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Hello everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying your holidays, whether you're on a long break or not.

Not really any news to report today, aside from what Phil mentioned yesterday about the Centennial patch on every team's jersey starting Sunday. If you'd like to read a bit more on that, check out the post right here! I did have an idea for something though, but I unfortunately came up with it a bit too late to include in this post, so expect to see something next week.


Simple voting for this holiday week, with just the usual COTW vote and Season voting going on. The Americans competition has also been announced, but entries should not be submitted until the new year begins on Sunday. Those entries are then due by next Friday. Especially if you have free time, leave some votes and design some concepts!

COTW Dec 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ noon EST)
Bring Back the Americans Comp (due Friday, January 6 @ noon EST)
The Season Semi-Final vote (ends Friday @ noon EST)


Kristo L. - Anaheim Ducks
+I haven't seen this template before. I like how easy it is to see the whole uniform together with it.
+Good color choices in this one, and those orange pants look surprisingly good.
-Although unless these are meant to be a regular/clash set, or two separate alternates, the black and orange primary colors could become a problem.
-I also think a black helmet would work better for the orange jersey, and the black gloves from the orange jersey should be used on both.
-The back numbers are way too small, and I'm not sure that font is the best fit either.
-These jerseys seem to be designed with a lot of soccer influence. If this was a crossover concept to soccer I think these designs would work great. But for hockey, the jerseys are just way too plain. Add some stripes or some sort of designs to the jerseys! You're going in the right direction with the socks, but keep it consistent too if they're meant to be a set.
+Despite the fact that this look more like a soccer kit, the execution is done well in large part.
Overall: 6/10

Phil B. - Calgary Flames
+A good mix of modern and traditional for the Flames, with the pattern from their older sets and the angled pattern from the newer ones.
+I love the removal of black. I think the Flames look much better without it, or at least keeping it as just a minor accent color.
+I think the yoke works well on the white jersey to add the needed extra color.
+Good job keeping the white and yellow separated so they don't clash.
-Their new roundel logo would look great on the shoulders, recolored without black.
Overall: 8/10

Tyler M-S. - Anaheim Ducks
+Another look that plays on current trends, and fits well for the Ducks.
-I think there would be some comparisons to the Coyotes if this were to actually become a legitimate jersey. Or not, for all I know.
+Good color balance, and if you're going to keep gold and orange together, I like the choice of having the orange much more prominent.
+Good font choice.
-The logo looks a bit small.
+I like the inverted lace collar.
Overall: 8.5/10

Zack R. - Seattle Seahawks
+Interesting adaptation of the Seahawks' football uniforms. Especially that yoke. I can't tell if I like it or not, I may have to see it actually on ice before I could really judge it.
+I like the pattern in the arm stripes, and with the "logo" you used on the front, it was a good choice to have no hem striping and just trim.
-I think the Seahawks' logo deserves to be on the jersey somewhere, or even just the pants.
-The diagonal wordmark looks to be off a bit, and not perfectly diagonal. Mainly when it gets to the WKS it looks to go off of the angle of the rest of the letters.
-Having two sets of pants here is completely useless realistically, as the change is very minimal and it would just create extra money for the team to spend and extra gear to haul and store. I'm also not sure which pair is supposed to go with which jersey, unless they're meant to be used interchangeably with both.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW Nomination


That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!
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