Tuesday: ALL VEGAS

Welcome to this Tuesday's post!!! Today everything is about the Vegas Golden Knights! All of our concepts are for the Vegas Golden Knights, and I'm going to talk about them a little bit beforehand... 

As you probably have already heard, the Vegas Golden Knights had their trademark request denied. While this doesn't necessarily surprise me, I was surprised by the NHL's choice to defend the Knights. I think they should have made the Knights change their name, because the NHL won't be able to make any money from the merchandise. It can be made and sold by anyone, without any legal repercussions. On top of this, the Army could bring down the house in one felt swoop, and win by a mile in a trademark infringement trial. The logos are very close, and even if you don't think so, the court might. They did think that this logo infringed on this one... 

                            Army logo                                                            Vegas Logo
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On to the VEGAS concepts!!!


Ben S.- Vegas Golden Knights (NHL)
Ben's concept for the day gives his look for the Vegas Golden Knights!

  • I like the emphasis on gold. Makes sense for the GOLDEN Knights
  • I do like the striping pattern on the jersey and socks
  • I actually like the vegas wordmark with the logo! 
  • I do like the gold Habs-esque alt.


  • The pants stripe doesn't really fit with the striping pattern on the home and road jerseys
  • The black jersey is a little too cluttered with the shoulder yoke...
  • The font is really out of place
  • Gold numbers don't work here. The gold is too light for the road jersey, and too dark on the home
  • The road jersey could also use a little more black
  • I also don't like the dropping of red here

My rating: It's interesting, but still needs a few tweaks. 7/10

Brian B.- Vegas Golden Knights (NHL)
Our next Vegas concept comes from the mind of Brian B! 

  • I really like the slate grey body!
  • Number font matches the jersey 
  • I do like the inclusion of red!
  • Striping pattern looks similar to the Ducks current alt. which looks great!


  • N&#OB are a little big, and up too high. The NOB shouldn't be squishing the reebok logo up against the collar like that.
  • Helmet logo?

My rating: A very realistic looking concept for the Golden Knights!  9/10

Ryan C.- Vegas Golden Knights (NHL)
Ryan has the third Vegas concept of they day! 

  • I really like the striping pattern, especially on the black jersey.
  • I do like some more red in the logo
  • These sweaters remind me of the original Ottawa Senators set! (The 90's Sens, not the 20's) 


  • There's a little too much red in the logo for how much you use in the stripes. Try and find a balance between those too. 
  • The #OB also could benefit from some red. The number font also doesn't really match with the rest of the jersey
  • The white collar insert looks pretty bad on the black jersey
  • The white sweater also has some yellow (Or in this case, gold)-on-white syndrome. The end of the sleeves would look much better if they had some black, or if the stripes were black instead

My rating: Looks good,but it needs some more consistency. 8/10

Tyler M-S.-Vegas Golden Knights (NHL) 
The last "Set" of the day goes to Tyler. And for who else?? Vegas...

  • I'm a huge traditionalist when it comes to jerseys, but I do actually like the black color sleeves under the yoke!
  • I'm also getting a Nashville Preds vibe from these.
  • The number font here looks fantastic, and matches really well with these sweaters and the logo. 
  • Ditching the red, and brightening the gold here looks fantastic!
  • I also really like the gold equipment! 


  • Shoulder patches are a little small
  • Gloves striping pattern doesn't match completely 

My rating: A really nice concept with a modern twist for the knights! Looks fantastic! 9.5/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!! 

Tyler M-S.- Vegas Golden Knights 3rd jersey (NHL)
Tyler finishes off his set with a grey alt. for the Knights!
  • A slate grey jersey is a great choice!
  • The minor variation on the sleeve length yoke looks great! 
  • The striping pattern here looks great! Better than the regular jerseys!
  • Black equipment also works really well here
  • Other comments that apply here are same as above

  • The black side panels are really unnecessary, and really clutter the jersey... it would have been nearly perfect with out them
  • The socks should also have been grey on top...

My rating: A very solid concept, but those side panels are killing it... 8.5/10


Well, that's all for today! Come back next week for more!!! 
Tuesday: ALL VEGAS Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on December 13, 2016 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Tyler M-S for COYW, really slick and colourful jerseys

Bradley D. said...

The Vegas Golden Knights lost their trademark request because of the College of Saint Rose Golden Knights, not because of the similarities to the Black Knights logo.

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