Tuesday: Jerseys Through the Era's...

Welcome to this Tuesday's post!!! There's not much for news. but I've decided to talk about something different this post.

Since yesterday was the 99th anniversary of the NHL, I'm going to show which jersey best represents each era of Hockey by the decade. 

1900's-1910's- The Ottawa Senators
The Ottawa Senators original barberpole jerseys were some of the most common designs during the roaring 00's. The Habs even changed to something like this. (Which forced them into wearing a blue chest striped alt. during games against the Sens. The next year, the classic Habs sweater was born!)

1920's- The Montreal Canadiens 
When you think old time hockey, you think of the Habs... It's as simple as that...

1930's- The New York Rangers
The Classic Blue Shirts Sweater is definitely 1930's. It may have been first introduced in the 20's, but it's still distinctly 30's. 

1940's-The Toronto Maple Leafs
The Simplicity of the sweater, and the logo, along with the socks that had many different stripes is truly part of the 40's. 

1950's- The Chicago Blackhawks
 The Hawks were still trying to perfect their classic sweaters, and many of the elements clashed and overran each other...

1960's-The Detroit Red Wings
The colored sleeves were added in the 60's, and have been a staple of the Red Wings ever since. 

1970's- The Minnesota Fighting Saints
When you think of hockey in the 70's you think of these... You think of the Carlson err... Hanson Brothers.

1980's- The Edmonton Oilers
Gretzky and the Oilers defined the 80's hockey universe. And they established their dynasty in these beauties! 

1990's- The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
Jade, eggplant, silver, and black are definitely a 90's color scheme. Everyone was trying to be tough and radz and scary. And had to create some of the stupidest team nicknames ever... (Case in point) 

2000's- The Minnesota Wild
Goodbye traditional stripes, hello sleeve length yokes. The Wild did it the most appropriately however... 

2010's- Dallas Stars
The return of color!!! A beautiful look compared to the dark, drab styles from before...

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On to the Concepts!!!


Lucas D.- Philadelphia Flyers Stadium Series (NHL)
Lucas's first concept of the day, was a guess for the Flyer's Stadium Series jersey!
  • I really like how it's close to the Penguins jersey. It makes it very realistic, as many of the Stadium Series Jerseys are close each other. It makes your concept seem very real. Nice job!
  • No contrasting nameplate!
  • I like the shoulder numbers, and how they are simplified...
  • I really like the sleeves striping pattern
  • I love the Keystone sleeve patch

  • The arms do look a little cluttered with the sleeve patches
  • The manufacturer's logo on the back should still be Reebok, not Adidas because it's for this years's SS game...

My rating: A very good prediction for what the Flyers could have unveiled, and much better than what they did! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!! 

Tyler M-S.- Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Tyler gives us his fix of the LA Kings! 
  • I do like the more grey-heavy look for the Kings
  • The simple equipment looks great!
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the crown logo as the main logo! (Much better than home plate) 
  • Shoulder patches look good too

  • Pretty much the lone problem in this concept is a huge one... The silver/grey numbers are really hard to read, and would not be seen outside the first couple rows of the arena. The Kings had the same problem with the original Gretzky-era jerseys, but they fixed that the year after.

My rating: Those grey numbers take away from a fantastic concept... 8/10 

Lucas D.- Washington Capitals (NHL) 
Lucas's second concept of the day brings us a Caps concept with the Weagle front and center!
  • Weagle looks fantastic!
  • I like the striping pattern
    • The Stars in the sleeves looks great!
  • I really like the blue base of the jersey! 

  • I don't like the inconsistency between the thickness of the stripes. The chest stripe is wider than the arms'...
  • The numbers could really benefit from a red outline

My rating: A solid alt. look for the Caps, but needs a little bit of work... 7.5/10

Lucas D.- Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) 
Lucas completes his hattrick of concepts (All from the Metropolitan Division at that) with this Penguins concept!
  • I really like the double blue color scheme!
  • I really like the effort in keeping the light blue and white from not touching. They blend together if they do, so nice job there...
  • I do like the Skating Penguin outside of the triangle

  • The Skating Penguin on the white jersey needs a light blue outline... 

My rating: A very well done Penguins Concept! 8/10

Brooks F.- Prince Albert Raiders (WHL; CHL) 
Brooks continues his Canadian Hockey League redesign with the Prince Albert Raiders!
  • I really like the Striping pattern, it fits wonderfully with the logo!
  • Same can be said for the number font!
  • I like the green heavy main jerseys

  • The Black alt. doesn't really fit with the rest of the set, and the "RAIDERS" wordmark isn't the strongest logo... 
  • The Collar inserts aren't necessary because there's no logo to put there... 
  • The main logo is a little small
  • The NOB and #OB are a little off-centered 

My rating: It looks nice, but there's a few execution errors 6.5/10


Well that's all for today! Come back next week for more from Me! Don't forget to vote! 

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