as a Black-Red-White team, so red as an alt. is a good choice. 
  • The striping pattern really matches the Horns on the logo...
  • The Modified Kings font does as well
  • Good choice on the simple helmet and breezers!


  • I don't really like how you used grey/silver for the alt. but didn't include it on the home and road...
  • You used "15" for the number so it fits on the back and on the little sleeve area, but if you were to use a wider number, like 55, or 24, it would be overlapping the stripes everywhere, and wouldn't looks as professional. Using a thinner font, or widening out the distance between the two side panels and the shoulder yoke design. 
  • You're missing the manufacturing logo

My Rating: As much as I think of the Rebels as a more traditional team, in at least the sweaters that they wear, this works incredibly well! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!  

Brooks F.- Prince George Cougars (WHL; CHL) 
Brooks continues his CHL redesign series with his second of the day for the Prince George Cougars!
  • I really like the gradient on the black jersey!
  • The number font works really well with the logos and the design of the jersey
  • Fauxback looks great! 
  • Good choice using the old logo. The current is pretty bad...
  • I do like the sleeve length yoke with the tapered end.

  • The White jersey has the same problems as the Winnipeg Jets current road. The stripes work on the sleeve length yoke, but are too light on the hem and socks. Even using an extra black outline on the stripes would improve that. 
  • #OB on the white jersey is also too light, and would be very hard too see... 
  • Missing the manufacturing logo

My rating: A great update for a team that REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, (yes, that is the main logo sublimated in light blue) needs it... 7.5/10


Well, that's all for today! Come back next week for more from me! Happy New Year!!!
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winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Brooks F's Red Deer concept for COTW

Unknown said...

Lucas' Stadium Series for COTW

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