Saturday: The Season Week 5

The winner of the COTW vote for November 25 - December 1 was Avi!

Full Results

Needless to say this is not Avi's 1st COTW win this year. This was the final COTW vote for November 2016, so Avi's concept will join 3 others for the monthly vote this week. Good luck, I will be watching closely.


As I said above, November is complete and we can move on to our monthly vote. The entrants are listed on the side of the page in the red poll. You can see the concepts by clicking the link in the poll or going to the COTY 2016 tab. You will see the poll and be able to vote if you are logged into a Google account. Votes will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern time.

The COTW nominees for December 2-8 have been listed in the black poll on the side of the page. If you can't see it, hopefully you know by now that you need to be logged into a Google account. Click the link in the poll to see the concepts or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Votes will be counted up until noon Eastern on Friday.


We had 8 solid entries come in for the 2016 Concept of the Year Logo Competition. William had sent in two entries, but because white is not printed on the championship plaque his logos are essentially the same and have been included on the same entry as to not split his votes. Eight entries means this is a Top 3 vote. The entry with the most votes by Friday at noon Eastern time will be the 2016 Concept of the Year logo. Click the banner at the top of the page or go to the COMPETITION tab to see the entries and place your votes (assuming you're logged into a Google account).


The final week of the round robin in The Season is upon us. Let's take a look at the match-ups...
Chicago @ Barys Astana

Crowsnest Pass @ Colorado

San Jose @ Columbus

Anaheim @ Amur Khaborvsk

Pittsburgh @ Boston

Milwaukee @ Brynas IF

Everett @ Carolina

Ottawa @ Minnesota

Washington @ New York

 The polls are below and votes will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern time.

Only one team has clinched their division (Colorado) and two others have at least clinched a playoff spot (Amur Khaborvsk & Ottawa). There are 6 playoff spots available and 9 teams still alive trying to claim them. Here's a look at all of the clinching scenarios of Week 5:

Division A
COLORADO - Has clinched 1st place in Division A as it holds the tie breaker over Columbus and San Jose.

COLUMBUS & SAN JOSE - The winner of their Week 5 match-up will be Seed #2 in Division A.In the event of a tie, San Jose will win the tie breaker.

Division B
AMUR KHABORVSK - Has clinched a playoff spot. They will clinch the division with a win or a tie in Week 5 against Anaheim. If they lose and Brynas wins, the 2nd or 3rd tie breakers would be used to determine the division winner.

BRYNAS IF - If they beat Milwaukee they will clinch a playoff spot. Brynas will need at least 19 more votes than Amur in Week 5 to win the Division.

MILWAUKEE - Needs to beat Brynas in Week 5 to make the playoffs as the 2nd seed. Milwaukee can not win the division as Amur holds the tie breaker over them.

BOSTON - Despite a win, Boston would not hold enough tie breakers to make the playoffs.

Division C
- Ottawa has clinched a playoff spot. Ottawa needs to defeat Minnesota in Week 5 to win the division.
- Minnesota needs to defeat Ottawa in Week 5 to make the playoffs. If Minnesota wins in Week 5, they will win the division.
- Regardless of the Islanders Week 5 result, they need Ottawa to defeat Minnesota to advance to the playoffs as the #2 seed in the division.

Week 4 Results

To those teams that make the playoffs, 1st place in each division will be the home team and they will face the 2nd place team from their division. You should have a concept ready by this time next week as 1st round playoff concepts will be due on Sunday, December 18!

The three winners of Round 1 will be seeded 1-2-3. Seed #2 will be the home team against Seed #3 in the semi-final. These teams will need to submit another new concept based on whether they're the home or road team. Seed #1 will advance straight to the final. The teams that play in the Final will also need to create a new concept based on whether they're the home or road team.

Tie breakers are the following:
  1. Head to head match-up result
  2. Total Votes For
  3. Votes For vs Votes Against Differential


COTW-November vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW Dec 2-8 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
The Season Week 5 voting (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
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