Thursday: Vegas Golden Knights?

Wait...there's news to report today? That's a new one for this time of year.

For those of you who haven't heard yet we have more Vegas news, and as if their existence isn't off to a rough enough start, they may have to change up their moniker; the United States Patent and Trademark Office denied their trademark request. Yep, the Vegas Golden Knights may only exist for less than a month depending on how this plays out.

The original article has an update, though: Foley put out a statement that the trademark denial was false, and there are still ways and there's still time to work this out with other teams of the same name. He does have a valid case since many sports teams already have the same name (Such as the Winnipeg and New York Jets).

For more information about this check out the original SB Nation article here, and we'll be sure to follow anything else that comes from this.


This week in voting we have the usual, COTW, the new usual, the Season vote, and the COTY logo competition entries coming in. Keep voting and keep the logos coming!

COTW Nov 25 - Dec 1 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTY 2016 logo entries (due Friday @ noon ET)
The Season Week 4 vote (Ends Friday @ noon ET)

COTY Entries:

Ryan H.

Brooks F.

William B.


Andrew W. - Celtic F.C. vs. Rangers F.C. (SPL)
+This is a unique concept so props for that.
+A good, colorful game here with some traditional looking designs.
+The soccer-style jersey for Celtic works well to add to the vintage look, and the canvas pants are great.
-That may be a bit overbearing, though.
+The more traditional and hockey-like look for the Rangers looks great as well, and good color balance.
+Both designs are good interpretations of their actual jersey designs. (Sorry if I linked the wrong one for either of those)
-The contrast in their design styles may not work out too well for hockey, but I won't be able to tell for certain unless it actually was on ice.
Overall: 8/10

Brooks F. - ERC Ingolstadt
+That design is wild. Props for uniqueness.
+That primary color is a nice, unique choice.
+The basic pattern of the jersey is pretty good and the font fits well.
-This may be a bit overboard though... If you keep the gradient restricted to, for example, the pants, logo, and number, I think it'll work better. Dropping the yoke would be a help as well, the gradient may fit everywhere if you do.
-Minor presentation detail, but the background color should be showing in the hole where the ear strap is, you left it white.
Overall: 7/10

Brooks F. - Houston Dynamo (MLS)
+Another really out of the box design.
+I think this one works better, mainly since it isn't quite as overboard.
+The orange primary color is a good and unique choice, and that thin teal stripe is great.
-The color balance is off for the white jersey, though. Seal orange and black in the stripes and you should be good.
+Good font choice, it fits the modern look.
-I think a white name on the orange would contrast better.
Overall: 7.5/10

Jake M. - CSKA Moscow
+A traditional design fits great for a team like this.
+The diagonal wordmark taken from the new alt logo look great on the front of the jersey. Better than what they have now.
+That number font looks amazing.
-The names look a bit too small.
+Good color balance.
-The blue stripes on the red jersey don't stand out very well, though.
-Blue pants may be something to experiment with, the dark jersey may be a bit too red as it is.
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW Nomination

Jon G. - Jokerit
+With such a vibrant color scheme darkening the blue is a good move.
+Good color balance on the jersey.
-I'd make the pants blue. Blue jersey, red pants, and yellow socks will probably look really strange. You could make the socks blue too, but I think blue pants/yellow socks would look better.
-Move the logo down a bit, it's just about touching the A.
-The name looks slightly off center.
+The simple striping pattern really looks good for Jokerit, plus the yoke. It's a shame they don't use something similar.
Overall: 8/10


And that's all we have for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!
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Chase A. Carlson said...

I second Jake's CSKA Moscow concept for COTW!

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