Sunday: Mess With The Bull; Get the Horns

Hi everybody. Welcome back to another HJC post. Being that it's been really slow this week in jersey news, I got in contact with the guys over at Rebirth (They say hi by the way) on any college teams that had some cool jerseys made recently.

The team I chose this week is in a part of the country that is not known as a hockey friendly climate but has taken to it quite well. This team is also older than the current NHL team that plays in the area. If you haven't guessed it by now, I'm talking about the University of South Florida Bulls.

The Ice Bulls as they're known have been around since 1991, a whole year before the Lightning so it just shows that Tampa was a good selection for expansion. Also, the team spent the first few years playing teams only in the Atlanta area because no Florida colleges had a club hockey program set up.

As for all the years that they've been playing, they've always had these very template-style jerseys from a company I shall not name. Sure it's worked but it's never been something that made the players feel like they represented the school.

Photo Courtesy of Dan Hoeflich
So about a year ago, Dan got in touch with Rebirth about getting uniforms that had the traditional USF colors and logos to give the players a uniform they could be proud of. That being said, I give to you the USF Bulls 2016/2017 Dark jersey.

All Photos courtesy of Rebirth Sports
Now you might be thinking that the jersey design looks pretty simple but kind of familiar. Well, that's because the Ice Bulls wanted to pay tribute to the Tampa Bay Lightning, the local professional hockey team. Overall the jersey design looks great simply because it references the region and it represents the university with it's proper colors and logos. The whole uniform itself is something that is long overdue for a team that's been around for a little over a quarter of a century. As for getting a white version? That's in the works as well as long as they have the finances. Are they going to sell the jersey? The answer is not anytime soon. Dan explained that he's currently working with the university to get a sale going but a jersey sale doesn't seem likely anytime soon.

Before I end this story, I think that it was Dan himself who best summed up what it's like to create a jersey. "Going through the whole design process was walking through a fantasy world and then the design becoming reality was amazing." If that doesn't explain how you feel about making a concept or even designing a jersey(s) for a hockey team then I don't know what will. Best of luck to the Ice Bulls and the rest of their season. 

 We have the COTW vote as usual so get on that.

Onto the Concepts!

Jonathon S- Vegas Golden Knights
Positives: The half sleeve with the striping actually works here and the Gold numbers work out well on both sets.
Negatives: I will say that the cutoff hem stripe doesn't look that good with the black sides separating it. Either get rid of the black, limit it to half way like the old Pens jerseys, or just get rid of the hem stripe.
Overall: 7/10

 Lucas D- Atlanta Thrashers
Positives: First off, it was nice of you to keep the light blue jersey as an alternate. As for the primary sets, The striping on the sleeves are really attractive and work well with the logo on the chest.
Negatives: It's more of a wish but it would have been nice to see the original logo on the shoulders of the primaries.
Overall: 9/10

Ryan C- Dallas Stars 
Positives: Black jersey: check. Much more detailed striping: check. Green Hem bottom: Check. This whole jersey set works really well Ryan so good Job.
Negatives: Add a stripe to the pants and you have a perfect concept.
Overall: 9.5/10 COTW NOMINEE

Tyler M-S - Hamilton Tigers 
Positives: The stripes in the logo are really cool and the four thin striping on the sleeves are nice. What really stands out about these two jerseys is that the white looks totally different than the home while using the same striping style, which is a good thing.
Negatives: That yellow to black sock design just doesn't seem to work with the overall design here.
Overall: 8.75/10

Well guys that's all I have for you this week. While it is Christmas next Sunday I'm still going to do a special edition post for everybody to read while they're waiting for dinner at their grandma and or aunt's house. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you guys on Christmas!

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