Monday: Bar or Stripe?

Welcome to another HJC post, the Monday edition!

I thought Steven nailed it with both reviews of the two most recent unveiling, but I have to disagree about Philly's jersey, and more so, have to ask question about the design. I agree with Steven with regards to the simplicity of the design. The jersey itself is fine, aside from the seemingly 1920s level of striping (Detroit Cougars comes to mind) not matching the Flyers' logo, but the black gear really drags this look as a whole down. The black numbers I don't actually mind too much, I think they work better on the arms than the legs. The lack of any Keystone or Liberty Bell references is a huge disappointment, and it would have put their jerseys on par with Pittsburgh in terms of being a relatively simplistic design with lots of little details that make it interesting. If I were buying a Flyers jersey right now, it'd be 3rd on my list behind the 2012 Winter Classic and the 50th Anniversary jersey.

Rating: 6.75/10

However, take a look at the "namebar" here:

Photo from shop.NHL.com
This could be because of NHL Shop's lacklustre customization (choose a site that does layers numbers very time), but the orange space on the edges of the stripes after the names looks proportional to it. On a regular Flyers jersey, the name bar is only as long as the player name with about half a letter space on each side so it's not crammed. However on this jersey, the name bar seems to be the same length for a short name like Giroux, and a long name like Gostisbehere. NHL Uniform Database has the jersey with a normal name bar, which they tend to be accurate but I don't know. I will say that the back stripe was one of the few bright spots of last year's ASG jerseys. The blank jerseys on NHL shop don't have the stripe at all so it's clear that the name bar is not directly part of the jersey like the ASG BUT it's clearly oversized, and thus....a removable stripe? I think the reason for this is because it is an outdoor game and the names need to pop more since the audience is at a distance. It's sadly a missed opportunity for the Flyers to do something unique.

You be the judge? Has Jets lost his marbles or is he onto something!?

Let's go through the voting reminders for the week.

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On with today's 4 concepts!


Winnipeg Jets Concept (By: Chase C.)

+ The Jets striping works on both the arm band template and the traditional template pretty well, but I actually prefer the traditional template
+ The away jersey is greatly improved, perhaps from the now more balanced arm stripes and yoke
+ Rest fo the parts of the Jets jersey really aren't changed that much, which is good
+ Great execution

- Shoulder patches are too small
- Sock stripes are too thin and very slightly too low
- Gloves could use some colour

Rating: 8.75/10

Kelowna Rockets WHL Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ Right away the jerseys use a lot more teal, something the Rockets have never really done full time
+ I'm really digging the archway/contrail looking arm and side curves that come together and are also found on the yoke
+ Alternate is relatively unchanged with a little more complex set of stripes
+ Great execution

- Thrashers numbers work decently for the alternate, but the home and road could use a more square set of numbers
- Only changes I'd make to the teal jersey is making the space above the black arch on the arms and underneath the striping on the hem white to inverse the home jersey

Rating: 9/10

Sacred Heart Huskies High School Concepts (By: Jon G.)

+ High school teams tend to either use really amateur logos or clones of existing major or minor league team (my high school used the McMaster Marauders logo with an L replacing the M for Loyola and my elementary/middle school used a amateur jumping lion logo that was later replaced with a black and red version of the Kings simplified crown). This school copies the RN Huskies of the LMJHQ but because the jerseys don't copy them, it isn't as obvious
+ Speaking of the jerseys, they look really nice, a good reworking of the Flyers jerseys with well balanced colours
+ Throwback (Which is awesome if your school wore '92 Detroit throwbacks) looks great, but that jersey will look great for almost every team
+ Good execution

- White gear rarely works
- Alternate needs a shoulder patch
- The font used on the throwback is a little disappointing, too TNR-esque and not a hockey font, though I will say for a work processor font it doesn't look half bad

Rating: 9/10

Boston Bruins Concepts  (By: Jack S.)

+ I'd call these jerseys a healthy medium between the 60s & 70s-95 Bruins jerseys, with the yoke and cuffs on the white jersey from the Orr era, and the rest from the Neely
+ One problem this does fix is the lack of colour on the yokes and lack of black on the white arms of the actual 70s-95 Bruins jersey
+ Decent execution

- Primary logos are way too big
- Colour balancing is still an issue for the white jersey, and while the all black gear will fix that, making the hem under the striping black over yellow with a yellow stripe in between will fix that
- NOB is too close to the yoke and is hard to read because of white and yellow syndrome
- Where are the TV numbers?

Rating: 6.75/10
Monday: Bar or Stripe? Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on December 12, 2016 Rating: 5

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Steve Marc said...

Jets you've lost it. Just kidding. But seriously, underwhelming Philadelphia.

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