Monday: Slushed In

The Maritime winter has come early on Prince Edward Island. I'm home for the holidays, as I hope you are (if not now then soon). Welcome to the last Monday post before Christmas/Chanukah, so if you're counting down...you can do tat on your own time, because it's time to talk hockey design!

Not much jersey news since the Philly unveiling of the Stadium Series jersey. We've got two main sets jerseys left to be unveiled, the Toronto St. Pats jersey and the ASG, the later which we should expect in early 2K17. The Spengler Cup & World Juniors start one week today, so there will be more than enough hockey to watch while enjoying the festivities.

I published this post and then not within half an hour we get a look at Roberto Luongo's new mask, which has a nice New Years Eve feel to it, but I think it's a full time update.

Photo from George Richards on Twitter (@GeorgeRichards)
Now I know Steven on Friday usually talks gear, but I really like this mask...like REALLY like it! The gold and navy go together perfectly. The new logo looks really sharp in metallic gold which makes me want to see this done on an alternate. The Florida flag looks fantastic on the side of the mask, and I like the return of the sun. The Panther head looks really nice too, it's not my favourite panthers logo but it's so sharp. Nice work Bobby Lu!

Since The Season Playoffs have begun, there will be no contest this week or likely next week because  of the holidays, but stay tuned for some new contests and COTY 2016 votes in the last week of 2016 and early weeks of 2017.

Click on the S on the social media tabs of the blog to vote in the first round of the playoffs. Votes are due same time as COTW votes, and we'll find out Christmas Eve which teams go to the Semi Finals and which team gets a bye to the finals

COTW has rest for the week, we have Tyler M-S. & Zach R. going head to head, each going for their first COTW win!

COTW Dec 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
The Season Quarterfinal vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

Let's review this week's 4 concepts. Now that exams are over for both high schools & universities, if you have any concepts you've made in your free time please send them in.


Montréal Canadiens NHA Concepts (By Adam G.)

+ The 1909/10 & 1912/13 Montréal Canadiens jerseys were the best of the Montréal pre-NHL logos in my opinion and I would like it to come back
+ Of the 3 jerseys I think the away jersey is the best, and it makes for a decent fauxback if the Haps wanted to do another pre-NHL throwback, but all 3 work
+ Decent execution

- The white jersey needs blue numbers on the arms
- Sock stripes are too thick
- NOB is too large and spaced out
- A shoulder patch would help the jerseys look more exciting a lot

Rating: 7/10

Vegas Golden Knights Concepts (By: Jonathan S.)

+ Gold, grey & black look fantastic together
+ I really like the number style Jonathan has chosen
+ The striping doesn't look half back, the black arms would work imo

- We've seen the same design done 3 ways and I think this is the weakest one, it's not bad, but the black side panels and the ones under the hem stripe particularly doesn't work and hurts the colour balancing
- The other jerseys have better colour balancing, since the white jersey lacks any grey and both jerseys could use some red
- Should be a CCM/Adidas/Reebok logo on the back of the collar

Rating: 6.5/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Tyler M-S.)

+ This jersey is rally sharp, the cornered numbers and script go really well together with th stripes and cannon logo
+ I've always digged white alternates, and this jersey is a good example of it, because they can make the colours pop
+ Normally I'd want some blue on the hem but the pants make up for that
+ Good execution

- I'm sitting here highly debating nominating this for COTW, but the blank pants and helmet...MAN...gotta remember to put something on the helmet and at least a logo on the pants
- NOB is too small

Rating: 8.5/10 I like the jersey so much I'm gonna say COTW Nom from me, but Tyler, promise you'll put logos on your gear?!

Arizona Coyotes Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Think we can all agree the Kachina pattern would be welcomed back with open arms
+ Lucas dos something that is hard to do which is putting white and sand together on the same jersey
+ Throwback does a good job putting green in the striping
+ Good execution

- NOB is too small
- Alternate could use the moon shoulder patch
- Home needs some white on it, like where there brick is on the white jersey
- The Adidas logo on the black jersey should be sand

Rating: 8/10

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Ben Shaffer said...

Second Tyler MS for COTW- would prefer a traditional block font and equipment logos, though.

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