Tuesday: It's Growing on Me...

Welcome to this Tuesday's post!!! There's pretty much no new news... Vegas and Army's case hasn't come along at all, and we still don't know anything about the Flyers SS and the All-Star game sweaters. 

So since there's not much to talk about, I'm going to show you some uniforms that have been kinda questionable to me, but have slowly gotten better... I know this has been done by other writers, but I figured what the heck, it's my turn!

Arizona Coyotes-
I really didn't like these when they were unveiled. I thought it was a downgrade... But after watching these jerseys for a couple years, and looking back at old photos, these are much better! They added that third color, black, which the Yotes needed in their sweaters desperately, and made them much more original. I like the road better, because it doesn't have a hanging color on the sleeves and socks. The new AZ patch is also much better than the A-paw patch. (I might have to pick one up before they move to Seattle!) 

Toronto Maple Leafs-
While most casual fans probably didn't even notice a change, all of us jersey nerds did, and most people didn't like it. I wasn't sure about the two stripes on the socks instead of the three northwestern stripes, but I slowly have been liking it more and more. The road jersey is, again, my favorite, as it looks a little cleaner than the blue. I also like how the cut of the jersey is a little bigger, so it reminds me of the old sweaters, especially when the players raise their arms. 

Colorado Avalanche Alts.-
I hate the Avs... And their uniforms... But this one has grown one me. It's much better, and more traditional than their templated, piping crap that they wear regularly. The navy looks good, and works well with the burgundy. Burgundy equipment would make this much better, but it works anyways, I guess...

Florida Panthers-
Now you might be wondering why I'm just showing the road jersey, and that's because I love the home jersey, but I thought the blue numbers on the road threw off the color balance. But the more I see this jersey, the more I think that the blue numbers work. The shoulder numbers are also fantastic! 

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On to the Concepts!


Zack R.- Marquette Crows 
Zack here brings us a concept for the Marquette Crows! I'm not really sure if this is a fictional concept, or if it's a minor of junior hockey team, because I couldn't find anything about the them. 
  • Color scheme is great, and great choice in making the main color light blue!
  • The shoulder logo reminds me off the Skating Penguin logo. It looks great! 
  • Font matches the sweaters pretty nicely.

  • The silver is used a little too much, and pushes out other colors, like yellow.
  • You have the Yellow-on-White syndrome on the white jersey's striping pattern
  • The home NOB and #OB need yellow, while the road's needs more blue

My rating: It's almost there, it just needs a little more work. 7/10

Taylor R.-Victoria Royals (WHL;CHL) 
Taylor continues his Canadian Hockey League redesign, this time with the Victoria Royals!
  • The striping reminds me of the Sharks original jerseys, which is very good! 
  • I really like the Winnipeg Jets font used here
    • Black NOB was a great choice
  • Collars look fantastic! 
  • I like the secondary logo on the shoulders and breezers

  • The road helmet should be black
  • The shoulder logos also look a little small.
  • You forgot the CHL logo on the back of the hem stripe

My rating: Looks much better than their Lightning copy! 8.5/10

John E.- Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series (NHL) 
John here gives us his take on the Penguins jerseys for their upcoming Stadium Series game!
  • I really like the double blue with the yellow!
  • I like how the striping pattern reflects the robo-penguin logo.

  • You made the striping match the robo-penguin, but you used the old skating penguin logo with the scarf... It's the Stadium Series jersey, which is supposed to be pretty modern, and it is! But the main logo doesn't match. 
  • The triangle pattern on the socks doesn't work very well...
  • The navy the Penguins used was a lot darker than the shade you used. It doesn't contrast as well as it could against the powder blue... 

My rating: It's very modern, but it still needs some more consistency... 6.5/10

Lucas D.- Arizona Coyotes (NHL) 
Lucas's concept today is his take on the Arizona Coyotes!

  • The simple striping pattern looks good
  • The logo is also a great choice!
  • Current font looks good!
  • Also great choice on using the far more superior, AZ logo!
  • The beige for the road looks fantastic!


  • The orange is WAY to hard to tell apart from the Maroon. It works for the stripes, I guess, but I can't even tell it's around the NOB and #OB until I zoom in. 

My rating: A very solid concept for the Yotes! 8/10

Avi S.- Ottawa Senators Color Rush/ Alt (NHL)
Avi continues his Color rush series with the Sens!

  • I love the striping pattern!
  • The logo choice is great!
  • I really like the modified Alfredsson-era font!


  • Maybe a little more gold??? That logo is really gold heavy...

My rating: A fantastic Sens concept! Fantastic work as always Avi! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!

Well that's all for today folks! Come back next week! And DON"T FORGET TO VOTE!
Tuesday: It's Growing on Me... Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on December 06, 2016 Rating: 5


Tederifico said...

Sorry...why should the road helmets be black on the Royals kit? Because they are black now? I hope not, because to say that to me defeats the idea of a concept jersey page. I like the blue helmet - there is too much black out there in the hockey uniform world. We need more colour.

Chase A. Carlson said...

Tederifico, The black helmets would better match the black breezers better than the blue helmets would. I agree that hockey sweaters in general have WAY to much black, but it's part of this teams color scheme, and Taylor included it in his concept...

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