Saturday: The Season - Playoffs Round 1

The winner of the COTW-November vote was Avi S!

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This is Avi's third monthly COTW win in a row, in addition to also winning the 3rd Quarter Vote. This will give Avi two concepts into the 4th Quarter Vote vote in a few weeks. He's on quite the hot streak, so let's see if it can carry him to a COTY win.


The winner of the COTW vote for December 2-8 was Avi as well!

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This Blues concept squeaked by the others in a very close vote. Jake's full rebrand of the Erie Otters was leading for the first half of the week, but Avi's concept pulled ahead later in the week.


The new COTW nominees for December 9-15 have been listed on the side of the page. You can click the link in that poll or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab to see the concepts. It's a simple head-to-head vote this week between Tyler and Zack. Votes will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern.


The winner of the 2016 Concept of the Year logo was Brendan P!


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It was a close vote and that's because there were lots of great entries. Brendan's entry, which stuck with the theme of this year's COTW logos, received the most votes from HJC readers and will now be used when discussing the 2016 Concept of the Year and will appear on the 2016 COTY Championship plaque!


Here are the final scores from Week 5 of The Season...

Those results produced these final standings:

In Division C, we had a tie in the standings between Minnesota and the Islanders. The first tie-breaker was head-to-head match-up result. Going back to Week 1, the Islanders beat the Wild 32-20 on the road and thus take 2nd place in Division C and advance to the playoffs.

That means San Jose will visit Colorado, Milwaukee will face Amur Khaborvsk, and the Islanders will be in Ottawa in the first round! San Jose was the home team to Colorado in Week 2, but lost 23-11. In Week 1 Milwaukee went to Amur Khaborvsk and lost 34-17. The Islanders were the home team during Week 4 when they lost to the Senators 16-12.


The six advancing teams are ranked as follows:
1. Colorado
2. Ottawa
3. Amur Khaborvsk
4. San Jose
5. Milwaukee
6. New York

The highest ranked team that advances out of the first round will get a bye to the Final! The lowest ranked team that advanced will be the road team against the other team that advanced for Round 2.

Don't be concerned about ties. I will withhold my votes until the deadline has passed to break any ties.

Each of these six teams will be required to submit a new concept by SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18 @ 11:59pm Eastern! For voters, that means that the polls will go up on THE SEASON tab right after that deadline passes. I was going to require a new concept for each round of the playoffs, but that's asking a little much for around this time of year. So have a road concept and a home concept ready (except for the Islanders, you'll only need a road concept / Colorado will only need a home concept).

If you have been eliminated, please wait until The Season is over to reveal which team you were. I'm sure many readers have a guess as to who is each team, but let's leave this as anonymous as possible. Thanks!


COTW Dec 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

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Anonymous said...

When will the next competition be?

Ryan said...

Probably in two weeks. After Christmas.

Anonymous said...

This is the closest the Avalanche will ever be to a championship

Noah B said...

You do know the Avalanche have won the Stanley Cup twice, right?

Anonymous said...

Lol so true.
And also the farthest Pittsburgh will ever be...

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