Monday: Boxing Day Blowout

Happy semi-great deals on stuff day! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or Chanukah or Festivus or that thing from the Star Wars Holiday Special...LIFE DAY...yeah...that......and you've enjoyed time with family, friends and jerseys (because hockey is off until tomorrow).

If you got any jersey for Christmas or the above listed alternative holidays (Except Life Day) you can share it on Twitter and use #HJCxmas to show the HJC community your jersey haul. You can also resort to the old try and true send it to Ryan and he'll maybe MAYBE put it in the next weekend update.

Ryan was lucky enough to get a Mitchell & Ness Wayne Gretzky Burger King jersey, something that is becoming a rarity, and a Phil Kessel 2014 Maple Leafs alternate. You can check them out on the HJC Twitter account.
I was luck enough to get a St. John's Ice Caps Newfoundland Regiment jersey in goalie cut (will get Charlie Lindgren on the back) and one of my best friends from Oakville has sent a training camp 2002 Florida Panthers home (which was white at the time) jersey which is currently in transit and I'm in for a surprise what name is on the back. I sent him a 2000 Calgary Flames alternate, which will don the name of Fred Brathwaite
My other best friend was lucky enough to get a Pittsburgh away from this season, a CCM vintage 1995-96 Avalanche home jersey and a 2010 Flyers Winter Classic jersey. I'm not so surprising him with a Turdburger with the one and only Arturs Irbe on the back (remember when that happened?).

Share your jersey stories in the comments.

We will not have an entry phase for a contest on HJC until the new year as Ryan is giving us writers and of course himself a break. This should give you plenty of time to work on your BRING BACK THE AMERICANS contest. As the banner says click it to see all the rules, but more importantly take this as a chance to get outside of your comfort zone...Sure...you COULD put the Americans back in Brooklyn or New York, but why not Omaha...yeah....I challenge YOU, the reader to put the Americans in Omaha, Nebraska.

Don't forget to vote for COTW. Tyler M-S. gets another shot at a COTW win with 2 weeks left, but is in tight against the commissioner's pick (haven't had one of those in the ASG, since 1998 I think), Matt G. to face him this week.

The Season is in its Semi Finals phase, and similarly to the Scotties or Tim Horton's Brier where the winner will face the highest seeded winner of the Quarter Finals. Click the tab on the blog and get voting!

COTW Dec 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ noon EST)
The Season Semi-Final vote (ends Friday @ noon EST)

On with today's 5 concepts!


Chicago Express ECHL Concepts (By: Phil B.)

+ Love the look of the powder blue and white. It has a nice polar feel to it and I can assure you Chicago is polar in the winder
+ Track stripes on the arms look good
+ Hem stripe fits in with the rest of the jersey
+ Great execution

- The old Flames numbers don't really go with the chrome font on the logo. Using the 2016 ASG font would look great
- Shoulder patch is slightly too close to the collar
- Collars are identical on both jerseys

Rating: 8.75/10

Regina Pats WHL Concepts (By: Brooks F.)\

+ The current Pats jerseys are gorgeous with their mix of the 96 Jets and Rangers alternate, though I do agree with Brooks something more original would be nice
+ The white scrip looks absolutely amazing
+ Throwback is excellent, don't have to fix what isn't broken
+ Great execution

- The home and road striping aren't bad, but I can't help but see these as re-logoed Windsor Spitfires jerseys, the Pats have never really worn anything similar to this and have struck to the classics. That isn't to say I'm not in favour of a more modern look, but these feel like great Spirtfires jerseys instead of good Pats jerseys
- To make the alternate more interesting, one could swap the script of the dog head but that's a lateral move

Rating: 8.5/10

San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Lucas seems to really be toying with the arm band meeting the arm stripes look and I have to say this is probably his best use of it on a white jersey so far
+ The little tail on the edge of the striping looks like a wave, nice touch
+ Great logo and colour distribution on all 3 jerseys
+ Alternate is a nice throwback
+ Great execution

- NOB and numbers are too close on teh whose and road
- I would have out the inverse laces on the alternate as it isn't a direct fauxback, and would keep it from being too Blackhawksy

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom. from me!

Carolina Hurricanes Concepts (By: Tyler M-S.)

+ Right away the alternate looks great. It's not perfect, but the 07-13 Canes jerseys would have looked good in black
+ Colour balancing on the jerseys is perfect, at least in the striping, it reminds me a lot of the 1995-2001 Flames jerseys on the arms! I personally love those jerseys and it seems to look good with the Canes

- The jerseys desperately need shoulder patches, the black jersey would be near COTW nomination level if you made those two changes and added some red to the socks
- If you remember Tyler's COTW runner up Vegas concept the home and road are very similar to it, not necessarily a bad thing but it looked much better for Vegas and as is there isn't much difference between the two jerseys

Rating: 6.5/10 H&R 7.25/10 Alt

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